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Welcome to this community for the 6.5 Creedmoor metallic cartridge enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Reloading / Re: 120 Bullets to pull.
Last post by mnbogboy -
Thats actually what i was going to try first. I have the RCBS collet puller so i have just going to try a light tap and then reseat to the correct depth
Double check the concentricity, the impact combined with brass hardness & neck tension may change something.  If your collet puller will pull them without "marking" them it might be better. 
If you have to pull them all down with the impact stuff a couple of patches in the bottom to protect the tips.
After pulling the neck tension always seems lighter so I resize for my own peace of mind.
Anyway good luck on the competition.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Daniel Defense switch hitter
Last post by ohiococonut -
Ar market is saturated and depressed. Even the high end market is getting there.

The progression of a good business is to grow and expand.  The more you push your comfort zone the better you will be.

DD is not the only ar makers that is producing bolt guns now.

I would tend to agree but they need to keep the quality they are known for and be able to meet the demand. Too often they test the market with a watered down beta version which leads to disappointment. Don't wait for the consumer to tell you want they want, you should already know BEFORE you begin production unless it's something very different and unique. Otherwise, it's just another rifle. Consumers are very finicky and it only takes one displeased customer to start the downward spiral. The name alone does not imply success in todays saturated market, especially firearms.

"If" it's as well made and shoots as good or better than my DD5, it could be a winner.
General Discussion / Re: Weather
Last post by mnbogboy -
Dog liked his mobility on the crust this morning!
Supposed to hit 50 today.  We have lost nearly half our snow already with only 13 inches left on the flat in the sun.  Our deer up here are really hurting now and need a quick reprieve.
Reloading / Re: The Perfect Powder Charge !!
Last post by ohiococonut -
Just so I get this right, are you sorting each kernel by length, diameter or weight? I wonder if I should check the diameter of all my ball powder???? And all of my flake powder, OMG!!! I'm gonna be busy!

Just poking fun. I understand Fuj's point which is why I don't get upset when I open a box of cereal or tear open a bag of chips and only see 10. Perhaps the old Lee measuring cups weren't so crude after all?

Perfection is the goal, but perfect we aren't. One pulled shot and we blame it on ourselves but was it really us. who knows? I don't lose sleep over it, I just try again.
Reloading / Re: 120 Bullets to pull.
Last post by thatmarine -
Thats actually what i was going to try first. I have the RCBS collet puller so i have just going to try a light tap and then reseat to the correct depth
Reloading / Re: 120 Bullets to pull.
Last post by WBLDon -
Why not just use a the impact type bullet puller and light tap it which will move the bullets forward slightly in the brass then run thru the seater again after setting it to the proper length?  This way you are not remove the bullet from the neck just sliding it forward a few thousands...  WBLDon
Hunting / Re: Quadcolor Coyote
Last post by Fuj -
Here ya' go fellas !! Pa. Game Commission says the Coy Wolf
can get to be 30 to 50 lbs heavier then the typical Eastern
Reloading / 120 Bullets to pull.
Last post by thatmarine -
So i was super excited to be back reloading last night and had multiple process going at once. I measured and remeasured. Everything checked good so i happily cranked out 150 precision rounds for my upcoming competition. This morning i finished cleaning the wax off the rounds and started sorting my rounds picking the most consistent for my upcoming competition.

Only then did i realize that i had paid close attention to the hundredths  and thousandths digest and totally forgot the tenths.

All my bullets were off by .2 inches due to a batch inconsistency from my previous reloading session.

So the question: Do I have to resize all the brass after i pull the bullets for neck sizing or can i just pull and reseat?

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