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22 Creedmoor

Started by Txhillbilly, February 05, 2022, 03:03:46 PM

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I built this rifle a couple years ago, and have really enjoyed it. It is a great varmint / coyote rifle, and fun as hell to shoot. Really easy to load for. I've tried the 22 CM head stamped brass, but couldn't get the same performance that I get from necked down Starline SRP 6mm CM brass, so I just stick with it.

Left Hand ARC Nucleus Gen 1 action
ARC Barloc barrel nut
X-Caliber 20" 1-7 twist barrel
KRG Bravo chassis that I modified to LH since they didn't make them yet.
Trigger Tech Diamond trigger
ARC M10 rings
S&B PMII 5-25x56 scope

This rifle shoots excellent, and finding the sweet spot with the 75gr AMax & ELD-M bullets was very easy. The best 100 yard 5 shot group so far is a .179", but I usually keep it in the .3" range when shooting off a bench.

I like this rifle so much that I had to build a little brother for it in 223 Remington. I'll post it in the Bolt Action section.


Fun round for sure and accurate as well.. i shot one for awhile a couple years ago.. shot it out to a 1000 yards several times.. may do another one of these days ..good shooting..


Derrick at Horizon Firearms down in College Station, TX. was the first person that I knew with a 22 CM many years ago, and that's what got me interested in it. I've been shooting the 6.5 CM since 2009 when I assembled my first one on a Savage 12 action, as well as a full custom using a Shilen DGR action on another. I love the Creedmoor cartridge design, it's one of the easiest cartridge's to load for with almost any bullet that I've ever loaded in over 40 years of hand loading.

Knowing the short barrel life of the 22 CM, I ordered two barrel's when I started this one.
I'm waiting for my new ARC Archimedes action to show up right now. I'm planning on building a 2Fity Hillbilly aka 25 CM with it. I sold my 25/06 last year, and still have a bunch of .257" bullets setting on the shelf, plus I want to try out the 131gr - 135gr high BC .257" bullets out now.
Until I get the 25 CM barrel, I'm going to take the barrel off my Savage action since it's a RH action, and install it on the new LH Archimedes action. It's only got about 500 - 600 rounds left before it needs to be retired.


Nice Shooting TX.  A 22CM has been something that I've been considering....but really don't need another cartridge to load for....but tempting seeing your results.
If everything seems under're just not going fast enough


Nice shooting.

I've heard a lot of good things about the 22 creed, many from a builder/instructor up in PA, not that far from me. I considered the 22cm for my last rifle build, but given the current shortages in components, I really didn't want to end up with a rifle I couldn't shoot in the near future. So, I just stayed the course with the 6.5cm since I've got more components for that caliber.