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Mil-Spec .223/5.56. Here We Go Again

Started by sportacus, June 19, 2022, 04:55:58 PM

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Read a couple of press releases last week.  The administration has directed Lake City, (Winchester) to cease providing overages to the commercial market. Google it. Pretty clever.  Don't have the balls to come take our MSR's, yet, so they will pinch off the ammo supply.  Have fired about 20 5.56 rounds in the last 10 years. Carried one M-16 version or another for most of my adult life.  Was never impressed. Can be accurate, but not enough a** for the bang flop.  Scratched around in the bunker this afternoon.  Like a Easter egg hunt. I'm good.  This week, got some .223, 62 grain Fusions for use on feral hogs.   If I get in a bind, 5.56 will be way down my list of pills to fling.  If you need some, recommend you get it.  Palmetto State still had some, bulk, at a reasonable price.
If you have the shot, take it.


I believe that was only for the M-855 Green Tip "Armor Piercing". My local ranges have that banned already for use on their properties. M-193 should still be good.