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Got up early this morning and went down in the bottoms to stretch the legs on my 25 and 6.5.. i set targets up at 500, 750 and a 1000 yards.. good conditions when i started shooting.. light wind from 1 oclock or so at 4 mph.. i shot the 25 first.. first round hits at all 3 distances and the gun shot really well..
 The pic in the link is a 3 shot group at a 1000.
 After i shot this group the wind started  gradually changing and by the time i shot the 6.5 it was from 3 oclock at 8 to 10 mph with let offs.. the 6.5 shot ok and i had good hits at all distances but the groups wasnt as good as the 25's

Pleased with how the 25 is doing..
Gunsmithing / The beginnings of a new one..
June 05, 2022, 05:19:51 PM
I picked up a barely used savage model 16 light weight hunter chambered in 6.5 creedmoor yesterday for a donor rifle.. got it cheaper than i could buy a action.. had a small shank 20 inch stainless sporter barrel on it .. the action is stainless as well with a fluted bolt.. nice looking action in my opinion..
 Plan on turning this into a 25 creedmoor.. one caliber i dont have anything in.. will call james tomorrow and see what he has if anything chambered in 25 creedmoor.. he shows shilen and criterion both so hopefully he has a 26 inch on the shelf..
As fond of the orxy chassis as i am im thinking about going a different direction with this one and putting it in a woox chassis.. im in no big hurry really so it will take some time to get it done but im looking forward to shooting some of the 135 berger hybrids through it and see how it does..
General Discussion / Skunked today
May 08, 2022, 05:16:01 PM
A couple weeks ago i was down in the bottoms where i shoot long distance at and had my range finder with me.. i knew they was a place down there that i thought i could get close to a mile.. so i go back there and range a metal building i would be setting by when shooting.. 1710 yards.. i thought heck yeah.. so this morning i load up a 60% idps plate and a 20x20 plate and my 300 win mag and go down there.. the wild golden rod weeds cover the fields down there and are a little below the waist high so i wasnt sure i could even see the targets after i set them up.. was for sure not going to see any misses..
I set the 20x20 plate up at 1700 yards and the idps plate up at a 1000 yards. Set up at my shooting position and could just see the top of the 1000 yard target and little more than half of the 1700 yard target.. so i went to shooting at the 1000 and shot 5 or 6 times and no hits.. course i couldnt see where i was missing.. so i went to 1700. I put a light on it so i would at least know if i hit it.. went to shooting and couldnt get on it.. had a 7 or 8 mph switchy wind.. sometimes from around 2 oclock to 12:30.. again couldnt see impacts any where.. shot about 25 rounds up with different holds but couldnt connect.. hopefully the farmers will disc all the golden rod down here soon and i get one more chance before they get the crops planted..
Been along time since i got skunked shooting distance but i got skunked today.. 😟
General Discussion / Confession
April 03, 2022, 09:35:46 PM
Forgive me forum for i have sinned.. I hadnt shot a round for three weeks.. i feel bad for letting the board down..  :D
Wheather has been the main reason for my sin.. however I haven't lost faith.. i knew the winds would lay and the sun would shine again.. today i righted this wrong.. it started out with a morning drive in the mini truck out in the country.. on a old back road across a field high in the top of a tree set a crow.. i guessed him at 200 yards.. i get the mini situated where i can get the chopped off browning a bolt 3 out the window and look him over.. chamber a 143 eldx and let it fly.. Dusted him..  ;D feathers floating to the ground was all that was left...  this inspired me.. today was going to be a good day to shoot..
Came home and got out the savage stealth evolution 6mm creedmoor.. it didn't disappoint.. cold bore shot at 250 yards at a 2 inch plate was a center hit.. rung that bell a couple more times then went for the 1 inch nut hanging there.. let the 105 berger hybrid fly and whack!!
Then a 2 inch plate at 300.. shot 3 rounds at it and hit every time.. moved to 430 and shot at a dot on my big plate.. hit about a inch right.. 4 or 5 mph wind from left to right.. made a half minute adjustment and went for a 2 inch plate there.. 3 for 3 on it as well.. the 6 creed shot great..
I fell better for confessing.. i will try to do better in the future...  ;)
General Discussion / The thoughts section
March 19, 2022, 05:11:08 AM
For some reason i cant post any thing in the thoughts section.. the shout box that you clicked on to type in is gone.. I've talked to txcas about it and he says everything seems to be working as it should.. im just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.. i know dave and some others can post in it.. may just be my old cell phone.. just thought i would ask..
Well its that time of year again.. accuracy Indiana is having their steel match tomorrow.. 100 spots were available and they filled them in 22 days.. the stages look to be as challenging as they were last year.. the weather around here has been pretty nice the last couple weeks.. in the 60's but today it took a turn for the worse.. 40 this morning  and by 3 pm we had 3 inches of snow on the ground.. temps dropping into the low teens tonight as the winds pick up.. supposed to be 10 to 15 mph winds tommorow gusting to 25 mph with wind chills in the single digits.. 😁
I've shot long a couple times here recently and the wind was pretty bad.. the wind and cold may actually be an advantage for me and my buddy.. were out in it every day working.. we shall see.. lol
My 6.5x284 has been shooting well in practicing.. got a 100 rounds of 153 atips loaded for it and ready to go.. it will be a interesting day tomorrow... cant wait..
General Discussion / Good day shooting
March 06, 2022, 05:10:02 PM
Me and 3 other guys went down in the bottoms today to get one last practice in before our steel match next weekend.. we had targets set up from 500 to 1142.. with targets at 650, 800, 880, 990 also.. my old 6.5x284 that i will be shooting in that match shot really well with first round hits at about all distances.. its shooting the 153 atips well.. we had 3 plates set up at 1142.. a 20x20 plate. A 60% idps plate and a 10 inch plate.. had multiple hits on all them.. my new 6.5x284 shot pretty well also with hits on all targets.. with a 153.5 berger hybrid.. i need to speed it up a little more though i think.. the atips are running 2920 in the old rifle and the bergers are running 2860 in the new rifle.. also shot my 6.5 creedmoor and had hits on all targets except the 10 inch plate. Had a decent day.. 60 degrees with a 8 to 10 mph wind from 1 oclock.. the other guys shot good also.. especially my buddy brad with his savage stealth evolution in 6.5 creedmoor.. he put a 28 inch shilen barrel on it and its a hammer.. were feeling pretty good about next weekend.. wish the weather for the match looked better.. calling for 35 for a high with 15 mph winds gusting to 25.. hopefully that changes.. lol
Bolt Action Rifles / Donor rifle
February 13, 2022, 02:14:58 PM
They was a gun show in a little town about 20 miles from me this weekend.. decided to go over there and check it out today.. took along a model 70 winchester 30-06 from the 90's as trade bait.. a gun i got a couple years ago at a gun show for 400 dollars.. pretty nice rifle but unpleasant to shoot.. a hand full of rounds would leave you with a bruised shoulder.. lol.. any way i thought if i could trade it for a donor savage rifle i would.. and did just that.. traded even for a model 111 savage long action with the accue trigger.. also had a cheap nikon scope on it and a decent sling.. i feel like i came out pretty good on it..
Bolt Action Rifles / Quiet a claim
February 09, 2022, 09:12:25 PM
Interesting concept though.. but would have to witness the claimed 1/8 moa accuracy..  :o
Gunsmithing / For the savage guys
February 08, 2022, 06:19:14 PM
Anyone shooting a savage rifle knows ejecting isn't one of its strong suits.. owning and shooting several savage rifles some of mine eject pretty decent.. others i have drop fired cases on top of the magazine or barely out of the chamber.. frustrating to say the least.. i have changed extractors and ejector springs on the most problematic ones and helped some and made no difference in others..

Last week watching YouTube videos i ran across a video of a guy shooting a savage build and he talked about a extractor kit he had got and it fixed his ejection issues.. this got my attention and i went to looking into the kit.. with several reviews all being positive except one.. he said it made no difference in his rifle.. so theres that.. being skeptical about fixing my ejecting problems i went ahead and ordered 3 of the kits.. cheap enough.. 29 dollars a kit.. the kit comes with a new extractor and ball and also a new ejector plunger and spring.. ordered them last thursday and they came yesterday..

This evening i put one of the kits in my dasher as its the worst about dropping fired cases in the action.. after installing the kit i put a fired case in it and closed the bolt.. then cycled the bolt and sure enough it ejected the case out on the table.. did this a hand full of times and ejected every time..
My prc was next.. it didnt eject worth a darn.. put the kit in and with the longer prc case it flung that case out across the table.. ejected great.. now i just installed these and dont have any idea how they will hold up.. but for now they made a huge improvement on ejection on the two rifles i put the kits in.. these kits came from kennys shooting supply.. not affiliated with them in any way just ran across these and they seem to have fixed my problems.. and wanted to share my findings..
Reloading / Humidity and powder
January 26, 2022, 09:30:27 AM

Pretty interesting video about effects of humidity on your powder..
Gunsmithing / Hack & chop job
January 21, 2022, 09:19:39 PM
Setting out in my building this morning looking around trying to decide what i wanted to do and there leaned up by the door is my browning abolt 3 in 6.5 creedmoor.. been leaning there for a good while.. the gun hasnt shot well for a good while.. a few months ago i tinkered around with it cleaning some of the carbon and crap out of it and it shot a little better but not good by no means.. moa at best.. im needing a beat around gun i can keep in the mini but this one is to long to wield inside the mini really.. so i decided to shorten the barrel.. my little 204 howa is 39 inches long over all and it works ok so i measure the abolt and its 43 inches long.. so i measure 5 inches from the muzzel end and mark it.. take the barreled action out of the stock and take it up town to the welding shop and use their band saw to cut the 5 inches off.. bring it home and clean the end up with a file and some emery cloth then take a coned stone in my dremel and run it in the bore and let it spin for a minute.. pull it off and it all looks good.. put some tetra bluing on it and looked good.. but it back in the stock and tightened it down..

Then soaked the bore with kroil for about 30 minutes and took a 6.5 caliber bronze brush and loaded it down with jb bore paste and went to town on the bore.. scrubbed it till their was nothing but bare metal in the bore.. thought heck i cant hurt it.. put the scope back on it and went to shooting it.. took 8 shots for it to settle dow but after that i shot a couple 3 shot groups that was right at a half inch..  ;D took a couple more shots to zero the scope good and then for the real test.. would it fit in my make shift gun holder in the mini and it did.. woo hoo.. i call it a success..
General Discussion / Teslong rigid bore scope
January 05, 2022, 06:07:16 PM
I've had a teslong bore scope for awhile now.. one of the early ones with a flexible cable  that goes in the bore and hooks to a lap top.. works fine but my old lap top i keep out in my building isnt very good.. takes awhile to come on and get to where you can use it.. so a few days ago i was looking at what teslong has to offer now.. and seen they have them with rigid rods that go in the bore and also have their own monitor.. so i ordered one with a 26 inch rigid rod.. it came today.. got it unpacked and hooked up after reading the directions and i must say im impressed at the quality of the picture on the monitor.. looked my new 6.5x284 barrel over good.. pictures crisp and clear.. very nice.. alot easier set up than my old one.. glad i purchased it..
Reloading / Primer pocket uniformity?
January 02, 2022, 07:50:02 AM
My first question is do you uniform primer pockets ?

I been watching alot of videos on this subject.. some say its a must and some say not so much.. what are you guys finding on this matter?

My next question is about primer seating depth.. how critical is it?  If one primer is .005 below flush will it shoot differently than one seated .008 below flush.. some say it will.. some say not so much..

I know to really answer these questions is to try it for myself.. and i will. But i would appreciate you guy's thoughts on the matter.. thanks..
Bolt Action Rifles / My 6.5x284
December 29, 2021, 11:57:46 AM
I got that steel match coming up in march and im going to shoot this gun in it this year.. knowing it has around 1150 rounds down the barrel i went ahead and ordered a new shilen select match barrel for it a couple days ago.. suppose to be here monday..

I wanted to shoot it a little today.. a while back i gave it my bare metal cleaning regimen and had shot about a 100 rounds or so down it since.. so before i shot it this morning I cleaned it with bore tech eliminator and got a little carbon and some copper out of it.. then wraped a patch around a bronze brush and put some jb bore paste on it and worked the throat first few inches with a few strokes then a hand full of passes down the entire barrel.. kinda suprised to get very little carbon at all out of it.. cleaned the bore out with patches and set up at the 100 yard line.. first pick is my first 5 shots. With the one to the right being my first cold bore shot.. the other 4 are in that hole..
Then moved to the 300 yard line.. shot 2 shots on a plate for sighters then the next 5 on paper..

Conclusion.. i may lean that new pipe up in the corner for the time being.. ????
General Discussion / Merry Christmas
December 24, 2021, 04:42:13 PM
Continue this if you like..

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house. The rifles were all cleaned and put to bed.
the range was quiet as a mouse..

Merry Christmas to all..
Reloading / Interesting video !!
December 18, 2021, 06:09:39 PM
Interesting video i thought if you have a few minutes to spare to watch it..
General Discussion / Cant believe i just done that..
December 13, 2021, 02:47:53 PM
Nice afternoon out here today.. thought i would shoot my dasher a little.. got it out of the safe and set it in my tipton gun vise.. half ass i should add.. meaning it wasnt setting in there like it should have been.. setting on the folded bipod on one end and the pistol grip on the other end.. its only going to be there long enough for me to grab a box of rounds for it.. i turn to get the box of rounds and no sooner than i did my rifle hits the floor..  :o dang it.. pick it up and set it back in the vice like i should have to begine with.. started looking it over and it must of landed right on the top turret knob.. its all bent over to one side.. grrrr  all my fault.. letting a 20# gun fall 3 feet.. its a wonder it didnt break the turret off.. called vortex and told them exactly what i had done.. he said no big deal.. he would send me a shipping lable and soon as they recieved it they would fix it free of charge and get it back to me.. one reason im a fan of vortex.. cant believe i did that.. so much for shooting the dasher today..
General Discussion / Storms
December 11, 2021, 08:29:10 AM
Last night we had some powerful storms move through the area.. the worst of them stayed just south of me about 50 miles.. multiple tornadoes on the ground down in kentucky.. with several fatalities it sounds like.. the front that caused these storms has moved through now but still carrying 40 to 50 mph winds behind it here at home.. hit 70 degrees last night and will be in the 20's by this afternoon.. will be thinking of the folks to the south of me. Terrible gift from mother nature right here before Christmas..

Hope all our southern members are safe and sound..
AR Variants / Aero precision m5e1
November 14, 2021, 08:42:50 AM
Im thinking about getting one of these chambered in 6.5 creedmoor.. 22" pipe..
Is there any concerns i should have about fit and finish or accuracy. Feeding issues..of a m5e1. Looking at getting a complete upper and lower from aero precision . All the reviews ive seen have been positive.. any input is welcomed..