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Autotrickler V4

Started by bikemutt, September 10, 2021, 03:48:24 PM

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There is a thread on AS where some guys are claiming after getting rid of the 419 bottom plate the scale drift improved greatly. I can't remember if the pan was part of the problem or not.


Humm, that's interesting. Are they suggesting an electrical interference?


I can't remember I'll have to try and find it again.


Quote from: bikemutt on September 10, 2021, 03:48:24 PMThen I folded like a cheap tent last week and ordered one anyway :(

Should see it mid November or so according to the latest report from Adam.

I couldn't wait. I got an A&D FX 120i scale and ordered an AutoTrickler powder trickler. Some where down the road I may buck up and add the V4 for my set up.
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Thanks Dave. I'm seeing the report but not any explanation. So at this point I'll take it as hearsay.


I don't think it's electrical interference, rather influence in the magnetic field around the scale.  My A&D is influenced by the amount of "mass" I put over the scale.  If I add 1 pound of powder the the hopper, I have to re-zero.  If I place my 6" bubble level on top of the lexan top plate, the scale drifts (it has two magnets on it).  The 419 bottom plate may contain some material that effects the magnetic field or is heavy enough to effect the field.
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Over the time I had my V3 I did notice occasional drift issues, almost all of them caused by a grain of powder that somehow evaded my not-so-keen eyesight. Can't say drift became any more noticeable after installing the Area 419 base. I did notice static electricity seemed to affect the scale, I keep all tools like tweezers on a dryer sheet next to the scale now.

The Area 419 base sure looks like it's milled aluminum alloy which should be pretty much non-magnetic.

I can confirm though, with the factory base installed, hovering a magnetic 6" level over the base causes the scale to show non-zero readings, positive and negative. The scale does return to zero by itself once the level is removed so, the magnet is not causing drift per se.