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284 Win question

Started by lg65cmsd, November 25, 2021, 12:12:03 AM

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Hello All,

I have an FN SPR rifle chambered in 308.  The action is factory bedded into a McMillan A1 stock. I have been thinking about getting it re-barrelled and chambered in 284 Winchester.   I have a question for those of you who shoot this caliber.  What barrel contour, twist rate and length  would you recommend?  I am planning on using Berger's 180 grain Hybrid Targets. 

I am just a recreational shooter and I am a member of a club/range where we can shoot, from a bench, out to just past 1000.  I've been reading a bit and about the 284 Win and seems like many competitors shooting this distance are shooting/using 284 Wins.

Thanx and happy Thanksgiving, lg


Lg i run a 28 inch bull barrel on mine. 1" at the muzzle.. if i remember right its a 1&8 twist .shoots the 184 hybrids really well..



You have an expensive tool there; specifically designed as a sniper rifle around the 308 cartridge. I'm not a huge fan of the cartridge but everybody needs at least one 308 in their safe. If you rebarreled with a different chamber you are probably going to lessen the value of the SPR.

I am a big fan of the 284 and think you would probably enjoy working with the 7mm caliber. Have you thought about just building another rifle that would meet your range needs and doing it in 284?


Thank you Grant.  28" was what I had in mind and (if I live long enuf have it suppressed :) )  1:8" , 1:8.5" were in my head.  & 1.25, 1.2 inches at the breech end tapering to 1" at the muzzle was also in my head. 

Hey JVW, thanx for your input.  Yes, it is an expensive gun.  I bought it, used on Sniper's Hide,  intending to re-stock and rebarrel to 6.5CM but when I got it I quickly changed my mind.  It was too much gun- McMillan stock, bedded, etc to do anything to.  So decided to keep it a while , shoot it, and bought the dies and such to reload for it.  It shoots 155s Hornady ELD-Ms over RL-15 and IMR 8208 XBR powders real well at around 2850 MV.   I am very happy with it 'as is'.

I've another FN (PBR) action that my nephew used along with a chunk of curley maple and a Kreiger bbl to build me a 6.5.  And did think about just building out a 284 from scratch.  But,   I am not sure I want to go through the wait time to have another custom built.   

I started reading and seeing the 284 and got pregnant with the idea of having one.  And am not shooting the 308 much.  I shoot with an  army buddy who has a Remington that Lester Bruno barrelled and trued up, so I can shoot his 308 if I feel the urge.

So,  I decided to ask around and get some opinions and thoughts on this before I give birth to this idea.  Asking here is a good place to start.  Appreciate the views, Grant and JVW.  lg


The 284 Win. and it's wildcats has become THE F-Open long range round.  Great brass, bullets, powders, easy to tune, manageable recoil, good barrel life.  What's not to like?  I plan to stick with my 6.5 Creedmoor, but if I was younger I would start with that round


Thank you Boltman for your comment and view and time.  All you write is also all I have heard.  & what lured me to this idea.    I am  not sure what age has to do with sticking with the 6.5CM but, in my case,  I am in my 7th decade now and the reason I like my 6.5s is their lack of comparative recoil.  & the added recoil is  a reservation I have with my '284 idea'. 

Also, I don't remember reading a lot about muzzle velocities.  Part of my thinking with this idea is to push a heavier bullet (180/184 Berger Hybrid Targets) and at a faster MV than I shoot my 6.5s at (2700-ish).  Because I think it will help when the wind blows.  OTOH will that generate enough recoil to cause me to flinch.  A tendency I have and work at managing it. 

I suppose these things lead me to ask around about this idea here.  I get pretty good answers, suggestions, advice and thoughts here.  Even just lurking and reading I have learned a lot.  Thank you again, lg.   


lg, I'm about to hit 73 and have been loading for the 6.5 Creedmoor since it first came out.  I shoot F-Class Long Range and I have 2 rifles one with a 40X action and a 30" Bartline Heavy Varmint 1:8 twist which gives me 2,853 FPS with the Berger 140 Hybrid, the other a Remington 700 with a 31" Brux bull barrel which gives me 2,894 FPS with the 140 and 2,889 FPS with the Berger 144 Hybrid.  All are with Lapua SRP brass, CCI-BR2 primers and 41.5 grs of H4350.  I get no pressure signs and extraction is easy.  Both bolts are bushed. I think the new Berger 156 gr Hybrid is just too much for the Creed.  Recoil feels the same between the 140 and 144.  I have too much experience with the 6.5 and too much invested in dies etc. to change now, but the 284 Win. is a hell of a good round for long range.


Hi Boltman, that is super information for me!  I decided to not spare expense in my loading for a custom rifle my nephew built for me.  24" Kreiger , 1:8, Heavy Target, #9.  So, accumulated a bunch of Lapua brass by buying Berger factory 140 HTs.  And a couple boxes of their 144s (because they have formed meplats and are a bit heavier).   I use, upon majority of opinion here and AccurateShooter, CCI 450s;  along with the Bergers 140 HTs with RL-16 for my primary load for the rifle.  41.4 gns, loaded to a COAL of 2.81" (about 120K off the lands).   Not having any pierced primers with this load (FN PRB action), though would occassionally have one w/factory box. 

What's super about your info is it confirms I am on the right track in my loading and also you gave me a jump-start (pun intended) on loading for the 144s.  I'm headed to the range Tuesday and taking a Magnetospeed with me to get some new MVs on factory 140s, 144s and some of my loads with these bullets.   I am loading same powder charge with both bullets, as are you.  I've got just under 200 rounds on the barrel now and it seems my MV has picked up some speed now with that round count.  Because my come-ups at 800 on up are less now than when bbl was newer.  My ESs are under ten.  My MV is 2733,  which I think has increased. 

Pre-shortage and while the rifle was being put together I started accumulating the loading components, so have a nice stash of primers, powder, brass and bullets.   When I use H4350 on other loads I am at 2700-ish and using 41 grains of it.  Out of that powder for now.    Berger told me on the phone that their original powder for their factory 140HT was H4350.   Person I talked to did not know what they were currently using.   Thanx again for the info.   Very helpful.  lg


lg, I mistakenly wrote I use CCI BR 2's as my primer.  That is wrong, I use Remington 7 1/2's.  I use the BR2's when I use brass with LRP's.  I am hoarding my H4350 and Berger 144 Hybrids for the Berger Southwest Nationals in February.  I have gotten good results with IMR 4451 and CCI BR 2's in both Nosler and Starline LRP cases with weight sorted Nosler RDF's and Barnes Match Burners both 140 grs. and Sierra 142 Match Kings and Tipped 130  MK's unsorted.  These were used at 600 yards in F-Class Mid Range and IBS 600 yd Bench Rest.   I have some Reloader 16 and Winchester Stabal 6.5 I haven't tried yet.  I am hoping to get some more H4350 as all loads I have tried with it have been accurate no mater which 140-142 gr. bullet I use or case/primer i put it in.


Thanx for the correction, Boltman.  I use Fed 210s and as mentioned CCI 450s.   Not tried anything else.  In this day and age I would though I have a lot of primers now (well, a lot by my standards and rate of fire).   I could never get the 140 RDFs to fly.  Always one shot out of five that was not in the group.  I had bought a couple boxes to try.  Beautiful bullets.  Shot the lion's share of the first box and then gave them away to a better shooter than me. 

I've a few boxes of 142s on the shelf and I really like those.  But mainly been loading Hornadys for my older guns and the Bergers in my new rifle.   I'm really liking the RL-16 and have a couple kegs of that , so been using that this year.  41.4 grains on my AD FX 120i scale (newly acquired).    When you get a happy load worked up with the 144s and RL-16 message it to me, if you would.   I'm shooting today and getting MVs on their boxed ammo and my re-loads.  I've got a couple hundred rounds on the new rifle's Kreiger and I sense it has sped up some. 

I winter in my condo in Sun City.  20 minutes from Ben Avery.  I always go out to the Nationals to check out the action, see all the people, the rifles and the equipment used.  Two years ago I met our Robin.  Was nice, though I kept our meet short so as to not interfere with his focus.  I will  be out there again this year and maybe we could meet. 

I have the same experience with the 140-142s as you (except with RDFs).  They fly good.  And I am in the 2700-ish velocity node.  No matter the powder, etc , just get them to that speed.  I too like H4350 but again RL-16 works as good for me.  Supposed to be temperature in-sensitive too.  I zero and load devo at 70 degrees-ish and don't see any shift from 50 to 90 degrees.  When it gets colder or warmer than that I am not at the range. :)     Of course I am shooting at large chunks of steel , not 5" X-rings.

I will note the SWNs date on my calendar and maybe we can meet up briefly.  Larry   


Larry, I sent you a PM about getting together in Phoenix.  I think if you try weight sorting the RDF's you would get tighter grouping but they just don't fly as good as Berger's or Sierra 142's.  I just scored 4# of H4350 so am all set for February.  I just put together a load with StaBall6.5 and Sierra 130 gr Tipped Match Kings for my Tactical 600 yard Bench Rest rifle but haven't tried them yet.  I will probably try the Reloader 16 in the Spring with a 140 gr bullet and shoot F-Class Mid Range at our local match and see how it goes.  Have a Merry Christmas.


Hi Boltman, just catching up.  Got your PM and will look you up for sure.  The RDFs I've given up on, as I have better shooting bullets with less aggravation, like the two you mentioned.  Congrats on the H4350, hope you did not pay too much of an exorbitant price for it.

I've not bought or tried any StaBall.  What would be your guess of charge weight of it would to push a 140 to 2700 fps, 24" bbl?  I like that node.  Safe , easy on the barrel, and me and accurate. 

130 should be great out to 600 yards.  Flies faster per charge weight than your heavier bullets so will spend less time in the wind.  I think it makes a bigger difference at 600 than 1000. 

I've got a lot of RL-16 and it is now my favorite powder.  Takes a bit less of it to hit my MV node than my other powders.  Is not sensitive to temperature.  41.1 , 41.2 runs 2735 to 2750-ish.  Happy and Merry, belated, Christmas to you and yours Boltman!   See you soon.  lg 

Meanwhile, I am still going back and forth on my 284 idea.  No rush anyways.  Happy with the rifle as is for now.  :)