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Welcome to this community for the 6.5 Creedmoor metallic cartridge enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

Recent Posts
Ammunition / Re: Factory Load Comparison
Last post by Windsage -
Oh BTW, if you are getting into handloading for  the  6.5 CM, look at RL16 powder, great speed and  accuracy with 140 ELDM, 143 ELDX, or Berger 140 VLD Hunter!  I shoot a Savage 10 FCP 6.5 and get MOA out to 1000 with the 140 & 143's.

RL 16 is the first powder I started with.  It worked well with the 147 ELD-M's.  The Sierra 142's had great SD's but the groups were about 1 moa.  The big surprise was the plain Hornady 140 HPBT's  I had a flat spot in the velocities from 40.3 to 40.7 gn where the velocities changed less than 20 fps.  Interestingly it was at about 2710 fps, which is almost exactly the velocity of the factory loads.  I'm going to mess with this some more this weekend, and then I'm going to try the heavier bullets with some RL19.
General Discussion / Re: Newbie here with question about PSA AR-10 Lower *Should I buy it?*
Last post by flyer -
A lot of people build with Aero Precision.

They aren't perfect, mine came with an undersized Picatinny rail on the upper.  I haven't heard of other people with the same problem but they never returned my email asking for an exchange.

I wound up modifying my PRI rail riser to clamp the narrow rail (it clamped just fine on all my other flat tops).

Beside that, Aero does the job and the price is reasonable, especially when you wait for a sale.  I bought a Black Friday upper/lower/LPK special.

The fact that they sell lots of parts and build kits means that there are lots of people who have built them.  You tend to hear about incompatibility when people are actually mixing them up and I haven't heard much bad.  That's why I recommend them even though they haven't been perfect for me.

If you look for dirt on other brands, you will usually find more.
General Discussion / Rem 700 ADL TACTICAL 6.5 CM, N Black X1000.
Last post by Rip6.5 -
Purchased my first long range rifle and scope, I'm looking to start shooting here in the spring, I have always been interested in long range, but now I have the option to pursue it. I picked up the Rem 700, Black X1000 tops the rifle, slapped a Little Bastard on the muzzle and propped her up with a Caldwell 9-13 legs. I figured this would be a good start.
Reloading / Re: WTF??? Pressure signs for first shot from new rifle.
Last post by mnbogboy -
I use an old aluminum rod section with a loop jag screwed in and a large chunk of micro-fiber cloth. You'll have to experiment with cutting the rag at first to get a good fit... A little brake cleaner and swab away!

Lots of good advice on this post.   I agree that that "wet" chamber was probably the culprit.   Once shooting in the rain I had alarming pressure signs and totally screwed up my development at the time.  I think I settled for a lower node for about a year.  I read about it on another forum.  Sure goofed that one and learn, they say. 
Had it happen with film from case lube too!  Now I wash my cases with rubbing alcohol after sizing.
I would pull the bore guide and use a short section and loop jag like Tim mentioned.  Any solvent like brake cleaner that drys fast should work.
Gunsmithing / Re: Savage build
Last post by 6.5savageguy -
Put the target spring in the Accutrigger, it's an easy DIY that will get a lighter trigger pull. Can get it from NSS
Gunsmithing / Re: Savage build
Last post by 6.5savageguy -
Thx Dave. One a lenght note. Ive been happy with the Bergara 24 inch and have now whacked steel out to 1200. Is there an advantage to the 26 inch or longer. Ill look at the Choate also.

Maybe 30-60 fps maybe not. Opinions vary then some will say shorter barrel less whip and easier to tune. If I wasn't planning on lugging it around I'd go 26 or even 28.
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