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Welcome to this community for the 6.5 Creedmoor metallic cartridge enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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General Discussion / Re: ELD-M vs ELD-X
Last post by icebug -
What will happen with the ELD-M at short and at long ranges?
Where is the significant difference in the bullet construction between X and M which also causes the M to have better ballistic coefficient?
Reloading / Re: interesting
Last post by gman47564 -
that makes sense windsage … I always thought once you had a good load worked up as long as you used the same bullet and matched the speed you had you could change components and still get the same results.... but I guess that's not the case … ( no pun intended) lol
Reloading / Re: interesting
Last post by Windsage -
A larger case has more space to fill up and become pressurized.  Gas at 60,000 psi is super compressed.  The slightly smaller case should give you equal pressure at lower powder volume just because it takes less gas to fill it up.  This also means you will get less total gas.  The total gas is important because as the bullet travels the pressure drops and the larger powder charge will fill it up longer.  This is why you use 28gr of fast powder in a 6.5 Grendel, but 40gr of medium burn powder in a 6.5 CM.  If you made a 6.5 magnum with 65gr, you would use an even slower powder.  The larger case volume also makes better use of a longer barrel.  This vastly simplifies it, and two 6.5 CM cases is not that much different, but Hornady cases are about as larger in volume as you can get and Alpha are the smallest due to the difference in wall thickness of the two. 

Alpha cases are also extremely close tolerance, so you might give up the 40 fps in return for tighter groups and about 100 rounds of extra barrel life.

You could get someone here to use the case capacities to estimate this is QL to see if it is within the expected range.
Reloading / Re: Case shoulder width problems after resizing
Last post by rardoin -
Hmmmm.....spec on the shoulder diameter is .4620".  What does the shoulder measure on fired brass prior to sizing?  It would appear that the die may be incorrect; my 6.5 x55 BJAI is .4710" at the shoulder.  The brass at the shoulder would only 'mushroom' out if it had space diametrically....which it would not if the die was correct.  When you 'push the shoulder back' excessively the case shoulder does not actually move backward; that would require compression of the brass (which cannot happen) or an accordioning of the case wall behind the shoulder (which would be quite apparent to the naked eye).  When setting the shoulder back you are actually squeezing part of the wall into the shoulder area...and part of the shoulder area up into the neck as you screw the die further down toward the shell holder deck.

If your fired cases are somewhere near .462" and widen after sizing then the die is most likely marked or made incorrectly.
General Discussion / Re: ELD-M vs ELD-X
Last post by Rob01 -
With the way the ELD-X is built as a long range hunting bullet it can do that at short ranges but will hold together better at longer ranges.
General Discussion / Re: ELD-M vs ELD-X
Last post by coop2564 -
I shot pronghorn 2 weeks ago with the X it dropped him in tracks, but bullet came apart. Found part of jacket in opposite hide, no idea where lead and rest of jacket went. Quartering to me slightly went in right behind shoulder. The opposite ham was a little blood shot so believe something went in it but didn't find anything. Nothing exited.  Muzzle speed 2848 RL26. Shot 177yds.
Reloading / Re: Case shoulder width problems after resizing
Last post by bikemutt -
That's most like the cause. I had a defective 6.5 Grendel FL die that did the same thing, no amount of adjusting would prevent it. That said, have you double-checked the die is setup properly in the press? What sort of lubrication are you using? When I was using Lee lube I got way too much on the cases which ended up as a real mess in the die, that too caused shoulder problems for me.
Reloading / Case shoulder width problems after resizing
Last post by CD3 -
I'm having an issue with my shoulder width after resizing my cases. it's ranging from .466 to .471... Full length re-size, am I pushing the shoulder back to far and crushing them ?  brass is once fired Hornady. I'm using Hornady dies if that's helps..
Wildcats / Re: Hornady's 300 PRC
Last post by Ranger 188 -
Sorry, I saw this late last night.
I thought it was a larger case, but looking today, it's just the same
6.5 PRC case necked up to 30 cal.
Never mind.  :o 

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