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Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Best "semi-custom" factory rifle?
^ The wait issue is the Nucleus receiver that is the foundation of the barreled action. The lead time for them is unfortunately not controled by PVA, the other components e.g. pipes, stocks, triggers, etc. are np. This is the worst part of the gunsmith game and what many fail to realize. They are at the mercy of the manufactures and the associated issues that come along on their ends, like  coaters or the manufactures that make say the bolt heads... one broken gear and the machine breaks down. Sucks but it’s the reality that you accept or not.
 ....But they are a lot of rifle for the money and if you have some time and patience are a really good choice as a semi custom.
I also know that some guys are bailing because of the wait, and receivers are making there way to the shop, so you may get lucky if you call and can strike while the iron is hot. Ask for Jeremy 😉
Reloading / Re: Prepping new Alpha Brass
Start low. The volume is on the low side for 6.5cm case. Necks are tight. Plan on working up load after fireforming.
Reloading / Re: Forster Bump neck sizing Dies
Don’t think you can go wrong w either make. They both serve me well. To echo Ranger 188 only drawback w Forster is you need to use their bushings. Where the Redding can be used in Whidden dies as well.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Is there a Tikka T3x stainless heavy barrel 6.5 available?
I have looked everywhere and cannot find a factory HB 6.5 stainless.

I have a Stainless laminate with the sporter contour and the groups open up when I shoot more than 3rds in short order. I want to use this rifle for hunting, but I would like to buy another that I can shoot at steel without having to wait until the barrel cools back down.


Patriot Valley offers Tikka prefits in different contours to fit your needs. Their chamber work is top shelf. The prefit machining is performed on new CNC equipment that produces incredible tolerances. Once screwed into an action Josh’s pipes really perform w total confidence.
Here’s a link
Reloading / Re: FX-120i reloading scale jig
Unless there are better material that can be used other than what adam uses, billet aluminium js far superior.  Everything is quieter and sturdier and because of it my guess is that the scale will be better off.
I don’t believe anyone is arguing that billet aluminum is inferior to the plastic resins utilized in 3D printing. They are simply a less expensive option is all. Now considering the OP has offered the file at the generous price of “free” to someone with or having access to an actual 3D printer-it’s a rather nice upgrade.
Reloading / Re: FX-120i reloading scale jig
Plain and simple,

The billet is better.  Everything 419 offers as an up grade is better.  In fact, I wish Adam offered the auto throw with all the up grades right out of the box.
When purchasing the AD FX120i from Cambridge Environmental you can now buy it as a package deal outfitted w all the billet bling, lexan, etc..

I for one am very intrigued by the 3D printing, the future is here..

OP very cool, and we appreciate the offer!
Mighty neighborly of you 👍🏻
Reloading / Re: Alpha Munitions Brass
I usually have no problem avoiding your Jedi mind tricks, but
the Alpha brass did trip me up. I've been stock piling the shelves
with goodies for the 150 SMK endeaver. I do have over 400 sorted
and prepped Hornady cases for this project. About the only reason
not to have pulled the trigger on the Alpha is, case capacity. But I
still want that hat.....LOL

Resistance is futile.
Alpha will be turning out 6br soon=BOOM!
Gunsmithing / Re: New 6 BRA comp gun.
Sorry I don't have it yet but my smith texted me a few days ago to let me know he was starting on the next world record 6 BRA!

Mine 😁 so we've been waiting for the action from Borden. Borden  recently made refinements to the bolt shroud and cocking ramp on the Rimrock action and mine is supposed to be the first one shipped with the new improvements. Pretty cool!

I sent 300 pieces of brass to DJ's Brass Service about the middle of December for hydraforming from 6BR to 6 BRA and had it back by Christmas and never opened the box until this morning. That's how confident I am in his work.

Opened it up this morning to weight sort it and was not disappointed. I know the common consensus is case weight sorting is not very useful and case capacity is where it's at. This brass needs bumped back and fired at least once plus neck turned for the .268" neck before I'm going to worry about case capacity but I did want to cull any outliers before I started improving it.

300 pieces ranged from 127.0 to 129.0 grains.

With 5 pieces off each end or 10 total the spread falls to 1.5 grains.

With 11 pieces of the light end and 9 off the big end or 20  total the spread falls to 1.3

60 out of 300 would make the whole batch within 1 grain.

I plan on sorting them into 5 groups of 50 and a light & heavy group of 25 each and use them all. Nothing  on the two small lots will be over .5 variance and everything else will be tighter yet.

Don’t cull any, just use a file on outside of cases to remove material so they’re all the same weight! 1.5” groups at 1200 yds all day 😬

I couldn’t resist guys 😂
General Discussion / Re: Lever action Creed
Let us know how she shoots.  Have a weakness for lever guns and Remington 760/7600's.  The guns I started with as a young deer hunter.  Occasionally carry a Marlin 336C my Mom bought me for Christmas in 1969.  Bought my brother and I each one for $74 each and a Lee hand press to go with them.  Shot/plinked with them like most people do with their .22's.  We got pretty handy at running, off-hand and "jump" shots on deer.  Now we are old and sedate and want the animal stationary before we launch 6.5 CM hot copper and lead in their direction.  BTW, just checked Grab a Gun.  One left in stock.  Phew! Will resist the urge until the fever breaks.
I still have a Marlin 336 in .35Rem and it’s the only rifle in my arsenal without glass. Heck of a brush gun in the thick mountain laurel where I hunted for many years. Dropped em where they stood 😉
General Discussion / Re: Warm enough
Cool enjoying the sport w your kids...
Until they start w the questions on “when are we leaving??”.....🙄lol

I’d lose the tape on the barrel. Harmonics.