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Ruger Customer Service

Started by 65Whelen, April 18, 2017, 10:32:55 AM

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Excellent customer service.  I pick-up an older Ruger Super Blackhawk that I know hasn't been shot much, got it from a close personal friend.  Anyway it shoots high even after I lowered the rear sight all the way down.  Checked on-line and about eight years ago there were complaints about Blackhawks shooting high.

I call Ruger's customer service and a person actually answered the phone, a real human being.  And not only did he answer the phone he helped me.  He didn't connect me with someone who can help, he did it. 

After a short conversation about my problem and giving him the Ser#, he looked up the sight that came with it, said he'll be sending me out a new higher front blade, no charge.  Received the sight yesterday, installed it and I'm good to go.  I initially called Ruger less than a week ago.

You ever call AT&T or most any corporation nowadays?  You get sent into a black hole of automated menu choices.  Kudos to Ruger for not only have a person answering the phone but also someone who knows what's needed to fix a problem and did it.