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Did you shoot today?

Started by gman47564, July 02, 2021, 09:51:51 PM

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Sounds like a fun time Grant.


Grant that sounds like a real fun day, with some more input for your rifle selection in that upcoming match. Considering the course of fire that you have described, it seems to me the 6.5x284 has more to offer than your other cartridge choices. As I understand it you are looking for hits, not groups or high scores. Considering that, a straight 284 or Shehane would be on my list as well.
I'm sure we will all be following along and wishing you great success in that comp. 👍


It was a fun day jerry.. maybe the toughest day of shooting i have had so far.. in the time it took to cycle the bolt and chamber the round the wind would change and be blowing from the opposite side.. i guess you would call it a quartering value.. .. and i have not seen it change like that that quick.. first for me.. the straight 284 would be good for that match but goes transonic quicker than the 6.5x284.. were going to shoot down there one more time before that match in march.. this time i will also take the 284.. but well pleased with how the 6.5x284 did today with the 153 atips..