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Kudos to US Optics customer Service

Started by lg65cmsd, October 07, 2018, 12:55:54 PM

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Just sharing a great CS experience I had with US Optics.  I think it right to give credit where it is due.  I had a problem with threads on their Anti Cant Device ( Level) and contacted them, thru their website/email.   I got an acknowledgement immediately and a couple hours later a contentful reply.  After another back and forth message, to clarify exactly what my problem was and they without  a problem, sent out the part I needed to get the device working.  (threads went south on the side of it that the protective cap is stored on).

Their ACD costs much more than two others I own.  A Vortex and a Caldwell  (both good, btw).   Definitely worth  more money to me when I get such exemplary CS when/if I need it.   I got the part two days after my first point of contact.  Free.  I bought my last scope from Kahles.  I looked hard at US Optics' offerings (B-25), along with other Tier 1 glass.  I'd give US Optics another look should I want another scope.  Anyway-  FWIW, lg