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Reloading / Re: Proper headspace
I use 1 part pure lanolin to 10 parts 99% isopropyl alcohol. I place a 100-200 cases in a coffee can shake the can until the cases orientate themselves mouth up. I give a couple sprays then shake the can a bit more maybe a another spray then give it a while to dry I often will start sizing before they are dry. 
General Discussion / Re: Thinning the Herd
Nice sounds like you did OK on the trade.  I should do something similar I just have great deal of trouble trading/selling any of my guns. I have more than few that haven’t been fired in 10 years.
Hunting / Re: Tree stands
Old pallets screwed together in a U shaped ground blind works well for my kids always a cross slat they can poke  the gun threw for a rested aim. I also have a tree lounge climbing tree stand way to easy to sleep in that thing.
General Discussion / Re: In search of.....
I’ve got a empty 105mm steel case I’ll gladly send you if your interested. I was going to make lamp out of it, that 10years ago its not looking good for me to finish that project. I can spin up a wood projectile on the lathe to fit it if your interested or if there are any machinist on here they may be able to spin you up something out aluminum would be even better.

PM me if you want it.
Reloading / Re: Forster Co Ax in stock at MidwayUSA
I use the Co-ax for large rifle primers and use my RCBS Turret press for small rifle primers it’s tube feed and I can buzz thru 100 .223 quickly with it for more uniform seating I think the Co-ax is better for precision but there is a time factor in the number of 223 that requires a little more expedience in the process.
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Re: Burris PEPR type mount
I have about 10 of permanent mounts and 1 QD never lapped any and have had no issues. Buddy of mine had diffrent brand of rings leupold or LaRue I can’t remember the brand. They where letting the scope slip on a 300 WM he 3M Scotchkoted the rings allowed to dry no more slip I do believe he had previously lapped them but it didn’t help, issue drove him a little crazy
Reloading / Re: Forster Co Ax in stock at MidwayUSA
I’ve had my CO-AX a couple months now resized around 2500 rounds with it in that time I’m very happy with it. I would buy it agian for sure, shell holder swaps are slower but sizing is much faster being able to flip cases out of the way is very quick.
General Discussion / Re: Shooting 10-shot groups
Use steel targets the instant audible feedback builds the muscle memory of what the perfect shot feels like faster than anything else. This is the fastest way to overcome your pre-shot anxiety.
Reloading / Re: small base die
Don’t let these guys give you a hard time I size all my .223 rem .243 win 30-06 and 6.5 creedmoor brass with a 300 Win Mag full length sizing die nobody is going convince me those numbers on the dies have any meanings.

Ok I couldn’t help myself all kidding aside buy the correct die for your caliber.
General Discussion / Re: brownells
Brownells is using some strange shipping methods lately takes longer to get orders at least on small orders. I ordered a $12 part the other day tracking said FedEx but it arrived USPS  with few extra days in transit. Strange