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Does Anyone Have Experience with the Hood reloading Presses?

I was on the Bullet Central youtube site and happened to see this video - - on the Hood reloading presses. Since I'm always interested in something that may improve my reloading (and getting a new toy is always nice) I'm trying to get more info on them. The primary advantages seem to be be compactness and easy adjustability for both sizing and, in the double ram setup, seating. So I'd be interested to know if anyone has had any experience with them and whether they offer any potential increase in uniformity of loaded rounds.

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Re: Does Anyone Have Experience with the Hood reloading Presses?

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I have a Harrell's Precision Combo press that is very similar to the Hood press in the video (the one in the middle).  I use it at the range primarily for testing seating depth but have, on occasion, gone through the entire reloading process of decapping, sizing, priming, charging and seating a new projectile.  It works fine when the brass is relatively clean.  Once, I used mine at home to perform final seating in preparation for a big range outing and find it quite accurate for that purpose.

I would not use my Harrell as a primary press.  There are some very good presses that are extremely durable and proven to produce repeatable results and low-runout cartridges.

These presses, the Hood and Harrell, are really for the bench rest crowd who need a lightweight, compact and  portable press to use at the range.

I didn't see a price for the Hood, but I'll be it rivals or exceeds that of the best home-bench-mounted presses.

Would be cool to have for work away from your bench or at the range though.


Re: Does Anyone Have Experience with the Hood reloading Presses?

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Same here... used to have a Harrell's combo press.  In my experience/opinion, it is really best suited to fairly short/fat cartridges like the BR/PPC family.  Trying to size .308 Win was unpleasant at best, and trying to use a Wilson die with Sinclair micrometer top... felt like the die was just too tall for the allotted space, and even the limited leverage of the arbor press portion was not well utilized.  As a result, mine found a new home... and if I need to size at the range, I take an RCBS Partner press, mounted to a piece of oak 1x6 with threaded inserts or tee-nuts.  Otherwise, if I want to seat at the range I use a regular arbor press that is adjustable for the height of the die being used i.e. the inline die for a .223 is very different in height than the one for a .308, etc.
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Re: Does Anyone Have Experience with the Hood reloading Presses?

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Thanks, guys - your info is enough to convince me to look elsewhere for a new toy :D