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Reloading / Re: New BRA
Don’t think I would want to do a 1000 yds with that 5 hp blower! 😄
Reloading / Re: New BRA
Hope that ground can dry a bit before it stops freezing at night.
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Re: Athlon they enforce all their laws or are they politically selective like here in the states (gun laws enforced but some laws are not).

I also have an Athlon (Argos 4-20x50) like gman's...again a cheaper model...who knows what & where each import model originates. They may all be built at different plants.
Glass is ok on mine but internals suck.  My vertical is several degrees off plumb to track.  Their customer service did respond promptly however and my plan is to send it back.  Will know how good they are then. And clicks are still soft after cleaning grease(gunk).

If they don’t treat you right let me know. I have a link to the owner. Warranty and customer service is high on their priority list.
Reloading / Re: Loads for a new Shilen Barrel
Thanks for the feedback.  Yes, it's a 6.5CM.  I actually spent the last year and half developing various loads for my RPR with the stock barrel, and also for the suppressor.  No stranger to load development, but didn't want to start from scratch if someone has had experience with that barrel and can share some data. 
It sucks when you find out you have been fighting a defective barrel. Maybe the silver lining though is you end up with a lot of reloading experience going thru the multiple testing iterations. I didn’t realize you had been down that road Hobbsta. If your Shilen is a 26” 5R barrel you should have a node in the low 2700s and another in the low 2800s. Interestingly some guys also find a very good node at about 2775 with a 26”. Depending on your barrel and burn rate of the particular lot of H4350 you are using, 41.3-41.8 should get you in the lower node and 42.1-42.5 should get you in the upper 2800 range. As you know, these charge weights will be significantly lower if you use small capacity cases like Alphas or you use R16 instead of H4350. Plan on your new barrel speeding up a bit thru the first 80-100 rounds as it settles in. During that initial break in you should see patterns of improved performance with specific seating depths and MVs but you probably won’t be able to settle on a specific charge weight that will give you consistent velocity. Shilen makes some darn good barrels. I’m betting in a month or so you are going to look over your shoulder and say “why didn’t I go to an after market barrel sooner!” 😊. Let us know how this new barrel turns out.
Reloading / Re: Auto trickler
Dave you are referring to Scott Parker in CA. He only tunes the old Lyman’s (made by Ohaus) or Ohaus beams. Sometimes he is slow getting your scale back but he does a great job. He did one for me in 2012 -Super sensitive accurate and consistent. It’s my backup for when the grid goes out - I’ll never sell it. Market wise I think you could get $250-300 apiece.
Reloading / Re: New BRA
Hey Dave. Good write up there. I definitely agree about the sorting. I’ve been thru every scenario I could think of and looked at the results on paper.  Under 300 yards I couldn’t make anything correlate. But like bullet tipping, sorting started to pay off at 600 and beyond. I’ve settled on bearing surface and weight as the two data points that work for me. I also use Sinclair inserts. In the process of getting weight and BS, I also run the bullets through a series of bushings to double check diameter. Interestingly bullet diameter will be off in about 1 in 50 of the Bergers I checked.

My question to you was based on wondering if I should also look at working with the BG comparator.
Reloading / Re: Loads for a new Shilen Barrel
You will get your best answers by doing a search for load development in the reloading section on this forum. If you do that and still have questions - ask away.
Reloading / Re: New BRA
That would give you tip to ogive, not seater stem to ogive.

How does that measurement relate to bullet consistency or consistency of bullet ogive from the lands? If you can set ogive distance to the lands exactly the same from round to round with a micrometer seater, what does the BG comparator value do for you?
Gunsmithing / Re: Tipton or dewey's
My Dewey’s are the long ones which allow me to do barrels up to 30”.

Just got a note from Mike Lucas. The hand made 6 BRA bore guide I ordered from him just two weeks ago is already in the mail headed my way. Mike might be a little old fashion - email orders and payment by check - but he is conscientious and does first class work with his product. Love those Lucas bore guides.
Reloading / Re: New BRA
I don’t have or use a Green comparator so I might be wrong here. If you subtract bullet base to ogive from COAL wouldn’t you get the same value obtained from the BG comparator?