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The 6.5 Creedmoor: What’s the Big Deal? - NRA Article

Started by txcas, December 27, 2016, 09:33:39 PM

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Remington is like that guy you knew in high school that could have started on a SEC football team as a freshman.  But instead got his girlfriend pregnant, got hooked on crack and went to jail for robbing a Dollar General. 
Wind is hard...that's what she said.

Cold Trigger Finger

Huntshcool;  Welcome to the Creedmoor forum.  Please keep us updated with your #1 progress.
If your going to be a Bush Alaskan You need a perfect winter rifle. The Ruger M77 Hawkeye SS in 6.5 Creedmoor is mine.<br>You are being watched.


Cerberus group is the problem now days. Rem had some good years, but they do nothing these days. If federal loved me, they would put more primers on the shelves for us all.

@stormin ;D  you are the man of the thread now lol
I am not the biggest, nor the fastest.  I will not fall short or stray off my target. I am a surgical instrument, who lives in the X ring. I am the 6.5 Creedmoor with deadly precision.


RIP Chris Cornell


Yes, I realize speling is a chalunge for sum of us...I am inkluded in that grup, so pleze fourgiv me. Ski-U-Mah!


Quote from: Fuj on January 02, 2017, 04:24:59 PMAfter doing a little dated reading research.....Is it possible that
the 6.5 Creedmoor would'nt have come into existence if Remington
would have gotten barrel twist rates right early on for the 260 ??

Big time!  That and Remington's poor marketing of it.

I've had a 260 since about 2010, and for a long time hated the Creedmoor because many rifle manufacturers were dropping the 260 REM in favor of the Creed.  I finally got the Creedmoor last October, and really like it a lot, but I can't say I like it any more than the 260 REM, for what I do.  One advantage of having both is I can fine-tune loads for them, using neck sizing dies, and not have nearly as much trouble keeping them straight so I don't shoot the neck sized 260 from the M77 into the RAP.
"Only Accurate Rifles are Interesting"


The last rifle I had built was a bad choice. I didn't know what to get. The smith suggested a 6.5 Creed and I said great...Make it a 25.06!! Now I sit here waiting on my new rifle a 6.5 Creed.
I need more ammo!! Vietnam 66-67


New to the forum from east Tn and I just picked up a Savage mod 12 in 6.5 Creedmoor along with a box of Lapua small rifle primer brass, dies,Hornady modified case and Sierra 123's and 140's.  I expect it to be a shooter and if it will shoot with my 6BR I'll be happy.  I'll most likely order a Boyds Pro Varmint stock as the tupperware stock leaves a lot to be desired.  Looking forward to getting in some range time with this new piece.


To be clear, I haven't started loading my creedmore yet but based on my research so far, I am getting ready to begin loading using Lapua brass (small primer), Lapua 136gr Scenar-L and CCI BR#4 primers.

I obviously don't have anything to compare my loads to yet but once I begin loading and shooting them, I will be more than happy to post my results.

What kind of before and after stats do you recommend collecting in order to get relevant and useful data?


 I have pretty much found that my Creed with a Heavy 30"KP barrel on a Rem Short action seems to do pretty well with 41gns of the other 4350. I shoot 142 SMK's at 2768 fps +- and I am very confident with the rifle out to 1K yds. With that 30 " barrel I did have problems at first with extraction but having the bolt fitted with an M60 extractor cured that problem. Now this load I think is right at the limit because i can feel a little uplift resistance not much but you can feel it. My rifle is not a match gun but I feel that it is a very accurate all round rifle that will serve in many roles. with bipod/skid/scope and sling it goes just over 12 lbs and is a biggish gun.
I like the skid because 1 it folds right up in the notch under the magpul hunter stock and does not interfere withg using a fist or sandbag. 2 But when you want to wait for the magic moment that skid is like laying a piece of artillary. You can lay the gun and free recoil it with confidence. The gun will hold 1 moa pretty much and that is more than most   Chuck