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Re: Best "semi-custom" factory rifle?

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Actually there is a mountain rifle that is within your budget.  It was one of three that was highlighted at the ShotShow (maybe 2016).  Two caught my eye, one was the Montana Extreme Ranch ( it originally was the Mountain Rifle) rifle and the Begara B14 HMR.  The 18" barrel Montana was shooting groups beyond belief and rivals most scout style bolt rifles.  One person put a suppresser and thought the extra length would make it more accurate, but it didn't.  It rivaled the 24-26 cousins.  The price for what you get is reasonable at $2,100.  However, I settled on the Begara HMR and so far have not regretted the purchase. 

With that said, the Tika also has a very good reputation for being very accurate right out of the box.
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Re: Best "semi-custom" factory rifle?

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I agree that the Bergara rifles are great, especially ones with Trigger Tech triggers.

And I really like that Barrett Fieldcraft! Makes my tongue hard...

But as for Weatherby top end rifles, nope.

I guess I could have gone the Bartlein barrel, 3 lug custom action, and CF aftermarket stock route but Browning kept calling my name and I'm very happy with their rifle. However, a 24" Bartlein stainless 5R lapped barrel will someday be on that rifle. Then it will be a true "semi-custom" rifle.

Eric B.
P.S. At the Sportsman's Warehouse store where I bought my rifle the clerk said the other two "firearms specialists" were looking at my 6.5 CM X-Bolt Pro when it came in and comparing it to the SAKO Finnlite they had on hand in .308. He said everyone agreed they would rather have the X-Bolt Pro. I was kinda surprised that he volunteered this story. Usually their stance is that they never compare rifles, that's the customer's job.

P.P.S. One final thought - I sure do like that rifle better every time I shoot it. Thank you Browning for such a nice piece.
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Re: Best "semi-custom" factory rifle?

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Don't know if it's the best, but I continue to be impressed with my MPA.  Had my doubts about their barrel, but hits at 1k+ are easy.

Re: Best "semi-custom" factory rifle?

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Well the OP just says, "Semi Custom" factory rife, So I'll just
say for the money, The "Savage LRP".
I bought one of these in December, still waiting to send a few rounds down range...