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Welcome to this community for the Creedmoor metallic cartridges enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the Creedmoor cartridges, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
Last post by gman47564 -
I got my hands on some new br4's this week thanks to my buddy gregg and my boy colt.. and also got a good supply of the 103 vapor trail vt-tac coming.. i have a 150 or so allready so instead of using the 105 hybrids im going to try the 103 vtacs.. i loaded a 10 shot ladder same as i did for the hybrids and got about a 60 fps increase in mv across the board with the 103.. i think i started in a node at 2960 and it also shows the flat spot at 3070.. my highest charge yeilded 3115.. no pressure signs with the new br4's no pierced primers or anything like that.. im going to test around that 3070 flat spot just to see whats there but will more than likely drop back to the 2960 area.. to run it in if thats where it wants to shoot the best.. early stages so who knows.. .. a pic of my numbers..
Competition / Re: 2021 1000 Yd BR Nationals
Last post by autoxforfun -
I now have 400 pieces of brass prepped and ready for priming and loading.  200 cases of Dasher, 100 cases of 6mm CM and 100 cases of 6.5mm CM.   I'm heading off the the 2nd to the last race of the season, so the reloading will start next week.  I have three weeks to finish the loading....plenty of time.
Reloading / Re: Autotrickler V4
Last post by MJeff23 -
I'm doing beta testing on the V4.  It is a very nice piece of equipment, major improvement on a very good system..  I use the 419 cup, but ditched the centering tray on my old V3 setup.  With V4, I just placed the printed center piece where I wanted the 419 cup to be placed on the scale plate.  The cup location is at the edge of the scale plate.

I also used the 419 powder hopper with V3.  The V4 hopper will hold over a pound of powder. 
Reloading / Re: Autotrickler V4
Last post by VA-XBolt -
Having seen a few videos of v4, I'm hoping that Area 419 will add in some new options for that version. In particular, I'd like to be able to keep their machined self centering tray and powder cup, but with the different drop tube location in V4, I'm not sure how that will work out.

Also, I like the Area 419 Pyrex hopper tube that I currently have with my V3. I don't change powders a lot, currently only reloading for 2 rifles and one pistol caliber, but I do like the idea of the V4 coarse drop arrangement, and easier cleaning between powders.  But, not in a major rush to change just yet.
Gunsmithing / Re: What are your most useful tools
Last post by jvw2008 -
Ha Ha Randy you are right. Seems like they are all essential. My favorite at any point in time is the one I happen to be using at that point in time. And my most coveted is the one I think I really need and don’t have. 😊

In the auto mechanic world you often hear them say, “he who has the most tools is King!” 

I have a retired friend who has a 3000 sq ft metal building full of  bench equipment. He is a pretty decent machinist with a couple lathes, a Bridgeport mill, precision grinders, etc. His favorite project is to make a tool, to make a tool, to make a final tool that will work better than any other tool he already has. He is a bit of a mad scientist and it is a real kick to watch his inventiveness in action.
General Discussion / Re: Switch-barrel rifle thoughts
Last post by gman47564 -
Made me cringe when they covered it in mud then washed it off in the creek.. lol. They could have tested them high pressure claims if they had shot it soon as they pulled it out of the creek.. lol.. pretty cool system though..
Gunsmithing / What are your most useful tools
Last post by mnbogboy -
My two most useful shooting/reloading/ gunsmithing tools are my magnetospeed chronograph and my Teslong bore camera. Now add in my wheeler engineering action wrench, barrel vise and "fat" wrench. Various other important tools are a couple of barrel nut wrenches and a 12" adjustable wrench ( crescent)
Peterson vise grips, 6 inch bench vise, a couple of 50-60 year old Herters reloading presses assorted screwdrivers, combination wrenches and a bfn
A couple of electric hand drills and an angle grinder.
All these tools get used often if not every day and are important to most activities that concern firearms & shooting.
Oops, forgot to mention the dremmel rotary tool.

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