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Reloading / Re: Alpha Munitions Brass
Sorry about that Hambone - that is confusing.
Take a look at the following link to see the neatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to measuring case capacity. 😊

This little tool lets you use fresh cleaned brass with no primer in the pocket. It has a small O-ring around the nipple which seals the primer pocket allowing the case to be filled with H2O. Once the water weight is measured you simply pop the nipple out of the primer pocket and empty the case. The weight of the tool never changes so you can assay the weight variance from case to case. I put the dry case on the pocket plug and get the dry weight which I subtract from the water filled weight which gives you the case capacity number.

The weight of the pocket plug is around 279.4 gr. So if you subtract that from the dry weight I reported you end up with a dry weight floating around 170 grs. 😜

My apologies for not reporting the cause for the odd weight on that initial report.
Reloading / Re: 123gr Load
If you are satisfied with your groupings, the velocity and bullet will serve you well out to 600. If you push it out to 1000 you might want to find the next higher node. The 2700 velocity is more gentle in your barrel and brass then the 2800 node.
Reloading / Re: Alpha Munitions Brass
No, manufacturers do not typically publish this kind of data on their brass although I’m sure these are measurements that manufactures assess during production. A report like mine shows up here and there on forums. The accuracy of those private reports depends on the honesty of the reporter, the skill of the tester, and the accuracy of the testing equipment. Lot of variables there, that are further complicated by the fact that these measurements can vary from batch to batch out of the manufacture’s plant.

This particular batch of Alpha brass that I looked at this weekend is stellar in comparison to the batches of 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady, Norma, Prime (which is Norma), Nosler, Starline, and Peterson that I have evaluated in the past. I don’t know how it stacks up against Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor brass. However, If someone wants to send me 20 cases of Lapua, I would be happy to check them out. If they are better than this batch of Alpha brass I would be surprised.
Reloading / Re: Alpha Munitions Brass
Glad you liked them.  It least it was worth the wait.
Have you received your H.H. barrel yet?

Yes it came in. Very pleased with Josh’s work - chamber looks great thru the bore scope. Time for load development and I’m going to try several changes. No Bergers available so I’m going to have a wack at it with some 140 ELDMS, the Alpha brass and a little dash of R16.
General Discussion / Re: Chrono
You may have had an error in your reloading but the velocity discrepancy is more likely due to the outdated technology of your chronograph. Alterations in ambient lighting (sun out vs sun behind a cloud) will significantly affect your reading.  You might want to research a MagnetoSpeed or a LabRad unit. They are much more expensive but will consistently give you true readings.
Reloading / Re: Alpha Munitions Brass
I’ve analized a bunch of brass but none have come up as good as this batch of Alphas. I used to think Nosler had the best out there but not anymore.
Reloading / Alpha Munitions Brass
A week ago I received 200 pieces of Alpha 6.5 large primer brass. Decided to do an analysis today and got my socks knocked off. If I had not done the measurements myself and someone else reported these numbers, I would hesitate to believe the results. 😊

Weights were taken on a Sartorius Entris 64 analytical scale (accuracy +/- 0.002 grs) and lengths were determined using a Mitutoyo ball micrometer and calipers.

I selected 20 random pieces of brass from a 100 count box just as they were delivered (ie. no prep on my part).

Neck diameter across two perpendicular sites:
     0.289 “ +/- 0.001

Neck Thickness across 4 quadrants of each neck:
     0.0139” +/- 0.0006
     (note: this is the average of 80
      individual neck measurements)         

Case Length:
     1.911” +/- 0.0005

Head Space (Hornady D comparator):
     1.530” +/- 0.0005

Dry Weight:
     448.060 grs +/- 0.248 
*note: dry weight reported represents dry weight of case while connected to a Century 21 pocket plug. To get true dry weigh subtract 279.4 gr.  (Edited 7/18/18).

Case Capacity:
     49.962 grs H2O +/-  0.268

WOW! The case capacity tolerance just blows me away.
These little jewels cost about a buck a piece but I won’t be culling a single one of them because of too much variation. They come individually packed in a case that can subsequently be used for reloaded rounds.
I could not be more pleased with these results. You done good Mr Bob @ Alpha. 👍
Reloading / Re: trouble with the Hornady 140g match bullets
If you measured your “chamber size” correctly at 2.715, you should not be jamming your bullet that’s loaded at 2.800 COAL.  How did you measure the distance between the bolt face and the beginning of the lands?
Reloading / Re: SR vs. LR Primer?
I think Ranger nailed it with this statement:

Just stick with one or the other and work up a great load and be happy with it.