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Well wound liking the Lapua 139 grain scenario and 41.3 grains of H4350 and seated 12 thousands of the lands 5 shot group 200 yards all in a little jagged hole
I'm a new Member recently decided to give the Creedmoor a try.  Been reloading for close to 20 years so gonna give it a try on this one.  Got 300 Laura brass arriving tomorrow.  Bought some Hornady Vldx and some Lapua 139 grains to try.  This will mostly be a target rig with winter in  between.  Have 4350 and 4831 powders to try.  Any ideas, feedback or pointers is welcome.  Any special brass prep, neck issues or anything?  Been reloading benchrest and hunting rounds.  Glad to not be turning necks and trimming constantly. I'll be shooting these in a Sig Cross boot action rifle 1 in 8 twist I believe. 

Look forward to meeting everyone and learning about this cartridge.