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Thoughts on this load

Ok load development complete.  Great being able to load a few rounds walk out the back door and test them.  Here is what I came up with.  140 ELD-M, Hornady fired brass, RL17 40.1.  Started by shooting the top 3 loads in the book. Picked best then loaded 3 down and 3 up with .3 gn increment then 2 down and 2 up with .1.  I found 2 loads .1 gn apart with the same SD /ES, 2.8 / 6.  Loaded 10 shots and shot them this morning group was good 2 little groups with 4 touching in 1 and 3 in the other.  But with my lack of shooting training I will take it.  Now for those numbers.  I have 3 that made me wonder so I did math with all 10 then the 7 then with 6.  SD/ES
10 - 6.8/18
7 - 1.9/5
6 - .084/2.

Any comments from the experts??  Tried to add pictures but too big.

Next step 1000 yard group 😁

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Here are velocity in order 5 shots to warm then 10 in succession.  2660, 2669, 2663, 2672, 2674, 2674, 2674, 2656, 2673, 2674.

Re: Thoughts on this load

Reply #2  Upload your picture there and paste the BBFull linked code.


Re: Thoughts on this load

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Nice group and great numbers. I am going to shoot my first loads using that bullet over 40.4 of RL-17.  Thanx to you I know I am at least in the ball park.  lg