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General Discussion / Re: Marlin News
Have recently read a couple of articles about Ruger production of Marlin lever guns.  They are focused on the 336 and 1895 rifles.  Might see some in the racks by fall of 2021.  Have a 336C in 30-30 that is 52 years old.  Have carried it since I was a lad.
Hankering for a 35.  If they produce any, I will try to purchase one. 

I have had my .35 model 336C since I was 12 yo.  I learned to hunt with it and taught my kids to hunt with it.  At shorter range in the woods, it remains an excellent choice.
General Discussion / Re: Hornady 6.5 147gr using Alliant 19
Is there anyone out there using Alliant 19 with the Hornady 147gr ELD - Match. I am looking for a recipe to match the factory stated 2695fps velocity but using the RL19 instead of the Hodgson H4350 (factory use)?

Or can suggest another Alliant product with a recipe to use with this Hornady ammo?

RL16 is my go to powder for the 147 ELD-M. 

I did some ladder testing with RL19 a couple of years ago.  It is faster than either RL16 or H4350, but lacks the temperature stability.  When I did my testing, I based it on Sierra's testing of RL19 with their 142gr and 150gr.  In both cases, they listed loads up to about 45.6gr.  The lowest thing I tested was 43.8 gr and even that was running 2730 fps.  My best guess would be 2700 would be below 43gr.  So start low.  My tests were done with Federal 210 primers and a 24" barrel.

Again, as HufD63 said, start low.  Even the best powders can vary between lots.  Your mileage may vary. 
Reloading / Re: RL-19 with Berger 130 OTM
I did some ladder testing with RL 19 using 147gr ELD-M and it gave me about 50 fps higher velocity than RL16.  I didn't think the loss of the temperature stability was worth it.
Reloading / Re: Exploring seating force with instrumentation
Nice design.

As a side effect of this set up, you should be able to see the force to detach the die from the bullet on retract.  This would quantify the fit of the die to the shape of the bullet nose.  It would be cool to see if you can tell when the die nose will begin to make a ring mark on the copper jacket.  This would also vary with with insertion force.
General Discussion / Re: New 6.5 user / beginner advice sought
In that price range I like the Vortex PST Gen2 and the Athlon Midas TAC HD.  They are probably the best bang for buck scopes.  As someone mentioned the Little Bastard brake is great.  It is noticeably better than many other brakes I've tried, but you NEED you ears on with it. 
General Discussion / Re: Extreme spread and accuracy expectation question
Ive got a story about that one stemming back to the summer of 1963 at bible camp.  Of course the camp was also used by the boy scouts & we found a stash of bows & arrows.  A little game called "heads up".
Luckily no one ever got hurt...certainly was a "near miss"....i will leave it at that. 😕

May many years ago, I was trained by an older engineer to do stack inspections.  His method was to shoot a fishing arrow straight up the stack, let the wind move it sideways and fall to the ground.  Then he would tie a cable on the line and pull it through to connect to a harness mounted winch with a seat on it.
General Discussion / Re: $1 Billion in ammo sales backordered

Curious what your 6BRA load is that runs 450s, that's a lot of primer IMHO for the BRA. I've always shot smaller with milder primers.

I use the 450's in my 22 Grendel when I can't find Rem 7 1/2.  They give me almost exactly the same velocities.  I have run them side by side for testing and was surprised when I found the similarity.

Lately I have been conserving primers as I was down to about 300.  To that end I am putting together a .25 air rifle.  I figure 100-125 yds will keep me engaged til more primers arrive again.
General Discussion / Re: Teslong Borescope
I have the flexible version and plug it into my phone.  It works really well.  I wrapped some tape around the end of mine to help hold it stable in the center of the bore.
Reloading / Re: 10 shot ladder test Scott Saterlee
In addition to using 3 rounds, another addition I made to Saterlee's test was to look at the SD's and ES's across multiple groups.  Usually a low SD for a load is also low when compared to the loads next to it.  This helps with finding wide nodes that are resistant to variations.  Saterlee does this by looking for places where the graph goes flat between loads, but I found that doing the statistics worked better for me as the graph is not always so clear.

The pictures below show the change to the chart.  I don't recommend those loads.  The charts are just to provide an example of the statistical method.
Reloading / Re: New brass
I normally don't do anything special with new brass, but I fire form the new brass.  I like to buy 300 rounds of new brass for the 6.5 with a new barrel and then use the first firing to break in the barrel and find loads.  By the time I have shot the brass once, the barrel is also broken in, and I have a very good idea where my loads will be.  Then I anneal, size, and especially trim all the brass and move forward.  The life of 300 rounds of brass seems to just about be the life of a 6.5 CM barrel.