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extremely happy AR10 - 6.5 creedmoor rifle

I finally am making a report on my recent build .... Matrix Aerospace upper/lower AR10, with Ballistic Advantage 22" , SIG Tango4 6x24 glass, 8 twisty barrel - 6.5 CM  with rockriver 2 stage trigger, nothing else matters!
Yesterday at the range with friends....  shooting 1000 yrds in 50 deg. weather.  Load was as follows:
Brass:  once fired Hornady 6.5 cm
Powder with charge:  RL16,  41.8 gr.
Primer:  CCI - 43 - Military primer
Bullet - Hornady 140 BTHP
COAL - 2.810"
Speed over chrono and Labradar  2740 fps
Wind- the most unpredictable I have ever seen,  Mirage would go Left to Right horizontal then switch Right to left then die out. 
Dope: 29MOA drop. 3.5 MOA wind..... consistant 1k hits on steel, (7 in a row from bench with bipod and rear bag)  what a day.... confirmed with remote video cameras.
I hope this encourages others to get out there and go for the gold!   Keep shooting my friends.
Oh, BTW,  I am a retired LEO with lousy vision and cafine shakes.

Re: extremely happy AR10 - 6.5 creedmoor rifle

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its a awesome feeling when you can ring that bell way out there like that... way to go man...


Re: extremely happy AR10 - 6.5 creedmoor rifle

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That's a great story.  You must of been holding your tongue right too!  Way to stick with it Snaploader.
See you at the range.