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Reloading / Re: Hornady Match Grade Dies
Just to dot the i, cross the t, so to speak, I swear by the Forstner micrometer seating die aforementiond.

That said, a person should prove to themselves that it works as you believe it should. I've worn out more batteries in my digital caliper double-checking my seating die than I care to admit. I've learned certain very subtle cues where I apply just a smidgen of inter-hash Kentucky windage. I always smile when said windage is right-on, and of course, there's the scowl when I got fooled by own cleverness  >:( 

We're in 1/1000th territory here so me sneaking up on a precision seating die should be taken for what it's worth :)
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
I think there is a special teflon tape for use with gas, it is colored different.

Not be used with compression fittings.
AR Variants / AR10 build, what barrel?
I decided to build an AR10 6.5 Creedmoor rifle before the new WA law kicks in, come July every semi-auto rifle will then be an "assault rifle", even a Ruger 10/22  :o

I bought a stripped Aero Precision M5 matched lower and upper set, going to take my time building it.

Wondering what barrels you all would recommend? I don't hunt big game so this is for range use. Weight won't be a factor and for now, I have nowhere to shoot past 300 yards or so. I could look at 6mm Creedmoor too but that's another set of dies etc, not sure if that's a good idea.

I don't know why but those darn Proof barrels look cool as all get out.


Reloading / Re: Sonic Cleaner
I tried that One-Shot stuff a few times.  Kept on getting stuck cases.  I have now been using Imperial sizing wax exclusively.  A little more work but I think I get a more consistent coverage.

I've never had an issue with One Shot but I body size, shoulder bump only with a Redding die.. One thing that I've found important is to vigorously shake the can, let the lube dry a bit, and squirt a smidgen into the die before I start.

Good that you found something which works great for you :)
Reloading / Re: Sonic Cleaner
That's pretty neat Fliers.

I don't know if noise is a factor for you, it is for me. I run my Frankford Arsenal tumbler in the garage, I can hear it if I walk by the garage door, otherwise not. I just wonder how loud an open tumbler might be. I guess a person could put a lid on it though.
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
Everything I've read says a regulator is required with a 20 lb propane tank. The pressure inside the tank may be 100 to 200 psi or more depending on ambient temperature. The basic regulator you see on barbeque grills and the like may drop that to around 0.5 psi.

That said, looking at something like a weed burner torch, you don't see a regulator like you see on grill.

I have a feeling there is something in the fitting which allows gas to flow from the tank, if you turn on the gas with nothing connected no gas will flow.
Reloading / Re: Sonic Cleaner
I do run a nylon brush in/out, in/out using the FA rotary prep tool, mostly to make sure no debris is stuck in the necks, especially if I trim and chamfer.

For lube, I place 10 in a 30 cal plastic loading block, then invert a 20 cal loading block over the necks. I spray the bodies with Hornady One Shot from both sides. The upside down loading block keeps lube off the necks and prevents it from getting inside the necks. Once a piece is body sized I wipe with an alcohol rag and call it good.
Reloading / Re: Prepping new Alpha Brass
With LRP Alpha I found the level of effort to stroke a Lee collet die was remarkable. I am using a very short lever though, probably wouldn't notice it as much with the OEM lever.

Measurements indicate I'm expanding the neck O.D.  0.001 virgin to NS.

That said, the stuff sure shoots good :)