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Welcome to this community for the Creedmoor metallic cartridges enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the Creedmoor cartridges, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Hunting / Re: Wyoming trip canceled!
Last post by sportacus -
I have a ritual/routine I started many years ago to repel ticks and chiggers. Hang my scent free clothes on the line and treat with Sawyer permethrin premium insect repellent.  Good for 6 washings. Works like a champ.  In the summer, I will bail off into a blackberry thicket to pick and don't have  a single hitchhiker when I hit the shower.  Last year, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever spanked the young farmer that does my food plots and bush hogging in TN.  He is a tuff nut and it brought him to his knees.  Took him months to fully recover.  Most familiar with deer tick and Texas Lone Star.  Both carry some nasty stuff.
Reloading / Re: BLC 2 / Hunter / AR COMP powder -> 90 and 120g bullet with 6.5CM recommendation
Last post by Irwin -
It's pretty sad to find powder based on "4350".  I'm searching Midwest and Powder Valley every morning.

Here is the summary of the  ( Hunter / BLC 2 / AR COMP - 90g and 120g bullet ) primarily focused on minimum for the load data I can find for 6.5CM on the internet.

My conclusion (Minimum starting loads)  is leaning toward using the 120g first- Barnes TSX BT with both BLC 2 ( 36g - 37g - 38g ) and Hunter ( 41.7 - 42 - 42.8g ). 

I will first break in the new rifle at 50 yards to set my scope with 6 each of BLC 2 and Hunter minimum loads and if time permits setup my ProChrono DLX at the range.  I may get luck enough to find a box of new ammo at LGS but that would not be my objective since I'm enjoying reloading. 

Thanks..  Irwin

(below load data that I was reviewing )

Speer's Online load data - 90 gr TNT / HP -
AR-Comp - 38.5 / 3027 ft/sec was the tested load
(Have 100ps) >> 6.5
Hodglon - BLC 2
95g - Vmax  - 40gr / Minimum - No ft/sec data
120g - A-Max - 37gr / Minimum - No ft/sec data.

Barnes Online - 6.5 Creedmoor Load Data 120gr TSX BT
Ramshot Hunter - 41.7gr / 2661 ft/sec  ( H4350 38.2 / 2647 - IMR 4350 38.7 / 2622)
(Have 100ps)

Western Powders - Ramshot Hunter
120g Nosler B-Tip >> Hunter  42.8gr / 2697 ft/sec
Sierra Rifle Load book ( need to get a new one with 6.5CM data )
6.5 Japanese
120g Spitzer
BLC 2  - 33.9 / 2300 ft/sec - 35.2 / 2400 ft/sec

Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Ruger go wild shooters?
Last post by jvw2008 -
H4831SC usually works well with this cartridge and a 140 gr bullet in rifles with 24” or longer barrels.  However, your barrel is fairly short at 22”. I would expect you would have your best results using a powder that is a little faster. Your other option is to drop bullet weight down to the 130 gr range.

The above recommendation is based on the presumption you are wanting to get your muzzle velocity north of 2700 fps and stay within a comfortable chamber pressure.
Bolt Action Rifles / Ruger go wild shooters?
Last post by Bigmaico -
Just bought a Ruger go wild 6.5

Ive put about 50 of my thrown handloads down the pipe to break it in.

34gr of H380 & 140gr Nosler Competition hpbt.  They shoot well, but I know that it can do better.

Just picked up some new supplies to try out.

140gr Hornady interlocks & 1lb of H4381 sc

I’m using new Starline brass & Win Lrp’s. I also have CCI Lr & Federal Lr Mag primers.

Let me know what’s been working for your Ruger.

Tia Howard

Hunting / Re: Wyoming trip canceled!
Last post by jvw2008 -
Seems like all the different species of ticks carry one nasty disease or another. Lymes used to be strictly in the New England states. Now it’s spread as far south west as eastern Texas and across the Canadian border through Minnesota and Wisconsin. Bad stuff. The family of tetracyclines will keep the organism at bay for most patients but not all, and they can help prevent an infection if started early. But, once you have it, medication usually won’t clear it. In many folks it will lay in remission until they get stressed and then it comes back with a vengeance.  Randy doxycycline is one of the better tetracyclines to use. You’ve got a darn good wife!👍
Hunting / Re: Wyoming trip canceled!
Last post by mnbogboy -
The saga of my stroke, the life flight helicopter, the rescue squad and subsequent hunting trip cancellation continues. I've spent 4 nights in the camper at my sons this trip. While I slept those damn wolf ticks spent their nights burrowing into my body parts. One deep into my leftboob while 2 more in my right arm. My grand daughter went to work with thetweezera on one while my daughter-in-law and my son helped pry out the other twp. I feltafew crawling on my back when I was on a long hike with my oldest grandson on saturday. He assisted by lifting my shirt& jacket and took them off for me. I picked several more off my hands after they got that far on me. The area that most of them came from had plenty of deer last year and was loaded with wolf scat.that scat appeared to be from winter.hence the name "wolf" ticks.
While shed hunting the last few years during shed hunting in the spring, I've seen the trend of deer/wolf concentrated areas and those little ticks also concentrated (picked about 100 one day). After only 20 this weekend and the three bites (chomps), my wife thought better and took me into Urgent care. Another prescription of a powerful antiviral dDoxycycline Hyclate as a prophylactic prior to any foreseen lymes disease.
We lost a close friend to this disease who took his own life as this disease crippled him and ravaged his brain &  mind.
Who would think to blame high cholestral levels that were thought to be the cause of my heart event that led up to the stroke could be the cause of my exposure to the Lyme disease carrying  insects. Let's move the blame a little farther past the heart event. Add in post election stress levelsalong with unobtanium primers caused by an effective campaign to mislead and raise fears in voters. Now add the national campaign to increase wolf population by leftist he USFS & USDA and furthered by appointed judges.
Under 44's watch.hurse asked me today deer tick?, nothing dear about them ! We used to call the little multi colored ticks, "bear" ticks. The larger brownish ones were "wood" ticks I coined the "wolf" tick nymph during my spring shed hunting expeditions. My wife hates them too. When I get home I have to strip in the garage and my clothes go straight in the washing machine. Often she finds multiple ticks on top of the agitator. Which are plenty to agitate her! If i tell her the next year where I'm headed [email protected] no you are not, too many ticks in there last year. We all know who's the boss.
Happy wife, happy life! She dislikes snakes more than bugs.

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