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Welcome to this community for the 6.5 Creedmoor metallic cartridge enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Reloading / Hornady 140gr ELD-m Vit N150
Last post by Ellmerfudd -
Good evening everyone,just wondered if anyone has loaded any 140gr eld-m with Vit N150 andwhat sort of speeds your getting. I currently load 123gr scenars with N150 and one ragged hole groups. Just bought some 140’s today and have lots of N150 but a few said they changed to N160 with heavier bullets.
Just interested if anyone has tried the eld-m with N150 please, I’m not after silly speeds be happy around the 2750fps.
Will load some test loads at the weekend just curious until then thank you
Reloading / Re: New BRA
Last post by rardoin -
Ok, I'll post my PM to Jeff.  Dave's above post is an excellent example of how we can glean info from others to give us an educated starting point.


Here is my current technique with a 'new to me'  chambering:

Crude charge test-

I load a series of charges, .5gr+ apart (one case per charge) to find max charge and the velocity that others are finding good nodes with similar components.   I shoot these into a bank in the back yard with a Magnetospeed attached.  I seat the bullet either jammed 0.010" or jumped 0.015" depending upon what the majority of reports from other shooters suggest.  I just want to find max pressure and sweep through my expected accuracy node velocity.  I trash these case (I could use them as foulers but I hate segregating small numbers of brass). 

Initial seating depth test-

I perform a seating depth test using the charge weight closest to my desired final velocity as determined by the crude charge weight test.  I shoot this test at 100yds and shoot 4-5 cases per depth.  I usually use 0.005"-0.008" increments.  I chose a depth that gives me consistent small round group.

'Finer' charge weight test-

I load .3gr increment charges, 5 rounds per charge, at the best seating depth I found from above and shoot these at 300yds in calm conditions with no to very little mirage (which usually means just at sunrise in south Louisiana unless I can catch a very overcast calm day) and I set out a windflag or two to catch any gusts...for which I hold fire.  I will use a barrel fan between charges and keep the first 6" of barrel within 'comfortable prolong touching' temperature; I don't cool down to ambient temp as that is not how I shoot matches.  I choose the load that hold shoots a nice round group..not too flat/ not too vertically strung.  I also make sure that the groups on either side have their center impacting in the same area as the 'chosen one' and they aren't doing anything stupid. 
In other words I want the adjacent higher/lower charge to shoot almost as good.  I am aiming for .3 MOA so I want groups under an inch...usually I accept a group in the .9xx"'s.

Final seating depth-

I revisit seating depth with 0.003" increments deeper/shallower than my initial depth and look for the smallest group at 300yds in 8 shots.

Final charge weight-

Repeat charge test at 300 yds with .1gr increments, two above and two below initial charge weight, 8 shots each.

This puts about 100-120 rounds through the barrel.  Subsequent barrels need much less development as I can usually jumpt to the last best load and tweak a little from that starting point and do it all at 300yds.

I have found if it shoots .3 MOA at 300yds, it will shoot very close to that at 1000yds...which is all I need for F-class.

General Discussion / Re: NRA.
Last post by HufD63 -
Gun Owners of America have been around for about 40 years.
Founded by an upper NRA official, and a bit more hard core
then the NRA. I've been taking them very seriously for over
30 years.

I had no clue they existed but I'm now a member. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Reloading / Re: New BRA
Last post by HufD63 -
Just got off the phone with Roy Hunter, the maker of the 106's. He says 2930-2940 is where it's at and that would prove out my ladder test last night. He added some guys have found great accuracy as slow as 2890 +/- so I'll have a look down there as well.

In my 2 initial velocity ladders the R's @ 29.8 were 2928 & 2931, the Y's @ 29.9 were 2941 & 2949.

He also said they've been shooting well in that  +.008 range as well as close to either side of touch and as far as -.020 off

Nice to be able to call the guy on the phone who actually made the bullets and have a conversation. Priceless! I should add I enjoy the same service with Tom @ Vapor Trail and should be seeing a pile of his bullets soon.
General Discussion / Re: NRA.
Last post by uncledoggle -
Like 'em or not, the NRA and the GOA are the only thing standing between the gun grabbers and your guns.  If you don't support one, or the other, or preferably both, you are part of the problem.
General Discussion / Re: NRA.
Last post by Longhair -
They have only been lobbying since 1975.
That was when they formed the ILA, which was necessary for them to legally do any lobbying.

A lot of folks wonder what they're paying dues for, when it doesn't seem that the NRA is standing up against all the anti 2A legislation. Those same folks also have no understanding that their dues money doesn't have anything to do with the lobbying process at all. If you don't contribute to the NRA-ILA you're not supporting their lobbying efforts.
General Discussion / Re: NRA.
Last post by lathoto -
All associations are confronted with secrecy, self-dealing, and greed.  The NRA was founded in 1871 to advance marksmanship and teach firearm safety.  They have only been lobbying since 1975.  The current board has 75 members and I'd be curious how much time they spend at the range doing volunteer work.
Reloading / Re: Case Life
Last post by autoxforfun -
+1 for Peterson Brass.  When I need to buy brass, I going with Peterson if available.


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