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Welcome to this community for the 6.5 Creedmoor metallic cartridge enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Reloading / Re: Which Powder
Last post by lg65cmsd -
I owe you one Dutchman:  My best load so have has been 44 gns of Superformance under Hornady's 140 HPBT.  I've a box of the ELD-M (140s) that I will try this charge with.  Both within Hornady's tables.  I also have some newly first time acquired H4350.  I've read where 41.7 gns of that in our circumstances is a good load but have not tried it  yet.   I think 41.5 gns is the max on Hornady's data. 

We both shoot the RPR.  Mine loves 140-ish grain bullets.  And shoots them all very well within a MV range of above 2650-to low to mid 2700s.  So far I've loaded at 2.80 and 2.81 COAL.  'Very well' means just above half inch MOA or less. 

Anyway, my reco would be the SP.  Good luck, lg
Reloading / Re: RE-17 and Hodgdon Superformance and the Nosler 140 RDF
Last post by lg65cmsd -
I recently purchased some Lapua brass from Midway when it was on sale. With my same loads above I shot my lowest E.S 10 and my lowest StDev: 5. I was using Fed. AR Match primers. Avg. velocity is 2677 with 42.6 @ 2.2630. About 50 ft per second slower with the same powder charge as the Starline brass. That might be because of the case capacity being smaller than the Lapua.

I just got some H4350 (my 3rd powder choice in my scheme of things).  I'll (obviously) keep track of this thread, so when I finish working out the loads using Superformance and RL-17;  I'll have your info.  I got a lot of help here.  (Y)  lg
Reloading / Re: Tuning the 6 BRA at 600
Last post by mnbogboy -
I'm with dadajack on this one 30.5 fits in there real good too!
Catching up;  Turning the outside neck seemed to have eliminated "donut" material but in my experience this brass always built up inside.  Having a half of dozen or so AIs I found that adding a small amount of relief to the die at the neck shoulder junction kept the die from squeezing in the extra brass.  While still allowing the case to chamber.  Obviously in my case the die originally had a "sharper" neck/shoulder cut than the chamber.  The slight radius that was added solved most of my donut problem.
While not disagreeing with your solution, it would be nice to know how much profile difference there is between your chamber and die.
Any way it (and you) certainly are shooting great.
One more thing...Are you on mountain time?
My eyes & optics aren't good enough to see 602 yards at 10:00 pm here in MN even on the longest day of the year. LOL
Gunsmithing / Re: my first real build
Last post by chazwood -
If you're looking at a new scope for this one Grant I'd take a look at the new Leupold VX-3I 6.5*20*50, they are supposed to have the same glass as the VX5-HD line. I looked through one of these a couple of weeks ago the glass was quite surprising.
General Discussion / Re: Remington 700 SPS
Last post by hotshotr2 -
I have shot many SPS's and the stocks are fine- As with most "Factory Rifles" you can always upgrade and make them better.. I have put many H.S. Precision stocks on rifles and made them shoot quite a bit better groups.

I have also replaces about every rifle I have with Timney Triggers and as you know that will make quite a bit of difference..

So I wouldn't hesitate to get one, like every rifle they all take time to build loads for them but once you do most can be made to shoot just fine!!
Reloading / Re: Tuning the 6 BRA at 600
Last post by dadajack -
Are you racist against odd numbers English? Try 30.3 in the next batch, and hold your mouth right... and stop breathin funny. Sheesh, all the time I spent teaching you to shoot, and you STILL shoot better than me. I give up.
Gunsmithing / Re: my first real build
Last post by dadajack -
Fred's fluted bolt bodies are awesome. I might PM you with a guys info for some killer bolt bodies, but I don't know if I wanna give him the business. He screwed me over by not following shipping instructions. The handles are awesome though, at least, the pictures of them are.
Competition / Re: My first rifle competition at a PRS-type club match.
Last post by autoxforfun -
I attended a PRS clinic this past weekend.  This was my first real attempt at shooting from inprovised positions.  I had a great time and did well enough that I want to continue to develop my skills.  I definitely want to acknowledge Rob01 and others on this forum that compete in these events....this is not easy and to do well requires bringing together a number of skills.

A couple of observations:
1) Getting a stable shooting position is almost least it seemed that way for me.  There were a few times when we shot prone and that was great.  But most of the time I was on a barrel, a tire, a wire spool, a fence, a ?? and each one required finding a means to be as stable as you could get.
2) Being 'on the clock' sure messes with you head.
3) Planning your course of fire...which bags to carry and how to use them.  The instructors provided a number of bags, but the 'Game Changer' bag was the one that we all used.  Rob01 suggested this one as well and there was a lot of support for that recommendation from the instructors.
4) Quick target acquistion...easy to lose time finding the target as you moved between positions or targets.  Being able to quickly plan and adjust the magnification was important.

The Savage 243 Win that I used worked great.  It was a good match for this type of event. After some early struggles, I settled on the DTAC 115g bullet and a very consistent load running around 2980fps.  The bipod (Atlas) had a quick disconnect which made it easy to configure depending on what I was shooting from.  I borrowed a friend's March FFP scope (nice to have great friends).  I tried dialing as well as hold-over for different shots to start getting a feel for when each would make sense to use.  There were some shots at 550yrds where the target was small....there dialing the elevation and holding for wind worked the best.

Thought I would share my experience.....definitely recommend giving it a try.
General Discussion / Re: Remington 700 SPS
Last post by estacado -
Have experience with two of them, both with the 24" Sporter weight barrel. It is 1:8 twist by the way. Mine was purchased while looking for a Kimber in the 6.5 Creedmoor. The LGS guy brought out the SPS, as soon as I held it, the deal was done. I handled an American Wilderness Rifle with the Grayboe stock at the same time. Liked the feel of that one. On the way home stopped  by another shop and bought a Calvin Elite to replace the Rem Trigger. Got home and installed that. Range day consisted of shooting loads I worked up for my other M700 with a Bartlein Barrel. Sight in went well with 130 VLD, 107 TMK and 125 Nosler Partitions. The Stock was not to my liking so, I ordered a Brown Grayboe Outlander from Red Hawk. Dropped that in and went out again and now we were in business. Two deer with the 107 TMK, and a Bobcat with the Nosler so far. It prints all three weights at POI in a .7 MOA group at 100. The 130 VLDs have shot .4 MOA groups back to back at a 100. It weighs 8.5 full up. My bud liked it so much he bought one for himself. Everything stock with a Vortex 4X12 first group with Hornady Whitetail 129 Interlock bullets had three shots in a sub .5 MOA group. He shot my three loads and one Whitetail round in a group, all same POI and Inside 1 MOA. Small sample, but none other can be found on the web with this M700 model and barrel configuration.

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