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General Discussion / Taking the girls for a drive. 😎
Well I go back to work next week and after today it's supposed to rain till then so me and my buddy is going to go long one more time while we can. May go for 1500 today. 🙄. Should be a fun day.
General Discussion / out of curiosity...
just curious how many rounds the members send down range a week.. whether its testing or practicing... banging steel or punching holes in paper... be cool to have a idea of how much our fellow shooters shoot I think... lets keep it center fire rounds ..

for me I shoot between a 100 and 150 rounds a week... curious as to what my brothers in arms shoot..
General Discussion / spotting scopes
curious if any of you guys have used a vortex viper 15x45x65 hd spotting scope and would like to know your thoughts on them if ya have... im wanting to get a good spotting scope to see hits on steel out to 12 to 1500 yards without breaking the bank.. I can get this spotter for under 600 dollars and wondering if its worth it.. thanks in advance
General Discussion / fun day of shooting
me my boy and a buddy of mine went down in the bottoms shooting today... awesome day... kind of a switchy wind at 4 to 6 mph mostley from our 5 oclock… we set up targets at 500, 750 , 1000 and 1325 yards... I took my 6.5x284 and 300 win mag... my boy took his 6.5 creedmoor with the manners t4a stock and bat action that he got off of Gregg and my buddy took his 6.5 creedmoor savage stealth evolution... my 6.5x284 shined today... I shot one 3 inch 3 shot group with it at a 1000...  :D  :D  :D  hit great at all targets took a few to get on at 1325 with it but once I did I was 5 for 5..  my 300 did well also... first round hits at 500 and 750 missed my first at a 1000 with it but connected every time after that... the 1000 yard and 1325 yard target was a 20 x 20 plate.. only down side was I couldn't get on at 1325 with the 300 win mag... little more work to do on it with load development.. was solid moa at a grand with it though... my boys rifle done well also... multiple hits at all targets including a 5 shot 5 inch group at buddies evolution done great also with factory 140 match ammo... he had good hits on all targets as well... he had his 9 year old boy with him so I took my little rpr22 for him to shoot and set up a 6 inch plate for him at 50 yards and the little guy wore it grinning from ear to ear... just a great day for all of us... thought I would share..
General Discussion / The creedmoor store
Got a couple tee shirts from the store on here. Pretty cool. Think aussie nephew does them . They look good and I'll be proud to wear it..
General Discussion / Uncle larry
Just a heads up if anyone is looking for a scope .. midway has the vortex viper gen 2 pst 5x25x50 ebr2d scope on sale for 750. Awesome scope. Doubt you can find anything even close to it for that money.
Bolt Action Rifles / Loving this new build!!!
Rained for the past 3 days here but this morning the clouds parted and the sun shined. Beautiful day to shoot. So I have 50 new nosler cases loaded up for the 6.5x284 that i just finished last week and wanted to get the new brass fireformed. And did. Zeroed good at a 100 then hit everything I had at 250. Ripped one 2 inch plate off the chains and it's gone. Went to 300 and shot it several times hitting any where I wanted to on it. All the while trueing my applied balistic app and then went to 430 yards. Farthest I have here at home. The app said 6.3 minutes with half a minute left for wind. Went 5 for 6 on this 2 inch plate missing the 6th shot. To confident on that last one I guess. Can't wait to take this stick out to a 1000 and beyond here in the near future. I think it's going to do well...
General Discussion / riddle me this ole wise one's
I finnaly got to shoot my 6.5x284 today... had 20 loaded up for break in with 51 gr. of re 23 under a 147 eldm… according to Hornady 52.5 gr. is max load... these 20 are loaded in Hornady cases... I chamber the first one and it chambers as it should and I let it fly... went to eject it and had heavy bolt lift and the bolt wouldn't open... had to take a cleaning rod and plastic mallet to knock the bolt open... wth… first shot and I gotta beat the bolt open.. so I clean the barrel and chamber another one and same thing... stuck bolt... so now I pull a round apart and weigh the powder... was dead on 51 gr. according to my new scale... so I start checking everything... head space is good.. .004 growth from new to once fired my bore scope in it and everything looks good as it should in a new pipe... so I clean it again and load one with 49 gr of powder..3and a 1/2 gr below book max and let it fly... same thing.. heavy bolt lift and had to tap the bolt open... heres where it gets interesting... I had some once fired nosler cases ready to load and charged one with 50 gr of same powder and let one fly... bolt lift was fine and opened as it should... so I load one with 51 gr. same thing bolt opened as it should and ejected the round with no problems... so I start measuring things on both cases... outside neck diameter the same for both cases... measurement above the rim the same on both … shoulder to base the same on both... only thing I could find different on them was oal of the case and the rim diameter.. the rim on the nosler case was .003 bigger than the Hornady and the oal was .005 longer on the Hornady... but still .005 below book max length... I dunno… got me puzzled for sure...
General Discussion / wheelers scope leveling levels
any of you guys use the wheeler scope leveling levels... one that sets on the rails in the action and then you put one on the top turret..i got these the other day and thought I would check the scope level on my 6mm... I have always leveled of the rail on top of the action and a flat place on the chassis..and thought I was doing good.. well I put this wheeler level in the action on the rail the bolt rides on and leveled it all up and put the other level on the turret and im not even close to having the scope leveled question is is this little wheeler level that goes in the action right?
General Discussion / fx120i and auto trickler
Cambridge environmental  has a black Friday deal on the fx120i and auto trickler today... set up and ready to go... 745 out the door with free shipping and a 100 gram test weight... if anyone is interested... I guess I bailed off in that rabbit hole … should have one at my door the middle of next week...  ;D
Hunting / missed my chance...
well today is opening morning here in Indiana... perfect morning to hunt... 31 degrees a light freezing fog moved in as it started to get light out... since they started letting us use center fire rifles last year I took my tikka t3x lite 6.5 creedmoor… checked zero on it yesterday afternoon and it was dead on. shooting a 143 gr. eldx… got set up in a little cluster of small trees and scrub brush on a ditch line where I could watch the fields... perfect place... woods on all sides of me with open been fields in the middle... sure enough a dandy comes trotting down along the edge of the woods out in the field.... first see him about 250 yards away coming toward me... get my little tikka ready and look him over a minute... a nice 10 pointer with tall tines and a lot of mass... probably the biggest buck I have ever seen hunting... and hes coming toward me... some how through watching him in my scope and trying to get a good rest for the shot I fogged the lense up on my scope... grrr cant see through my scope now... take my thumb and wipe the lense off... ok I can see again... get on him at a 150 yards and squeeze one off...  and smack... heard the shot hit... but the big buck didn't go down... just turned and trotted off into the woods... I kept listening to see if I could hear him fall in the woods but didn't... so I gave it about 30 minutes and went to see if I could find him... got to where he was when I shot and nothing... no blood nor hair or any thing else... walked back and forth along the edge of the field where he went in the woods and nothing... went in the woods and searched and searched and nothing... could see tracks where he went in the woods and not a drop of blood to be found... looked for over a hour and nary a sign of blood... not sure what the heck happened... the shot felt good... heard the unmistakable smack of the bullet hitting but no dead dear... pretty disappointed in myself.... will go back around noon and look some more...  :(
General Discussion / he's getting better!!!
that boy of mine is getting better at both benches... this group he shot is from a 6.5 creedmoor he put together.. he got a barreled bat action off ranger188 and put it in a manners t4a carbon fiber stock.. really nice rifle... he then did a ten shot ladder test with lapua brass, h4350 and 140 gr. berger hybrids... the ladder showed a couple flat spots and he picked the lower one... and was shooting 1/2 to 3/4 inch groups... and came in and said it was shooting that load like crap... I went out and looked and told him that was pretty dang good I thought... he let me know right away that wasn't good so back to the reloading bench and he loaded some at the higher flat spot and I watched him shoot this 3 shot group... he turned and smiled and said that's what im im like yeah that will do  ::)
Gunsmithing / quiet the quandary..
chasing the lands .. throat erosion ….. running out of bearing surface... but still shooting good.... im talking about my 6.5 creedmoor savage stealth... screw a new pipe on or keep shooting it ? I've lost .028 to throat erosion in the last 400 rounds.. just guessing kinda but think I have a little over 2000 rounds down the pipe... I know its time for a new one but the damn thing is still shooting well... the jump to the lands doesn't really seem to affect it to much any more.... was jumping the berger 140  hybrids .040 to fit the mag and now its a .068 jump to keep them in my aics mag... guess I should call james and get a pipe coming... but kinda attached to this stick as ahh well they cant last forever....
Gunsmithing / need some advice
I ordered a savage 116 stainless  long action action the other day for a build and the action is designated for a blind magazine... my question is can I use a box magazine with this action... im putting it in a mpa ba lite chassis... and now questioning myself whether this combo will work... any advice would be appreciated.... thanks...