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Competition / Re: Humboldt SD 600 yard match
I'm at 129th 🤔 on the 1000 yard list from 1 weekend in March at DC, other than the Rendevous it's the only time I shot 1000 this year.
Competition / Re: 2021 1000 Yd BR Nationals
So far there are 23 per-registered and the club expects that we'll end up with around 30 by the time the matches begin next Tuesday.  The rain looks to be moving out so hopefully we'll have a full dry week.

I bet I could name 5 or 6 tough shooters I personally know that are on that list. It will be a tough crowd with small groups and high scores if the weather is favorable.
I'd like to be there!
Competition / Re: Humboldt SD 600 yard match
Thanks Bob, that list is just the points earners not total competitors. The shooters with zero points got a free roll onto the list from last year.
Basically I think anyone that has zero at the end of the season is dropped and anyone with a point gets put on the next year's list. I've been told there are well over 400 shooters that shoot at least one 600 yard match per year but I'm not seems kind of high to me.

Regardless I feel fortunate to be where I'm at but always strive for improvement.
Competition / Re: Humboldt SD 600 yard match
600 yard SOY standings as of yesterday. That's as high as I'm getting in the ranking for this year and will likely get bumped down some   as I believe there are two more matches to go for the season I won't make.

Competition / Re: 2021 1000 Yd BR Nationals
That looks pretty salty alright LOL maybe some of the newer bullets will put the 6.5-284 back in the game.

It will have to dethrone a bunch of 6s 7s and 30s though before it really takes off again though. Like we've discussed before there are guys shooting 6.5s but mostly in Lapua and Creedmoor and variants of each.

I've got a laminated Deep Creek LRB that we're going to make a 22# gun off my Panda action to be Rendezvous legal as well as IBS HG legal. It will sport a 6" wide fore end. We've discussed it here before, with bigger cartridges until you get recoil, torque and tracking under control and have the rest and bags to support the gun's added weight and behavior it's not going to shoot competitively in a match setting.

I'm thinking I'll get my 6.5 Lapua improved barrels threaded for brakes and revisit them as well as my 7-08 improved and may look at a .284 based case as well. I'll also have a BRA or Dasher barrel for it too.

Competition / Re: 2021 1000 Yd BR Nationals
I may have to try the 144s in my 47L improved but the 2800 node will be about as fast as I will be able to run them. It does sound like they're wanting to shoot for you though.

Can't wait to see how you do.

There was a Panda barrel in .260 Rem on AS the other day that had me scratching my head and thinking. LOL
Reloading / Re: My first real reloading attempt - any suggestions/warnings/comm./?
Sounds good to me...

Shoot one group and cool the barrel for 5 minutes. You don't want the barrel cold but you don't want to get it hot either. Shoot with the goal of being consistent and don't get frustrated. Big or small they all tell a tale. IMO group shape is as important as size.

Once you're close on powder and seating group shape tells you a lot about how good of job you are doing on the gun.
Reloading / Re: My first real reloading attempt - any suggestions/warnings/comm./?
There's a lot going on here but I'd load some 44.5s

You say the reloading process is largely to blame and it well may be. With the magnetospeed on you are largely just checking velocities because the bayonet is tuning your load for you.

Put the chrono away and load up the most consistent set at 44.5 you're capable of loading. Not just charge weight either. Make your own process to ensure you've done everything you can do to make them all the same.

I'd start with:

Clean primer pocket
Chamfer & Debut
Clean case ( outside ) with a rag damp with alcohol or glass cleaner.

Decide what your neck lube protocol is going to be. To keep it simple and consistent at this point I'd run an old bore brush into the neck and pull it out and call it good using the residue on the neck as lube. Do this just before charging with powder.

Lube, size & prime case
Clean any lube off case with a rag damp with alcohol or glass cleaner.

Charge case and seat bullet
Seat to an exact measurement not a +/- window
Sort bullets base to Ogive if you need to achieve seating consistency.

I don't mean this in a demeaning way but right now you can't shoot the gun well enough to test anything too advanced so you should be working on your reloading process and shooting those rounds to get better on your gun.

The process above is as simple as it gets, using a full length non bushing sizing die with an expander ball it will produce good ammo that will shoot small.
Forget about the chrono, fancy dies and anything else not necessary for a while and get comfortable with the gun.

If you aren't sure about finding your distance to the lands shoot the book COAL.

There's a lot of folks here that want to help you. We can see you're serious about this and are putting in the work but you need to back up to step 1 so to speak and develop your skills on the gun and at the reloading bench before you can meaningfully test anything and know if it is legitimate or your bench manners or reloading process.
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
I checked out Speed Reloading Data online. It's Amazing how much of a bump up some of the new powders give.
 I was blown away by the 35 Whelen. Over 2700 fps with a 250 gr bullet.  Historically the 35 Whelen has produced 2500 fps for full power.

I agree and I doubt you'd have a problem with it but I think in some the guys who are shooting long strings, getting them hot or really pushing for the most fps are finding them hard on barrels.

In a 33 or 35 cartridge it's probably not near as big of deal compared to the 6 & 6.5s