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General Discussion / 6.5-20 vortex viper
Vortex Viper 6.5-20 at optics planet $429 plus another 10% off promo code JANTEN final price $387 + free shipping. I couldn’t help myself and ordered one I can always use a another scope laying around.
General Discussion / New Target camera
Midway had the Bullseye camera on sale the other day  so I ordered one and it came in today. I set it up at my home range this afternoon and tried it out all I can say is so far I'm loving this thing it's functionality is impressive really looking forward to Saturday I'll be taking it to the 1000yd range and trying it out. Last Saturday I had my oldest boy and one of his minions with and we shot AR's at 600yds which is still plenty close enough to clearly sees hits on painted steal after a bit of that I broke out my 6.5 and hammered at the 1000 yd target first shot rang steal but couldn't see it second shot 6" above bullseye  third shot 6" below bullseye fourth and fifth shots couldn't be seen but rang steel. It gets frustrating when you can't see the hits to make corrections. Anyone else using this camera system that may have any pointers on its use?
General Discussion / Done with shooting as a hobby
I was at the range on Saturday shooting at 1000yds with my AR-6.5 and wasn't really doing great ok but not great and ran out of ammo for it. I grabbed my long range AR-15 and dialed in the dope for 1000yds and hit the 12"x20" IDPA target first round. I just don't think I can improve anymore I'm done with shooting calling it quits while I'm ahead, time for a new hobby. LOL
General Discussion / Sierra Bullets bought out
Just stopped by Sierra's manufacturing plant and took the tour. The tour guide said they where purchased today. I think he said the Safariland Group of companies but it was loud with the machines running I may have misheard that.
General Discussion / No zero stop
  I was out shooting my AR-6.5 yesterday and forgot to zero my turret the last time I had been out shooting. I don't have a zero stop on this scope so I was all sorts of out wack took me more than a few shots to figure out where zero was again  >:(  >:(  >:(  >:(  I am using a 6-18 leupold Mark AR. I can't figure out on this cheap scope how to shim it for a poor man's zero stop anybody have any idea's. The external nobs don't raise up or down like a lot of scopes do. I'm starting to think there is no way to do it on this scope. I found a little tit that sticks up on the main housing and looking at some of Luepolds custom nobs they have a little bearing that stops against that tit but this restricts the turret to one revaluation only, which is useless to me I'm dialing 9 mils.
Reloading / New 147 ELD load data from Hornady
I have the new load data from Hornady for the 147's on my IPad can't figure out how to upload it to the forum any IPad  users have any tips?
General Discussion / Fast Horse
I went out to the farm tonight set up to shoot and took a shot at 980 yards and hit the 4'x4' target it rang nicely. I was fooling around setting up my crap spotting scope trying to figure out where I hit. I thought I could see the hit so I got back down behind the rifle and I saw something moving around down by the target. I got a better look and there was an Amish kid on horseback riding up to my target he took one look at that target and you would of thought that horse had wings after that he left at great rate of speed. There is a pond on that 160 acres about 300 yards from my target that has fish in it. I suspect he was down there doing a little fishing on the  neighbors property and herd the hit on the target and had no idea what it was and went to investigate the sound. I'm sure he heard the shot but I was over a half mile from the target and him and didn't put two and two together until he saw that target. I bet he has quite a story to tell tonight.
Reloading / My new Magneto Speed sporter arrived
I got my new Magneto Speed Sporter today in the mail. I had to put it to the test right away so I set up the sand bags and started shooting. I like it very well my buddy has the V2 and its is a bit nicer to use the display but I really have no issue with the sporter model you have a single button so you have to step thru the menu but it's not to bad. ( I program PLC's a ton at work so I maybe a bit more fluent at this than some) The barrel clamp does seem to work better on my newer model  than my buddy's he has to retighten it after every second shot typically. I went 30 or more shots and had no issues with it coming loose. I'm so far very happy and really looking forward to not having to beg and barrow my buddy's. A lot of our shooting is out at the 1000 yard mark knowing your velocity's and SD's is really a must know.
Reloading / Loading by volume not weight

I normally load using volume not weight with my Redding powder drop. I verify my throws on my scale when first trying a new powder but after that I just use volume for load development and record my loads tried as Redding dial indicator setting. I have noticed that quite often the same volume setting with same weight bullets and often even diffrent powders will give me my lowest SD numbers. Let's say with 140gr amax bullets I get my lowest SD numbers at Redding setting 36 with RL17. I then load 139 Scenars with Superformance and my lowest SD again are at 36 on the Redding. Anybody else run into this  phenomenom  or am I crazy.