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Going long with the 25 and 6.5 creedmoors

Started by gman47564, June 19, 2022, 09:07:46 AM

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Got up early this morning and went down in the bottoms to stretch the legs on my 25 and 6.5.. i set targets up at 500, 750 and a 1000 yards.. good conditions when i started shooting.. light wind from 1 oclock or so at 4 mph.. i shot the 25 first.. first round hits at all 3 distances and the gun shot really well..
 The pic in the link is a 3 shot group at a 1000.
 After i shot this group the wind started  gradually changing and by the time i shot the 6.5 it was from 3 oclock at 8 to 10 mph with let offs.. the 6.5 shot ok and i had good hits at all distances but the groups wasnt as good as the 25's

Pleased with how the 25 is doing..


I don't have google photos on my iPhone so can't open those pics Grant.