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Hat Tip To Berger

Started by sportacus, January 14, 2022, 06:34:35 PM

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Got our hands on some 156 EOLs.  Loading 6.5 PRC.  Sent e-mail to Berger.  Had the data within 8 hours.  Did some at min for H1000.
1/4" at 2660 MV.  Told my buds need to crank them up to 2800-2900 to ensure the Berger "bang-flop."  Side note: Ran the COAL out to 2.955 on the 140 Speer Gold Dots. SHAZAAM! Touching at 100. Reviews of this bullet very good.  I am impressed.  Holding some, but just ordered another 250 from MidSouth.  $19.89 box of 50. No limit.  Anxious to run this pill out of a Creedmoor.
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I had good luck this year with those Berger 156s in my 6.5CM hunting rifle. Got the groups under 1/4 MOA, though the muzzle velocity was a bit lower than I would have liked at 2640. DIdn't get up to any pressure signs but I was already past the upper end of what Berger was recommending for H4350 and opted to not push it further. I was more concerned about the precision than absolute MV. The furthest I would likely shoot for Whitetail on my sister's property would be about 300 yards max.

Adding that those Bergers are VERY long. COAL on my loads came in at 2.88", CTBO at 2.19". (as measured using a Forster Datum Dial Set). I had to start out at magazine fit length for seating tests, "JAM" was far to long to fit in the Browning Rotary magazine for my X-Bolt.


Are you guys 8 twist barrels?


My X-Bolt hunting rifle is a 1:8 twist barrel, which I had some initial concerns about, given the stability being predicted as marginal, by the Berger Bullets stability twist rate calculator. My newer target rifle is a 1:7.5 twist barrel, to help with the stability of those heavier for caliber bullets. Link below for the Berger calculator.


The initial run was shot out of a Tikka, 1:8.  Will tweak the loads for two X Bolts, a CA Mesa and my Alamo Precision.  Know the CA and APR are 1:8. Foggy on the X Bolts.  Will research.  they might be 7.5.
If you have the shot, take it.


Nope.  Just looked it up.  X Bolt 6.5 PRC is 1:7.  We have not played with those sticks yet.  They both shoot 1/4" groups with factory ELD-X.  We have limited components so they two at the end of the line for reloading efforts.
If you have the shot, take it.


The consistency and quality of Berger bulletshavealways helped produce thebestgroupsof any bulletsive used.i have seen big swings in bro in a lot of them usually the differences oal confirmed why and the cbto and coal coincided withtheindividual bullet inconsistency.
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