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Reloading / Re: 123gr vs 140 gr
....I see so many people (not necessarily here) seem to be n love with the 140 gr bullets...

Welcome Darrell , I'm also kinda new here.

It could be a simple anomaly  that those reporting a preference just happen to have an unusual distribution of barrels that like the heavier pills, not so much a choice based on characteristic of pill parameters.
My RAP creedmor falls into that category of preferring the heavier pills, its a 1:9  1:8 twist.  (tks CTF)
Ammunition / Re: Hornady ELD-X Factory ammunition - good results
..  Now I just need to get it chrono'd, and I'll be good to go...
Its my factory choice for hunting in a 22" RAP.
Clocked them at 2603 fps while breaking in the RAP, might go a few fps more now.
They were as accurate as  factory ELD-Ms, which are hard to beat with handloads in my RAP.
The 400 yards drop matched by Strelok Pro was 2680 fps, for this same round, fwiw..
AR Variants / Re: ar 15
(for case dents) Put some Velcro on the upper deflector, and if the extractor is digging into the the rim, then the corners of the extractor claw need to be rounded.  Been there, done that.  I now round all extractor claws before they go shooting.. as insurance.
Before both mods above.

Gunsmithing / Re: GETTING STIFFER! ;o) (My RAP plastic stock, that is)
I'm going nuts trying to decide if I want to do the boydes or just keep tweaking the factory stock. ..
For the money involved with switching to the boydes .....
Went through same question, decided to leave the hunting 243 RAP in plastic but put a boyds on the range bound creedmoor RAP.
Bedding the boyds blocks was easy, waiting on the metal trigger guard.
Worth it to me for range work to go the boyds route and still not that expensive.
AR Variants / Re: My first AR/ my 1st post
Quote from: Johnnyblaster
......Never built a gun before so hopefully all goes well ;)
pic worked fine, but be aware building evil black guns is addictive (but so much fun!)
Hunting / Re: Coyote hunting
Been after them off/on for a couple years. 
Off right now, recovering from THR & its going well.
My buddy traps them & has gotten half dozen a year on his hunt club, mid-Georgia.
My local hunting (North-Georgia) is close-in woods type so I use a 300 BO, could use a shotgun but prefer a semi centerfire.
Day hunting is almost useless around here, so am working up to night capability.
Used to Grouse hunt over a bird dog, but numbers are way down & yote hunt'n is my way to get back at em.

and Rooster, lov'n your green AWD ATV !!
AR Variants / Re: My first AR/ my 1st post
Hi Johnny, welcome, I'm new here too. 
Nice 6.5 AR you've got.
My AR10 is 308 plus a 243 upper.
Have several Vortex scopes and like the Crossfire II V-Brite series for hunting yotes in  low light situations.
Like the Vortex Vipers for range work, both these just fit my budget.
General Discussion / Re: Magnetospeed app any users?
Don't use the app, but do download the *.CSV file from the micro-SD card after each trip.
At the range, I paper log a one-liner of : target #, series #, bullet, powder, and AVE FPS for each series.
Then at home, download the file, save as *.xlsx then add a one liner to each series.
In the example below, I've added excel line # 34 and #45 with my paper log data.
Each file is saved with a date name like "2016_11_05.xlsx" .
Been doing this since 2015_08_01 and it has served me well.
Couple times, my buddies borrowed the MS, then I email their portion of the *.CSV file for their spreadsheets.
I like to "BOLD" the AVE and SD so they pop when I'm just scanning old data.

Gunsmithing / Re: PILLAR BEDDING for RAP with Boyd's stock
Not knowing any better, I bedded the boyd's blocks into their stock for my RAP.
Seemed to help.
That worked fine but drew attention to the cheap plastic trigger housing from boyds.
Waiting on a metal Savage replacement, thanks to my local gunsmith and this forum.
My RAP is at the gunsmith, so can't take pictures of the minimal bedding, could do so when it comes back.