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Another Noob from Texas

Hello all thanks for the add. 
Bought my grandson a T/C Compass 6.5 Creed.  Bullets arrived today 143 ELD X .  Found some H4350, CCI 200's and the dies will be in Thursday.  Both my sons have one apiece.  Looking forward to loading this round I have a Grendel that I really like this one is a step up.

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welcome popeye...let us know how the gun shoots...

Re: Another Noob from Texas

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11X Grandfather
Part time Savagesmith

Re: Another Noob from Texas

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Welcome Popeye212!

A buddy bought a T/C Compass in .308 this fall, he has not found any load that he's happy with to date. I was going to get in on the deal he got, which was awesome, once he told me the difficulty he encountered getting it to be at least an MOA rifle, I decided to hold off. I'll be curious to hear how your grandson does with his.