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LA Firearms Deer Season Ends Today

Started by sportacus, January 16, 2022, 11:43:42 AM

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This will be the musings/ramblings of a old man.  Please excuse any grammar, spelling or structure issues.  Random thoughts.

LA firearms season ends when the sun goes down.  A good thing.  Season waaaay too long.  Limits too liberal and enforcement of tagging. non-existent. Just have to deal with it.  The reason all you brothers in the midwest/west are the places we Southerners dream about is short seasons and limited buck tags.

On day four of a self-imposed quarantine.  My hunting/reloading/shooting friend Craig popped hot on Thursday.  We had spent the entire afternoon before reloading/shooting.  He has minor symptoms.  Triple vaxxed as am I.  I have no symptoms. Laying low.  Omicron is raging down here and I don't want to be accused of being a "Typhoid Mary."  :)   

Reflected on the 2021-2022 season.  Four whitetails, one feral hog and a 325 yard miss on a coyote that still haunts me.  All with the Alamo Precision 6.5 PRC, factory 143 ELD-X. 

Cold and cloudy here.  Not outside doing deep cleans but doing Rem-oil wipedowns.  Several old reliable's that did not get to eat.  Will remedy next season.  Number one up is the Joe Collier 6.5 CM he built for me in 2019.  Have only killed a feral hog with it.  Will be my long poke stick next year. 

The APR 6.5 PRC will get a break.  Will get "real" with 7-08 and 6.5 CM in LA and TN where the shot is not over 200.  The APR and old 700, 7mm Rem Mag held in strategic reserve in case I get the opportunity to go West.
If you have the shot, take it.


A couple years ago, Alabama extended deer season from Jan 31 to Feb 15 (bucks only).  I've always been burned out around Jan 1st.  This week, we had our first recorded cases of CWD in the two northern western counties.  AL had a plan in place years since it has been found in TN & MS.  All restrictions lifted in those 2 counties--no bag limit, no limit to number taken in a day, no antler restriction--all heads turned into game wardens for testing.  The adjoining counties are in a buffer zone requiring all heads to be turned over for testing.

Hope you avoid the Rona.  My oldest son was very sick last week, but tested negative twice for Rona, flu and strep.  Ran fever over 101 for 3 days.  The doc called it a rhino virus....he is back to normal now.

First impressions are don't get a second chance


Thanks for your concern.  I am fine. Tell folks around here a head-on with a log truck on LA Hwy 123 will be my demise. Jesus loves me, this I know.  Kept me rolling during threatening times. And I am grateful.
If you have the shot, take it.


Ever since I canceled my western tripiveeen lindo bummed out. My MN  season had me hunting a little less than other years. Mystill hunting skillssuffer greatly with My sleeping left hand. Nowaycouldithrow upyriflelikethepatad fire multipleshots.
WI season was a slow mover and I still kick myself for not taking the600 yard shot on the last day I hunted with a rifle
 I could have dialed 11 or 12 minutes and known where the pill was going. My lack of long shooting was my fault for missing my mail in funds for our rifle club when I was in the hospital. I also missedmyelkapplication that week as I was unabletohold my phone in myleft hand.
The Louisiana season sounds like it would have fulfilled  my season.
I was able to reappear in WI  for The muzzle loaderhunt and didseeanotherlittle button buck! When my son have mean emergency rideto thevetinduluth the day my dock was put down my truck gotleftin WI  with all my gear and several firearms. I could have hunted h8erei n MN  one more week with the 7mm too. Saw several deer in my yard but no bucks. We are now contemplating our elk applications for wyoming next fall.
Huntingthoughts and preparation last 24 7s for 365 in my house.
11X Grandfather
Part time Savagesmith