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RPR bore guide

Started by Ellmerfudd, August 02, 2017, 03:50:37 AM

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Quote from: rardoin on August 02, 2017, 10:35:40 AMI am in the U.S..  I did note on the guide it is labelled for Rem. 700 action but on their website it lists for Ruger action as well.  I use it in my 6 Creedmoor/Borden action but I can test it in my RPR as well.  I am unsure about shipping to the UK/cost so if you can find a local source it may be better.  I would sell it for $25 USD (half the cost I paid).

Do you still have the extra guide?
I'll take if still available.


The RPR version is longer than the standard action. My Dewey is the same for the regular Ruger actions except it is 13" long instead of 10" long.
RPR 6.5 Creedmoor
Bergara 6 Creedmoor


I like my Lucas. He can build for most any caliber,
I need more ammo!! Vietnam 66-67