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Hunting / Re: Buck down
Cool! Nice buck.

Dave how come your son is better lookin than you?
General Discussion / Re: Case Trimmer
I’m in the same boat with the Wilson. It’s just simply the best. I still use it for my bench rest rounds. I worry over them like a first litter bitch and prefer to do the campher and debur by hand. The Giraurd gets its work out on the rest of my cases which get used on steel.
I’ve never used a Redding or a Forster 3 way. I have kind of a nostalgic attachment to the Redding products. They have always been top of the line. But I sure do like the way the Forster operates in that video. It also sounds like the Forster cutting head is adjustable and that would be important to me.
General Discussion / Re: Optimize Neck Length
Fuj I’m not a wildcatter so take these thoughts as musings from a senile old fart. I do think the one caliber plus or minus 10% is a good rule of thumb. It seems to me though the purpose of the rifle, bullet used and the throat length of the chamber should be considered factors. A hunting or tactical rifle has to have enough neck to bullet bearing surface to ensure solid neck tension. Some bullets like to jump so for them throat length may be more important than the amount of bearing surface contacting the neck. If the throat is long to the bullet, a longer neck might be advantageous. But a neck longer then the seating depth of the bullet bearing surface will be of no additional advantage if the throat length is correct.
There was an article on AS a while back that talked about a very accurate load with essentially no neck tension - Bullets were seated with finger pressure!!!!  Wildcating is another name for experimenting right 👍
Hunting / Re: Buck down
Bet when you get your first taste of that back strap you’ll decide it was with the effort.
General Discussion / Re: cleaning wooden rifle stock
If you have debris in checkering etc. Murphy’s Oil soap in a light solution works well. Very gentle and liquifies old oils. Will not damage the wood or finish.