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Reloading / Re: New to the 6.5
I'll say it again, the 6.5 Creedmoor was designed around H-4350 and a 140 gr …..
Agree, and that's a great way to start. 
I've had a tad better results with H100V on the 140s.
Best results with Varget was for 100 to 130s then 8208 for pills less than 100 gn.
All of this with 22" RAP,  24" SAV 10, and 24" AR10.
Gunsmithing / Re: Replacement Stocks for Ruger American Predator Rifles
Already put this up once & there are more pics on the link below:
B&C fit was perfect and agree with all that goathead said..

see link : RAP s B&C

UPDATE: did a little Dremel work on the mag retention lip and front rounded corners to get the mags to pop out without sticking.
Zero didn't change and did this 200 yard 3 shot group last Wed.

Reloading / Visual on 140 ELD-M sorting
Here's a pic of my simple sorting of 140 ELD-M.. approx. +500 pills. 
My goto pill for range 6.5 cm small groups.
This is a simple visual with no scientific method, and the 140.0 bin has been already been emptied once, so it really should be +200 pills, ie a lot more/higher than 139.9.
I pick a bin to load a series from, to keep the pills within a small weight range.

Reloading / Re: 123gr bullets
6.5 CM 123 ELD-M in 24" AR and 24" SAV 10 do well @ 200 yards, haven't taken them farther yet.
for AR : 3015 fps, Hornady brass, 41.22 gn Varget #34, 2.710" COL ( hot load)
for SAV 10  : 2860 fps, Starline brass, 39.32 gn Varget F210M, 2.710" COL
( reloading cautions apply)