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Welcome to this community for the 6.5 Creedmoor metallic cartridge enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Gunsmithing / Re: Prefit Barrel Question
Last post by HufD63 -
I'm not necessarily throwing that gunsmith under the bus. He set it all up then disassembled it for return shipping, it was an AI type chamber where the go gage supposedly becomes the no go gage but even with his roll mark where it should be it would have had to be 3/4 turn looser to be clocked up leaving the roll mark upside down and way too much headspace. I'll just say something didn't work out as planned.
Gunsmithing / Re: Prefit Barrel Question
Last post by HufD63 -
The only advantage would be so the muzzle can be indexed in the 12 O'clock or up position. With that being said I've bought several off the shelf Shilens & Criterions from NSS and never had an issue. The one barrel I sent in the action to have it indexed ended up shooting left and I had to use Burris rings with inserts to get the scope aligned with the bore.

I'm having a 300 PRC barrel gunsmith fitted with a shoulder instead of the nut so obviously he'll need my action.

I wouldn't  worry about sending the action in all my maiI order barrels were fine.
General Discussion / Re: USPS REALLY SUCKS!
Last post by HufD63 -
I get along fine with them as long as I use my PO Box but lately I've bought a few items on eBay that won't ship to a PO Box so I ship them to my shop thinking it's UPS but no they ship it USPS anyway and they won't deliver to my shop and the stuff sits in a different PO than the one I have a box in and goes unnoticed until I remember it and get to the other PO.

Then if I order something from someone that won't ship anywhere but the billing address it winds up in my home PO in SD. It's a total run around cluster [email protected]#$ figuring out where it went sometimes.
Gunsmithing / Prefit Barrel Question
Last post by LC 6.5 Shooter -
Is there any advantage of a gunsmith having your action in hand to cut a barrel vs installing a good quality prefit from PVA if I have the tools to do so?
Reloading / Re: Base to ogive checking.
Last post by HufD63 -
@ gman47564

If all your bullets measure the same you need a new caliper or you're doing it wrong Grant or you hit the bullet lottery and picked the magic box off the shelf.

Sitting in Helena MT will pick up my rifle in the morning. 3-4" of snow last night in ND and it looked like fresh snow all the way out here. South of Great Falls it started snowing again and required your full attention until a few miles north of Helena.
General Discussion / Re: USPS REALLY SUCKS!
Last post by Learning One -
I used to have good luck with USPS and with 1st. class mail it still has been ok. Priority mail is where I've actually had the problems. It goes to the place in NH. that handles the priority mail and it ends up sitting there for quite awhile.
AR Variants / Re: New Rifle Issues
Last post by Popeye212 -
I have seen that some have an O-ring under the extractor and some have removed the O-ring and solved extraction problems.  Not saying that's it just what I have read.  Haven't had that problem yet.
AR Variants / Re: New Rifle Issues
Last post by klw11 -
I was looking into the JP an Fulton armory bolts you mentioned. So will definitely have one of those on order soon and see if that is the issue. Thanks for you help!
AR Variants / Re: New Rifle Issues
Last post by Rob78 -
We can rule out the buffer then.

Now it's a bolt issue.  It's either the ejector plunger or the extractor claw.
General Discussion / Re: USPS REALLY SUCKS!
Last post by Ranger 188 -
Luckily, I was on my last route for 15 years. All the dogs loved me
and not the USPS or Fed-ex driver.  They would jump into my truck
and beg for a treat.  All my customers trusted me. (country route)
They would leave a door open and want me to close and lock it
or gave me a code to open the garage door. 
I got real good at judging dogs behavior. (34 years)
USPS, still sucks the big one.. >:(

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