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Nicely done Jerry!

Started by HufD63, April 11, 2021, 08:21:18 PM

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If everything seems under're just not going fast enough


Thanks Bob. I always feel good about scoring well in the over all categories. When do I know I've have shot a consistent match. I think you have to be consistent before you can get better.

I know the exact target that kept me from winning two-gun over all. It was a minor let down on my part and not the rifle's fault. It was just one target out of eight, I know what I did wrong, and that is a big step forward for me. 


Congrats & great shooting Jerry.
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Jerry's haul!!!
I know jerry has trouble posting pic's so i will post this one in his behalf..
Well done jerry...


Thanks Grant! There are lots of photos I would enjoy sharing on the forum but my iPhone creates a real obstacle to the normal pathways.


Congratulations Jerry!!!  Well done.  I didn't realize you were crossing the divide for that match.  I'll have to admonish Jason next time I see him: an F-classer that had smallest groups but one of the lowest scores?!?!?  That is just wrong.  LOL


???? Jason probably doesn't need much more teasing! I already gave him a hard time for letting me get ahead of him in the match after he shot a screamer group.
He was working with a new rifle with only a week for load development. I'm betting he comes back with a vengeance next time around. ????


His license plate is my favorite..."nine1on" :(


That must be FClass jargon. Not familiar with it. Although I could take some guesses.