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whats more important??

Started by swampthang, February 04, 2013, 04:20:37 AM

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in your opinion whats more important?

case trim length to long or to short
9 (16.1%)
consistant seating depth
26 (46.4%)
consistant neck tension
20 (35.7%)
sorting bullets by weight and ogive length
5 (8.9%)
powder charge
34 (60.7%)

Total Members Voted: 56

Voting closed: March 06, 2013, 04:20:37 AM


just wanted to get some more opinions. i have my own theory but wanted to compare to to some others. i know powder charge will probobly win so im really interested in your votes on trim length , bullet lengths etc... thanks guys.
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Important for safety or accuracy?


sorry, i was assuming we all had safe reloading practices i should've been more specific. i was refering to accuracy.
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Being able to read the wind, and the "nut behind the butt".
The latest caliber or gear is no substitute for experience and skill.  Rifles and cartridges don't make hits-----shooters do.


I think concentricity could also play a role, but modern quality reloading tools should take care of that, along with consistent seating depth.

Some of the things like sorting bullets, I don't think will gain a person any advantage if they are already using Berger, Lapua, Sierra or custom bullets. You might catch the odd defect... very odd.

I think if you negate seating depth issues by using quality tools then the next big issue would be neck tension. That is a big deal in my opinion when searching for finite accuracy.



Personally in my limited experience I would rate this order
Seating depth
Powder charge
Neck tension
Then last sorting brass and bullets.

Primers fit in somewhere but I have no idea because I haven't run anything other than CCI #200 yet.


Don't forget consistency in your workflow. The hardest thing I had to learn about reloading was doing every step in the process the exact-as-possible same way.
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powder charge, then seating depth
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I think seating depth because this is what will affect the pressure curve the most.  The closer to the lands the sharper the rise of pressure as the bullet enters the throat, and vice versa if you seat it off the lands.  Duplicating the exact pressure curve is essential to accuracy.  Also for safety remember the closer you are to the lands the higher the pressure spike so if you are testing a load always start close to the lands and work out, if you go the other way, a load that is good at .020 might be a high pressure load at .005. 

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I would say powder charge, then seating depth.


I closed my eyes and shook the mouse before I voted.   ;)


They all belong together i my book  ;D


hey dufus,
i agree they do all belong togather but i was just wandering in what order. i have my own things that are more important than other steps in my OPINION. i was wanting to hear how others placed importance.
i actually started the poll to see if i might could get some sorta edge or learn something from better men than me, to elevate me to a higher level in the 1000yd game.
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Lucky Dog

Powder charge is the one thing that is easiest to control and measure.  The old timers all seem to agree seating depth and neck tension are the magic ticket for accuracy.  Some test results I have seen would tend to confirm this.

6.5CM brass seems to be very consistent, but if you consider other calibers (308) then case selection would have to be way up there too.

Lucky Dog