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recommendation - rifle & caliber for PRS

Started by flexible, October 22, 2021, 03:23:00 AM

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hi everyone, flexible here. Started seriously shooting rifles over a year ago. Shot handguns competitively for decades and been shooting clays consistently for several years but shot my Savage #12 LRP 6.5 Creedmoor in Factory Bench Rest last year and really enjoyed it. Bought a used 6mm PPC for next spring (just started fireforming .220 Lapua Russian brass).
BUT, i took a long range shooting class with the Savage and really enjoyed it.
Started looking at chassis rifles in 6mm Creedmoor, specifically the Christensen MPR and the Masterpiece MPA BA.
I've been told the 6mm Creedmoor will perform as well as a 300 Win Mag (but without the hunting knockdown power).
I'm also 73, I'm in the gym everyday but moving around with a 13 # Masterpiece could be difficult, the lighter Christensen could be the way to go.
Any opinions would be welcome - Oh, I have a Nikon Blackforce 6-24X50 i would use.


-You might want to consider a 6 Dasher or 6 BRAI instead of the 6 CM

-MPA makes one of the very best chassis on the market and they are now producing lighter models to help control total rifle weight
- consider a Deviant Elite or Borden super short action
- if you are really serious about competition go with a custom built rifle rather than commercial


The 6mm Creedmoor will work fine for you getting into the sport. Don't chase what the "top guys" are using as you are not shooting at their level. The 6mms are used are due to low recoil. Using a 6 Creed with easily found factory ammo and easy to load for is a good choice. You will still get lighter recoil but not worry about ammo issues like having to fireform brass or try and get mags to feed reliably with spacers. Reliability is huge in the sport.

As for weight, use what is comfortable for you. Use a good brake and the recoil will be light enough for making hits and still spotting your shots. Again don;t worry if others are using 20+ pound rifles. Use what you can get around with comfortably.

The sport is supposed to be fun and if you are not having it then you won't continue so do what works for you. I have shot the sport for 18 years and have shot many different calibers in it and it comes down to what works for you.


The 6 creed is a nice round.. big fan of it.. also a big fan of the 6mm dasher.. both plenty accurate for prs.. as far as brass you can buy top notch dasher brass ready to shoot right out of the box.. and you can also buy mags made just for the dasher and short br cases that feed without issues..



I run them in a savage 6mm dasher i built abd a 6br that i built and both feed with no issues rob.. no different than a 6 creedmoor or 6.5 creedmoor.. they work as their supposed to..


Not every Dasher or BR & variant feeds "like it's supposed to" LOL

When a guy like Tom Jacobs with all the Dasher & BRA experience he has from bench rest goes out of his way to develop a 35° shoulder wildcat to shoot PRS that tells me all I need to know.

Carson Lilja shoots a lot of bench rest with a BRA and last I heard was running a .25 Creedmoor in PRS



Not doubting your set up but seen them not work too. What he needs being new to the sport is reliability and practice. Worrying too much about the caliber is not what he needs. Seen way too many people spend thousands of dollars on rifles and scopes chassing the top guys and go to matches and come in bottom of the pile as gear only gets you so far without the skills. And his being 73 and worrying about rifle weight already chasing gear is not what he needs. Hell I would tell him to get a .223 and shoot Tac and practice a lot at home. Something like:

Bighorn Origin
26" Med palma 7 twist barrel in .223 Wylde
Timney HIT or Trigger Tech Special tyrigger
Chassis or stock of choice
MDT mags

Load up some 75grn ELDs or the like and go shoot. He will learn a lot about his abilities shooting off different props and positions and then can work from there to overcome any issues. Can do that with a 6mm but he will be changing barrels a lot more and burning more powder.


All i know is i got 2 mtd mags made just for the br cases that feed my savage actions flawlessly..  any gun can have feeding problems though.. and your right rob. Just getting into the sport practice with anything would help for sure.. im not trying to sway the op to a dasher or 6 creedmoor.. just saying feeding issues arent what they were a year ago ..


thanks everyone, next spring i can shoot my Bench Rest gun in 6mm PPC and i can shoot my Savage #12 LRP in 6.5 Creedmoor in both Factory Bench and i can try it in PRS as well ( i was hitting 18x24 plates at 750 yards in a long range rifle class).
While i'm getting experience i can do research on a chassis rifle.
thanks again


Do they have magazines? If not then you will seriously behind the 8 ball.

Also you don't have to have a chassis on a rifle used for PRS. Stocks work too if you like them. I personally don't care for chassis and the AR style grip.


Multiple grip styles are available for the MPA including the vertical which I prefer.

If you have any concerns regarding feed of the shorter 6 mm cartridges, look at the two actions I mentioned at the beginning of this thread. The Elite is a bolt feed (not a push like the TL3) and it runs my 6 BRA cartridges without a glitch when a spacer is in the magazine. The Borden super short was designed specifically to run the 6 BR wildcats. Both actions are  built for precision shooting and are top of the line.

I absolutely understand not going overboard on equipment when starting out in a new shooting sport. I also understand, " buy once, cry once ". ????


You guys shoot PRS matches with those rifles and calibers?


Don't know about the other guys but for me, I only shoot 600 and 1000 Yd BR competitively. Precision is everything in that sport and I'm sure my experience there colors my choice in cartridges. I use a 6 Dasher, 6 BRA, and a 284 Shehane for those matches.

Most of my shooting however, is on my personal steel range that goes from 250 to 1450 yds. I use 223, 6 BRA (MPA chassis), 6 Dasher, 6.5 Creedmoor, 284,  308, and 300 NM on that range.  It's just outside my back door and I shoot it year round giving me lots of opportunity to compare different cartridges in different conditions.

Physically, I can not compete in PRS. Think it would be my favorite competition though if I could. A 6 Dasher would be my choice but I would also be happy with a 6 BRA. Seems like a lot of the nationally known top people who do compete in PRS would support those cartridge choices. Are they better than a 6 Creedmoor? I don't know. But many shooters, who know more about PRS than I do, seem to think so.


Yes "top people" do use those. A 73 year old new competitor is not top people. He is not going to be top people. He is shooting for fun and to learn and doesn't need to get in a gear/cartridge race and honestly it will do him more harm than good. My recommendation above for the .223 would be a great option for him but if he wanted a 6mm the Creedmoor will do him well with little hassle. Lots of factory rifles available, factory ammo and sends the same 6mm bullet out. There is way more to the sport than the cartridge. It's a very small part of the equation. He will not be handicapping himself at all with a 6 Creed or similar.

ETA: Honestly he would have probably as much fun buying a good .22 and shooting the NRL/PRS .22 matches now.

Another ETA: and even easier and cheaper way to get in shooting and figure if he wants to go forward to take his Savage 12 LRP 6.5 and drop it in a chassis like the MDTs and shoot it in a few matches. Doesn't like it then sell the chassis and he might be out a small amount of money to get in and shoot.