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Competition / Re: 2021 1000 Yd BR Nationals
It’s the same situation at CRC. When I took over the 1000 yd match director position in 2020, I thought I could build the program significantly in a year or so. Even though our program is up and running, it’s been an absolute uphill battle to gain new members. Next year I’m going to add in the IBS protocol for Tactical BR rifles hoping that will pull some new shooters in.
Competition / Re: 2021 1000 Yd BR Nationals
It is a big task and one that requires a lot of coordinated effort. I participated in a three day event  with 60 shooters this past summer at the Rendezvous in Missouri. Tom Jacobs put on a clinic of how a match should be run efficiently and smoothly. Tom and his support crew worked like a well oiled machine. I learned a lot from watching the unspoken coordination between the team members.
Competition / Re: Humboldt SD 600 yard match
I’m sitting number 63 in the 1000 yd SOY. Feeling pretty good about that since Covid took me out of two months shooting this year.
Competition / Re: Humboldt SD 600 yard match
Thanks Bob, that list is just the points earners not total competitors. The shooters with zero points got a free roll onto the list from last year.
Basically I think anyone that has zero at the end of the season is dropped and anyone with a point gets put on the next year's list. I've been told there are well over 400 shooters that shoot at least one 600 yard match per year but I'm not seems kind of high to me.

Regardless I feel fortunate to be where I'm at but always strive for improvement.

I didn’t shoot any 600 yd SOY matches this year so I’m one of those guys down at the bottom with a big fat 0. 😊
General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
You aren’t going to sneak up on anybody with those turned on!  Should be a great help getting you through nasty terrain. Good addition Grant.
Reloading / Re: LRP vs SRP Primers
Both formats have been available and heavily used for several years. Initially there was a “rumor” that ignition with SRPs was deficient during very cold weather. I haven’t heard much regarding that concern recently. I’m not sure the “cold ignition issue” wasn’t powder dependent. LRPs were the original case offering and I have stayed with them “just because”. 🙄
If there was a particular brand of case I wanted to use and it was only available in the SRP format, I’d go with it until I proved to myself that ignition in cold weather was a problem.
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
“Speed kills”regardless of the bore size. Push a 308 up into the 3000 fps range and the supposed 5000 round barrel life disappears.