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Reloading / Re: 6.5 CM small primer brass
I sent 300 pieces of Peterson brass off that was annealed on an AMP annealer. Couldn’t tell on most that they were annealed - but you can definitely tell when seating. Same batch the second go looked more like typical annealed brass.
Reloading / Re: Alpha and Peterson brass
Found this in my notes: (not my measurements)
Peterson brass
Case Weight: 171.9 gr
Their cases hold 50.4 grains of water.
After wheating measured 51.34 gr water with full meniscus.
Reloading / Re: Base to ogive checking.
I recently switched from a Rockchucker to Dillon 550 so I could more easily monitor seating depth on every round.

It's been working out great - my last 100 round batch all but 5 were all +-.001, and those 5 were re-seated to exactly .000
1st stage is an expander die .001 under bullet diameter, 2nd is for hand charging, 3rd for seating and 4th for measuring.
Reloading / Re: cleaning brass
Plus 1 on the Hornady turning tool.

I had ZERO intention of turning my brass but Peterson necks are pretty dang thick. Bought the tool and turned 300 pieces and am very happy with the result.  For $100 bucks - it’s a great tool.
Reloading / Re: Dillon 550C, UniqueTek Toolhead w/Clamp Kit + Foster Micro Seater = No Fit
Thanks for the detailed response Henry.
For the CM, I’m definitely going to stick with the Autothrow/trickler combo.

After vacuuming countless drops with no case in place or ram up, like shock therapy, the pain is starting to train my muscle memory and I think I’ll learn to only drop when safe.

We’ll see.

Thanks again.
Reloading / Re: Dillon 550C, UniqueTek Toolhead w/Clamp Kit + Foster Micro Seater = No Fit
Thanks Henry, I corrected it, .002.

I’ve read Scott’s paper several times, he makes some great points.

I haven’t measured runout yet, but I think I’ve got it performing at least as well as the Rockchucker. It too would vary +- .001-.002.  You may be right about the shell plate though; that’s why I’ll have an instant indicator at station 4. I’m not going to worry about those that come up short, but if they end up a thousand or two long, I’ll back up and seat it a tad more.

I do think the 550 will speed up my loading process considerably.

Charging , seating & measuring becomes a single step, as does sizing and expanding separately with another tool head.

Now if I could just remember to have the ram up and case in place before I pour the powder, I can eliminate the vacuuming powder step as well.

Reloading / Dillon 550C, UniqueTek Toolhead w/Clamp Kit + Foster Micro Seater = No Fit
Anyone using the above setup?

Moving from RockChucker to Dillon & per Forster (and Redding’s) instructions for their micro seating dies I’m trying to setup the die with the base of the die touching the shell plate. “...Continue screwing the die clockwise until you have fully compressed the sliding Die Chamber. “ The problem is using the lock rings supplied with the UniqueTek head and ram fully up, the the sliding die is exposed about 3/8”. Not enough threads left to screw the die down any further.

I notice the lock rings are “thicker” than Dillon’s, but I need the supplied rings for the pin hole.

I seated about 50 rounds of Berger Hybrids and CBTO varies +- .002 or so, ES .005 at worst. Wondering if not being able to fully seat the die might be part of the problem.

Thanks for any help.

(At least I’m getting better at ensuring the ram is up and a case inserted before I hand pour powder!)

The clamp screws below are not installed.

My planned setup is powder in station 1 ( auto thrower/trickler), powder check in station 2 (Varget in 223 & 4350 in 6.5 CM occasionally bridges & clogs the funnel), seating in station 3 and Redding Instant Indicator in station 4.

Reloading / Re: Load Development - Totaly Lost
IMO, the only way to reliably “distribute the conditions”, fouling, barrel temp, wx changes and shooter fatigue is to shoot round robin.

Sure, I shoot better 5 shot groups in a single sitting, but I’ll never reliably recreate the same conditions in another sitting.
Reloading / Re: Berger 140gr Hybrid
In my rifle the below load is safe and accurate.

I found two accuracy nodes.  41gr and 42.2gr of H4350.

COAL: 2.886
.020 from lands
Hornady brass
Fed210m primer

Rifle is a 24" MPA BA Curtis action and MPA/Spencer barrel.

Just finished load development on a new 26” Mullerworks barrel.
Almost exactly the same two nodes I ended up with.
And interestingly, they are right at 3% difference between nodes, just as expected with OCW workup.

42.1 gets me 2830 with no pressure signs, but I’ll probably use the 41 load when the weather warms up a bit.
Merry Christmas all.
Reloading / Re: First time neck turning.. how's it look
IMO, the far right one is fine, so long as it’s a light kiss.
Touching the shoulder helps avoid future donuts as the cases flow and grow.
(A shallow blade angle makes it tough to trim enough without scraping some off the shoulder)
Reloading / Re: 6.5 CM dies Redding
Ditto what LH said.

I’ve got both and the Forster is much easier to read and adjust to .001 seating depth.

I did have to send the Forster seater back to polish the stem. It would stick to Berger Hybrids and leave a slight ring.

No problem since.