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Re: New Rifle Issues

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i thought about the heavier carbine buffer as well. I run a fairly wet bolt not drench by any means I keep it a good light coat of Lucas oil extreme duty on it

Re: New Rifle Issues

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How many rounds fired?

Issue could be.
It needs to ware in.
Burr is gas port of barrel.
Gas block miss alianed with gas port.
AR-15 rifle gas tube used instead of 1/4” longer AR-10 tube some manufacturers use.

Re: New Rifle Issues

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Some things to try.
Take BCG out of gun with the bolt in the down or battery position use a straight screwdriver and push ejector button down should be quite a bit of spring tension. Then with the bolt up or eject position use screwdriver and push extraction claw out agian it should have a lot of spring tension but it should move a little.


Re: New Rifle Issues

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If this were mine, I'd break the bolt down.  Remove extractor and ejector.

Ensure that the ejector moves freely in the tunnel.  Ensure that there's adequate spring tension and make sure it protrudes from the bolt face adequately.

Then I'd check the extractor claw for burrs or sharp edges.  The hook should be smooth.  If it wasn't, I'd break any sharp edges with a jewellers file and slightly polish any rough areas.

Gotta be the claw or ejector.  Somethings not kicking those cases out or the case rim is hung up under the extractor.

Disassembling an ar bolt isn't technically challenging, but you almost need 3 hands to do it.  You have to compress the ejector into the bolt face to remove the pin that retains it.  I use a c-clamp, cut down case (just the case head) and a 1/4" piece of plastic.  Put bolt in c-clamp, plastic sliver goes between bolt tail and clamp, place case head on bolt head and begin tightening clamp while holding it in place.  Once compressed, drive out retaining pin.  Loosen slowly and capture ejector as it starts to come out.