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Way to go Jerry!!!!!

Started by HufD63, June 20, 2021, 04:56:12 AM

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June 20, 2021, 04:56:12 AM Last Edit: June 21, 2021, 05:09:56 PM by HufD63
Jerry shot small and steady through a week of brutal heat and even worse humidity.

Eased into the top 14 shoot off handily beating the 2018 1000 yard Nationals Champion then finished 5th in the Super 7 Showdown.

Modest and humble from start to finish, a true winner and a great friend.

Proud of you @jvw2008


Congratulations to both you guys.. not a 100% sure where you finished dave but think it was in the low 20's.. thats quiet an accomplishment in its self.. ????????????????


5th in   600 score, 22nd in combined 600 & 1000 overall.

Couldn't get it to group at 1000 and it really pulled me down.


Congratulations to both of you really starting to put some good results together. Won't be long and one of you two are going to have it all come together and you'll find your self in the number one spot


Congrats to both of you!!!  The mirage must have been a bear at 1000.


This Rendevous match is the type of match you could attend every year, improve every year and never get close to success no matter your skills... Too many things beyond your control to go wrong and wreck you. However if you shoot respectably small and /or center them up well on all 16 you will do well.

16 targets agged across 3 days, a bench change every two targets with a distance change. I'm sure the distance change must have got a few.

Brutal heat and humidity, mirage, winds that never were steady. They were pushing one way then the let offs pulled them back. Bullets were getting pushed down and L or R. Mechanical failures as well and at least one dropped out because they were physically unable to continue. There's also 60+/- folks who want to win just as bad as you and they don't care how long or hard you've been working at it.

I improved my position daily but my 1000 yard groups sucked, it was other people's misfortune that advanced me and my decent showing at 600 and my scores on both.

It's hard to put into perspective how big an accomplishment turning in 16 target without a DQ is. It's also hard when half are embarrassingly large so you make changes that don't pan out.

I guess my point is this is the type of match that you earn your place at the end whether by shooting very well or just by staying in it. Either way folks end up where they belong in the end.

So yes one of us and I'll include @rardoin in the us may very well win one of these big national level matches someday or we may not there's much more to it than practicing and showing up which are about the only things you have any control over.

Congrats again @jvw2008 and good shooting to @rardoin also.

Lastly any of you guys who ever had an inkling to enter any kind of a match
"just do it"
Sooner than later, no matter how prepared or not you think you are get started. The learning curve speeds up light years once you start shooting matches and you honestly can't determine where you are at until you compete.

I can shoot those 1" 3 shot groups @ 600 & 2-3" 3 shot groups at 1000 in nice testing conditions at will almost. That counts for mostly nothing take your gear to the line and compete.


Gotta say I just spent one of the best weeks of my life. Yes the conditions were tough but the camaraderie was just the best. My match experience has been pretty limited to this point, so there were a lot of folks I wanted to meet and Dave made sure I got to shake their hand. Much thanks to Dave for that. I'm not a great shooter but recently seem to have developed the ability to shoot well consistently. I actually didn't win anything through the whole match except one 600 yard relay and I'm not sure how I pulled two consecutive clean targets first thing in the morning. Immediately after that, I shot my worst 1000 yard relay of the match. But it's an aggregate game so if you just keep plugging away, it can all come together. I made it into the final fourteen by the skin of my teeth at number 12. The gentleman I had to beat is a past 1000 Yard National Champ and I was sure that sudden death pairing was going to put me in the coffin. He beat me on the 600 target by 0.2" but faltered on the 1000 and lost 3" to me in that aggregate. Probably the worst 1000 yard target he shot for all of the match. So, by default I snuck into the Super 7. That is when the real pros showed their stuff with some outstanding groups and scores while I put down my good but not great results. The guy I beat out for 5th place said to me this morning that he "just sucked a little worse than me". He was right. ????

Interesting side point. I've always felt that if I had an edge in this game, that it was my ability to reload very well. Dave and I got there early and did a fair amount of load development for the conditions. My Dasher was running hot and I had to drop down from my Colorado charge weight. I also knew that in those hot conditions, lands erosion through the two and a half days of intense shooting was going to be a problem. So I built into my reloads a seating depth that I thought would balance out as the match progressed. But, I made a mistake with my caliper setting and instead of building a 2 thou buffer, I ended up with a 3.5. Some great reloader -humf?That mistake paid off for me though during the third day of the match because my groups tightened for the final showdown. The Lord watches out for fools and angels. You all  know I'm no angel. ????

Dave Huffman is a stand up guy and I'm proud to be able to call him a friend. Even though he was struggling with his own load that wasn't quite clicking, Dave was always watching my success and  giving me encouragement - as well as some sarcastic shit that I needed to relax. Thanks Dave.


You guys did great!  I can only dream of shooting that well. Nice job y'all.


The good, the bad and the ugly LOL



Congratulations Jerry!!!
Dave gave me a call on his way home, filling me in on a lot of the happenings.
Including some of the sarcasm.
Laughed my ass off!!

I was talking with Zack this afternoon, thinking about building a bench rifle.
We've determined that I have the God given form and physique to be a benchrest shooter.


Hmmm, I'm not sure I would totally trust what Huff told you on the phone. Better wait til we talk to get the in embellished truth. ????


"I was talking with Zack this afternoon, thinking about building a bench rifle.
We've determined that I have the God given form and physique to be a benchrest shooter."

Brett the gal who smoked all the boys for top honors (Sara Bauer) is 5'6 and 135 pounds. If you are looking for ultimate physique .... well I'll just leave it at that. ????


Jerry you and Dave did a amazing job at the Rendezvous.
To think the minimum amount of time you guys have been shooting LR BR, and the finishes you both put out.
Putting things in perspective,  50% of the shooters there hold either a club, national, or world record.
Dave Finished in the top 25% pretty good accomplishment by my standards.
Congratulations to you both!!


Could not agree more which is why I said that I shot way above my pay grade. Pretty sure Dave would have been right on my butt with a little better tune.


You dont give yourself enough credit jerry.. them other guys and gals get up and put their boots on one foot at a time just like you do..