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New cartridge

Started by Rodhill, September 17, 2021, 10:39:42 PM

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I'm a new Member recently decided to give the Creedmoor a try.  Been reloading for close to 20 years so gonna give it a try on this one.  Got 300 Laura brass arriving tomorrow.  Bought some Hornady Vldx and some Lapua 139 grains to try.  This will mostly be a target rig with winter in  between.  Have 4350 and 4831 powders to try.  Any ideas, feedback or pointers is welcome.  Any special brass prep, neck issues or anything?  Been reloading benchrest and hunting rounds.  Glad to not be turning necks and trimming constantly. I'll be shooting these in a Sig Cross boot action rifle 1 in 8 twist I believe. 

Look forward to meeting everyone and learning about this cartridge.


Welcome Rod.
The folks around here know a lot about reloading and shooting. I have learnt so much since I have been here.
Use H4350 between those two powders. If it is H that you have?
Compared to most here, I run minimalist reloading equipment, not because I want to but just funds. However, my factory rifle shoots very well, at least for me. Always trying to keep 1/2 MOA.
Having said that, what reloading equipment are you planning on using? I do not turn necks ( yet ) but still trim to length and anneal every firing. ( with cheaper Hornady brass, I am up to 11 firings I believe, only losing a few due to primer pockets getting loose )
Lots use the OCW powder work up, then do a OSD test, ( optimal seating depth )
I have shot the 143 Eldx's and they are decent ( still have a few boxes ) but use Berger 140 VLDH and they are great! I have never shot Lapua's.
I love shooting the 6.5CM, and could shoot it all day long with a smile on my face.  If you shoot from your mag, don't be afraid to jump if you have to.
What is the barrel length on that SIG?


Welcome Rodhill. Hope you find a great discussion center here with us. Pretty stand up group of shooters and reloaders who enjoy helping others.

Seems like from the very beginning of the 6.5 CM adventure that H4350 proved itself to be the most universal pixie dust for the most popular 140 gr class bullets.  Think most of us would say it still is.  There are now many other powder offerings that also work well and can be taylored to the lighter and heavier bullet assortment that the commercial market produces. Some of the Enduron powers are a good choice and yes lots of reloaders have very successful results from H4831 SC especially with heavier Bullets in 26-28" barrel lengths to accommodate the slower burn rate.

Great start on your part with the Lapua brass. The quality will carry you through many reloading cycles and even though it's not necessarily the most case capacity consistent brass available , I like average volume they chose to center on with their production. Alpha and Peterson, I believe are two additional top quality choices. I'm spending some time on brass here because I believe the consistency and quality of your brass sets the foundation of everything else you do to develop the best performance from your rifle.
You mentioned you have experience shooting bench rest. What distance, what cartridge. I'm guessing you already have a great handle on your reloading knowledge and skills and probably equipment. How do you normally develop a load for your rifle?



Welcome Rodhill

Sounds like you the the right components and experience. Keep us updated on your progress please.


Welcome to the forum rodhill.. interesting choice of rifle you choose.. looking forward to how it does.. looks like you have good components to work with.. what are your goals with this combination..


Welcome, dont be listening to these Yahoo's about using H4350 in your 6five.
Go with the H4831SC. Trust me!!
Fella's don't take the Yahoo's personal, you know I love ya. Lol


LOL. ????

It's a Creedmoor it will shoot anything perfect - right!!

No doubt H4831 SC can give you good results.

The Marshall

Welcome aboard. If you run low on H4350 or H4831 you can use RL-16 or -17.  They have proven to be great powders in my 6.5 Creedmoor. Don't be too surprised if your rifle likes all sorts of bullet weights and powders.
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Every man has got to know his limits.


Welcome to the madness.  Getting precision from the 6.5 Creedmoor should be easy for you with the components you already have.  Benchrest precision may take some additional tweeking if you want to go down that rabbit hole.  H4350 has never let me down, and Lapua SR primer is my go to brass.  I have used Remington 7 1/2's bur CCI BR4's or 450's are highly thought of if you can get them.  I use CCI BR2's with my LR primer brass.  Nosler and Starline brass has given me acceptable results, but Hornady has been a dissapointment.  Right now H4350 is almost unobtainable and I have reserved my remaining stash for big F-Class matches.  IMR 4451 has worked for me at local 600 yard F-Class and IBS Benchrest.  I have some Reloader 16 I also plan to try.  The Lapua 139's are  match grade and very competative.  I don't use Hornady bullets for competition as I have seen too many blow up.  Other F-Class shooters are rarely using them as well.  You can form your own opinion about them.  Barnes 140 Match Burners, Nosler 140 RDF's weight sorted have given me good results at 600 yds.  Sierra 142 MK's are my second choice if I can't get Berger 140 or 144 Hybrids.  All will do fine in your 1:8 twist barrel.  Due to the component shortage we often have to take what we can get, and make the best of it.  Stabal 6.5 is another powder getting good reviews and I have 2# to give a try.  Best of luck and let us know how you are doing.


Well wound liking the Lapua 139 grain scenario and 41.3 grains of H4350 and seated 12 thousands of the lands 5 shot group 200 yards all in a little jagged hole