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New Front rests

Started by HufD63, August 29, 2021, 02:57:29 PM

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Will do but I think once I get the ear tension consistent it will be a keeper.


Quote from: HufD63 on August 30, 2021, 10:38:46 AMThese wouldn't go bang yesterday for some reason LOL
How did yougetthe primers out without pulling thebullets?
My bad, you getting forgetful like me?
A while back when I forgot to primeandusing h335 the cases darn near emptied themselvescthrough the flash hole! Also it filled a bolt full after i lost a bullet to the lands on a long load.
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Because my passion is F-Class I still lug my Farley to the line.  It also is great for IBS BR and I don't need to carry it very far.  I finally bit the bullet and have a SEB Mini-X on order for F-Class.  I'll probably keep the Farley for BR.  I still use my Bald Eagle with a Shade Tree top for Rim-Fire BR as it works without the need to lug the Farley.  I must be a front rest collector as I also have an old Midway and a Rock JR for sighting hunting rifles.  If the SEB works like the Farley on the bench I may sell the Farley, I'm running out of room.