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chronograph recommendation

Started by flexible, June 16, 2022, 09:18:06 AM

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Hi everyone, flexible here. Just started loading rifle ammo about 18 months ago. Been loading pistol for decades.
I have an approximately 30 year old 'Chrony' from ChronoShooters Inc. I used for pistol loads
Am I wasting my time with this for 6.5 CM & 6mm PPC?
If I need a new one does anyone have recommendations?


MagnetoSpeed and LabRadar. The LR is difficult to find to purchase.
The MagnetoSpeed is very accurate and least expensive of the two, but it will change the point of impact of bullets on target since it affects barrel harmonics. The MS is also the easiest to use when shooting prone. The LR is also very accurate, does not change POI, but requires a stable platform to function. I prefer the MS when shooting prone and the LR off the bench.
Since you do NOT need a chrono to develope a load for your rifle, you can get by with a MS to check velocity after your load is developed.


The best solution I have found to the POI shift on the MagnetoSpeed is the 3d printable mount below.


Magnetospeed Sporter or V3 if you wanted the extra functions. If needed you can get a separate mount. Some rifles have shifts with it attached to the barrel and some don't. I have ARCA on my rifles so I got a Wiser Precision mount. Works great on the rifles that have shifts with it attached. But that said even if you did attach it and just wanted numbers a small shift is not a big deal.

The Magnetospeed is much nicer to use than those optical chronos. I have a Oehler 35 collecting dust after I got my Magnetospeed.


V3 on an ARCA would be my pick. My, only for hunting rifles, I would just use it to primarily find my chosen loads fps.


You might want to consider holding out for the AndiScan micro A2 doppler ballistic velocity chronograph.
Yes, I realize speling is a chalunge for sum of us...I am inkluded in that grup, so pleze fourgiv me. Ski-U-Mah!


I've never minded the POI change using the MS V3. It has never changed the group sizes.
I used to use it during load development, but now a days, I just use it after I've found what I'm looking for accuracy wise and only use it for my velocities.


Use my V3 exactly like Txhillbilly does.  We are hunters. Once everything shooting tight, run a few over the V3 to get MV's for dope/dial data.
If you have the shot, take it.


Quote from: sportacus on June 19, 2022, 02:10:12 PMUse my V3 exactly like Txhillbilly does.  We are hunters. Once everything shooting tight, run a few over the V3 to get MV's for dope/dial data.

I'm almost the reverse I guess. I use my Labrador during load development, then it's pretty much loads ammo and shoot. Hunting or target, it's the same. I don't use the Labrador every time I'm out shooting.