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General Discussion / Blackpowder Upgrade
Deer archery was my passion until I bought a T/C Hawken in .54 in 1981.  100 grains of GOEX FFg and a 430 grain Maxi-Ball.  Pretty much what I hunted with for 20 years.  Too much fun/challenge.  Started to age and things changed.  I can hit/flex and rotate. Paratrooper talk.  :))  Young, 20/15 eagle eyes of a gun pilot changed at age 44.  Good with it and almost back to that level after cataract surgery in 2016 .  The black powder siren will not turn me loose.  Carry a Knight Mountaineer in .50 that is perfectly adequate out to 200.  But, like most 6.5 junkies, I want more.  Have a CVA Paramount HTR .40 on backorder.  Centerfire level MV and downrange energy.  A legit 300 yard muzzleloader. Have a pic rail on the way from Talley and a brake from Anarchy.  After viewing reviews/videos from several sources, the magic load is 150 grains by volume of Blackhorn 209 mated with the Powerbelt 225 ELR bullet.  2740 MV.  Will install the brake because I am prudent, not a puss.  Shooting 120 grains of BH with a 300 grain bullet out of the heavy Knight.  Kinda feels like 300 WM or a 12 gauge magnum turkey load.  Add 30 grains of whup-ass to a lighter rifle, would not be pleasant.
Hunting / Did Not Kill a Deer But Had a Blast in TN
Discharged and cleaned my muzzleloader this afternoon.  Got to experience the chasing phase of a classic rut.  Actives scrapes and rubs everywhere.  Got to see two bucks working scrapes.  Saw several young bucks pee in the scrapes and work the licking branch.  Watched two bucks herding does around this morning.  Acorns everywhere.  White, red and post.  Rifle opens 20 November in TN.  I will be here.  6.5 PRC for the blind sits and 6.5 CM for walking around.  Trail cam evidence of several mature bucks on my place but none showed.  Have a 3 year old cowhorn spike that needs to be culled.  Had several encounters the last three days with young bucks and does that were 50 feet in front of me..  They were clueless.  But, had a  old doe stare me down this morning. She was so close I could see her breath.  She would stare right at me for 30 seconds, then walk off to the left.  The, come back and stare some more.  Did it four or five times.  She never busted me but she knew something was amiss.  Set the blinds in August so the deer are accustomed to them. Getting old.  Early morning sits with the temp below freezing kicked my a**.  Walk half a mile in the dark to a pop up blind.  Won't take the side by side to get closer because every time I do, don't see deer.  Need the exercise anyway.  All in all, some of the most fun I have had in a long time.  I just enjoy watching wildlife and trying to outsmart old deer. 
Hunting / LiteHiker, Where Yat
Got's to know,
Did you draw any of the coveted Western tags? Let us know.  What's your strategy?
General Discussion / A Crazy A**ed Old Man, Just Typing Out Loud
Numbers and stats have always been my game.  Was educated, at taxpayer expense to be a wildlife manager/researcher. Then the Big Green called in their marker.  Never looked back.  I was blessed with opportunities, schooling, both military and civilian and advancement. Made friends for life.
Back to the subject.  On a whim, started scrolling through the membership rolls.  Just dam#!  Our sewing circle has gotten pretty small.
I was a little late to the party.  January 2014.  Not a precision reloader or competitor. A hunter.  But, anal about crazy accurate rifles and one shot kills.
Kudos to txcas for holding this thing together.  I am appreciative for all the great info I have gathered over the years.  How to do a proper deep clean, action screw torque on a Savage, new/better solvents and optics.  And living vicariously as you post match results and successful hunts. Check in at least a couple of times a day unless I am on the road or on a hunt.  My life is pretty unserious from early October until late January.  Chasing tasty critters, somewhere. Expect to drive up someday to a Sheriff's sale because I forgot to pay my taxes/electric bill/phone bill, et all.  Cows don't care and neither do I.   :))
General Discussion / Stand By For a Rip and Tear
LA "primitive" opens Saturday.  Break action breech loaders .35 and above legal. .35 Whelen is the soup de jour. Only LA and MS have stooped this low.  License sales to pay the "possum" cops the objective. Have had a couple of yahoos riding my fence for the law two weeks.  Archery.  Must think I have 200 inch bucks or a Playmate of the Year held hostage in my equipment shed.  Worked on real muzzleloaders today.  Too much fun.  Much more accurate that the CVA break actions.  Will go boldly into the boundaries of my homestead this weekend.  My place butts up against Kisatchie National Forest.  Have the Federal warden's number in speed dial.  Have never understood why an outlaw wants to ride right up against a property line or fence. 
That sh*t could be non-habit forming if you bump the right landowner.  8)
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Vortex RAZOR HD LHT, 3-15 x 42 In Hand
Ordered from LGS several months ago.  $800 versus $1000 at most other vendors.  First impressions:  Very light.  Zero stop awesome.  If it can be f'd up, I will f it up.  One reason I steer clear of CDS dials.  This stop is Sportacus proof.  Illuminated dot smaller than that on a Leupold, but still bleeds like a L at higher intensity settings.  OK because  only use on lowest setting toward the end of legal shooting hours.  Glass is impressive. Have not gone head to head, but gut feel is as good as VX5 and VX6.  Only bit^h.  Elevation clicks positive and audible.  But, windage dial a little mushy. Will go on the Joe Collier custom 6.5 CM.  Will mount in a few weeks and wring it out.  From all the reviews I have read, this might be the cat's a** for those of us that hunt thick stuff mostly, but have a chance now and then to head West and hunt open ground.
Hunting / South Texas
Blooded the Alamo Precision 6.5 PRC. Killed a management 8 point Friday afternoon. He was 9-10 years old. Killed a doe and hog yesterday. Missed a coyote at 325 this morning. Will hunt hard in LA and TN rest of the season. But, not nearly as mad at Bambi as I was.
Hunting / Headed for south Texas
Truck pretty much loaded except for the guns and ammo.  Will put them in in the morning when cooler.  Will depart at 0400.  Seven hour drive to Refugio.  Challenge is getting through Houston without becoming roadkill.   Will unload, eat lunch and head out for afternoon hunt.  Management hunt.  One buck, one doe and one hog.  Packing the Alamo Precision 6.5 PRC.  Shoots tight with ELD-X.  Hunt ends Monday at noon.  Hope to be on the road headed home before then.  Will report  when the deed is done.
Bolt Action Rifles / Savage 110 Ultra Lite
My young lease partner Kodi bought one in 6.5 PRC a couple of weeks ago.  Broke it in with factory ELD-M.  Sent me a picture yesterday.  Five rounds of ELD-X at 100 in one ragged hole.  6.5 everything poor, but if they made the 280 AI in a lefty, I might jump.
Bolt Action Rifles / Final Adjustments
First chance to spill blood 8-11 October.  Wife bought me a management hunt at Mellon Creek in south Texas as anniversary gift. Buck 125-140, doe and a hog. Hope they recompense for my 2019 experience when wife and step daughter became movie stars on Wildlifers TV. I was with a new, inexperienced guide doing a management hunt. Moi, a  67 year old man that killed his first whitetail at 10 years of age.  What could possibly go wrong? It did not go well. He was lazy and risk averse.  They have scheduled me with the young man that has guided my wife to three  trophy mounts on the wall. He knows the deer, does the prep so it should not take long. If they green light me to kill more does or culls I will have to comply. Have been hunting with this crew since 2014.  Always a hoot.
Primary is my new 6.5 PRC from Alamo Precision.  1/4" rifle off rest and bag with Hornady ELD-X.  Need to drop 1/4" for a 200 yard zero.  Back up is my trusty 2015 Shot Show Browning X Bolt. 6.5 CM. Has been a hammer with Berger 140 Elite Hunter.  On a whim, tried 130 Berger VLD-H.  One ragged hole.  Left one click, down one click for a 200 yard zero.  Both are spanking clean from my last session.  Will make the adjustments, launch a few to confirm, and head to Texas.  Usually the first hunt of the year and come away spoiled.  LA and TN whitetails much safer after I get this out of my system.
General Discussion / Last day of season prep- food plots in
In a 800 acre lease with four other members in north central Louisiana.  We have been working for weeks.  Mowing, turning dirt, lime, fertilizer and stand prep.  Put down 400+ pounds of seed today.  Has been raining the last week so it was time.  Mix included elbon rye, oats, wheat, brassicas and white clover.  Prime rib is cheaper but not nearly as much fun.
Bolt Action Rifles / Rifle Prep and Safe Thinning
Posted earlier about my 6.5 PRC break in and zero. That one is ready.
Got on a science project I have neglected.  Left hand Win 70 Featherweight in 7 WSM. Got off a used rack several years ago.  Thought I had a gem. Outward appearance flawless, walnut and steel.
Tore into with a deep clean yesterday.  Bolt release spring weak. Magazine spring weak.  Shot this morning. 3" groups.  140 BT loaded by Federal.  Everything shoots BT's.  Thought maybe it was my rifle driving.  How in the he** the previous owner wore this stick out without a ding is beyond me.  Asked repeatedly about why it was traded.  Old man said "It kicked too hard."  Once burnt, twice learnt.

Pulled out my freshly cleaned 6.5 CM X-Bolt.  Had never tried 130 Swift or 130 Berger VLD-H in this one.  Both shot 1/4" ragged holes.  POI was a little different. Will go with the Berger's but know it likes the Swift's also.

Bottom Line:  Will have a Teslong borescope in my hands in a few days.  Twice shy about used rifles after this experience.
The Model 70 is proudly displayed on the used rack at Blade and Barrel in Jena, LA.
General Discussion / Rebirth of a Rem 7600 7-08
Pinned down inside from TS Nick rains.  Located in north central part of state.  No chance of flooding and we needed the rain badly.
Have spent the last couple of weeks doing deer season prep.  Moving stands, clearing lanes, foot plots, rifle cleaning and zero, et al.  Finally tackled a science project I have neglected for years.  My 1994 Rem 7600 in 7-08.  One of all time favorites.  1.75 -6 heavy duplex VX-3 rides on top.  Was the cat's a** back in the day. Had the triiger tweaked by some boys in CO. What I carried until I was thunderstruck by 6.5 CM in 2013.  Put it in a Boyd's thumbhole about 10 years ago.  Still shot lights out but was like dragging around a cross tie.  Reinstalled original walnut stock.  Ordered a 7600 pic rail from Talley.  Cleaned to bare metal and polished the wood.  Just waiting on the rail.  Shoots 140 AB's into clover leafs. Acquired some 140 Berger loads from Copper Creek and HSM.  Have a 6.5 PRC and a couple Creedmoors that I carry if there is opportunity to shoot long.  The 7600 and the 1.75 -6 is a wicked combination when bumping around in thickets or heavy timber  Back to my roots.
Bolt Action Rifles / First Round of Break-In of The Alamo Precision 6.5 PRC
Received the rifle last week.  Took my time mounting the scope.  Reticle perfectly levelled and proper torque all around.  A welcome break in the stifling heat this morning.  Everything laid out and ready to rock.  Decided to run a wet patch of Boretech Cu+2 through before I hit the go switch.  All engines stop!  Heavy black and blue.  Did two iterations of my normal clean and could still see copper streaks at the muzzle.  Started the APR break in procedure anyway.  While the barrel was cooling, called APR.  Asked how many test rounds fired.  Response: usually 1 or 2.  And the rep said they usually clean before they ship.  Not this one.  I was pi**ed.  Crazy thoughts going through my head.  If this [email protected] don't shoot, will head up to Rayville, LA and have it re-barreled.

My technique not especially good because of elevated blood pressure and mirage, but still got a 1.5 inch 5 shot group at 100 with ELD-M.  Mellowed out because I could already tell this stick is going to be a hammer.  Quit after 10 rounds out and did their recommended cleaning with Boretech, Kroil, VFG pellets and JB paste.  Magic!  Will start early tomorrow and shoot 20, clean, and break in done.  ELD-X, Nosler BT and Nosler AB next in the que.  One that shoots tightest will be my load for deer season 2021-2022.

This is a quality rifle built by a crew with a good reputation.  But,  haffle a**ing is not appreciated, or tolerated.