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Bolt Action Rifles / Wheelin and dealin..
Had a little local gun show here this weekend ..I had a marlin xl7 308 that I hardly ever shot . So I pulled the scope off it and took it too the gun show. To see if I could sell it or trade it. Ended up trading it straight up to a guy for a new savage model 12.  22-250 with a bull barrel. We both thought we got the better deal. Lol. I know I can build of the model 12 and couldn't off the marlin.. so I brought it home and cleaned it good and sent a handful of rounds down it with cleaning between them. Did a quick 10 shot ladder wit 69gr smk's and looks like it wants to run at 3360 fps. Its early in the game and I'm sure that will change. Will tinker with it for now and turn it into something cool down the road. I did give the black stock a paint job.
Wildcats / My 6.5x284 is humming along nicely
Loaded 20 rounds for my 6.5x284 this morning  in brass that has 10 loadings on them and these will be their last loadings due to loose primer pockets.. the 147 eldm's are Cruz in along at 2970 fps.. I took a piece of insulation board and nailed it up to my 430 yard post that I hang my steel plate on and stuck a orange 1 1/2" target on it and sent 5 rounds at it. Blew the third shot and knew I did but the other 4 are in a 1 1/4" inch group with 3 of them being 1/2"  I put one of them enhanced vertical grips on the gun and like how it feels. Thanks again Jerry. Pretty sweet.. anyway here's the gun and group...
General Discussion / Can you wear one out?
I got a new action this past week for a 22 creedmoor build and since it's going to be a couple months before I get the barrel for it. So instead of the action just sitting around I decided to screw my old 6.5 stealth barrel on it and put it in the stealth chassis and shoot it. I had about 150 rounds loaded for this barrel so instead of pulling them I will shoot them. The lands is so far gone on this barrel that when using the hornady modified case a 140 gr Berger hybrid falls out the end of the case before it hits the lands. Lol. But I'm going to shoot these rounds up. So I put a old Hawke scope on it that was on it originally  and zeroed it in and shot a five shot group that was all touching. Then went to 430 and shot this group . Not too bad for a old shot out barrel.  ;)
Competition / good news bad news
well me , my boy and my buddy went to that match today... had it set up quiet a bit different than they did last year... more of a prs style I guess... 7 stages set up from 300 to a mile... first 2 stages were positional … 300 off barrels and 370 off a gate.. 5 targets each starting at moa and got smaller... very tough for then to 500 with 10 shots and 5 targets starting at 2 moa and going down to 1/2 moa... 2 minute time limit on each stage which through me for a lope... ::) stage 4 was 600 and 700 2 targets on each distance... 2 minutes for both distances and 10 shots.. stage 5 797 and900 .. same thing 10 shots and 2 minutes 6th stage 1003 and 1206 … the 1003 had 2 targets. one 2 moa and one moa.. 1206 had one target 2 moa... again 10 shots in 2 minutes and stage 7 a mile shot.. which I am now a member of the mile club..  :D target size 4x 5 feet... bad news is I didn't shoot either gun very well... had a cross wind from 2 mph to 13 mph that would come and go...  finished 5th with my 6.5 x 284 and 6th respectively with my 300 win mag... got in the mile club with the 300 win mag... good news is my boy... now get this rolled in here from work last night at 3 am.. his dope on his phone was lost due to getting a new phone the other day and he was up till 4;30 am before he went to sleep... I roll him out at 6... so hes running on a hour and a half sleep... goes up there and wins the damn match... :D  :D  (way to go bub)… I talked my buddy into reloading a couple months ago and have been helping him with his load development and he comes home 2nd.. ( nice job brad on all accounts) all in all a great day for us... had a lot of fun and cant wait till the next one... hopefully I will do better... had between 40 and 50 shooters...
Reloading / stuck case
i been pulling the handle on a press for 35 years and had never had a stuck case in a full length sizing die until TONIGHT... grrr. got a forster fl die a couple weeks ago for a 6.5 x 284 and thought I would try it out tonight.... took it apart and cleaned the inside of it up good and put it back together and sprayed my cases all down with Hornady one shot... waited a couple minutes and sized one... seemed to take more pressure than im use to but pulled it out and their was a rough place on the body and shoulder junction... so I took the die back apart and took a light and looked in it and found a little piece of shaving in it in the same place it had roughed the case up … so took a big q tip and soaked it down with rim oil and cleaned it out... looked it over good and all is well... put it back together and sized another case.... thought man that shouldn't be that hard to pull the handle... went to pull the case back out and wasn't the case out of the co ax press and course first thing I do is take a screw drive and try to pry it out.. which all I did was pry the rim off one side... lol... so I put a shell holder on it and pry all the rim off... yep im a dumb arse… was about to text jerry or dave or Gregg or somebody to see if they had a solution... then thought look on here first... couldn't find any thing other than folks willing to remove stuck cases for other folks... which was cool to see but didn't solve my problem... so I think check you tube... you can find any damn thing on typed in removing a stuck case and sure enough several videos came up... so I pick the first one I see and this kid says im going to show you how to remove a stuck case... and bi gosh he did... said to screw the die in a press from the bottom up so the die is in upside down... to where the bottom of the die is just sticking out of the press....drill a 3/16 hole through the flash hole … tap the hole with a 1/4 inch tap... place two 3/4 inch nuts over the head of the case... place a washer on the nut and thread a 1/4 inch bolt down in the case... the bolt tightens down against the washer and 3/4 inch nuts … keep tightening it down and it pulled the case right out... wooo hooo… worked perfect.... gotta love you tube.. now to figure out why it stuck in the first place... had them lubed good...
General Discussion / 22 nosler
just wondering if anyone here has any experience with one of these... after building a couple sticks im wanting to build another one... I have a few 22 caliber centerfire rifles but none to push the heavy 22 caliber pills... several options out there ..just not sure what I want to build... thanks..
General Discussion / something i cant figure out
why is it some days when you shoot paper the holes will have a black powder residue where the bullet punches a hole through the paper and some days the holes are clean... I know what your going to say … when you use a pencile it leaves a clean but seriously I wonder why that happens... I shot groups today and noticed the holes are clean looking... the other day shooting groups the holes had black where the paper folded in on clue why this happens.. any one else...
General Discussion / brownells
just a heads up brownells has a penny hazmat fee and free shipping on powder till midnight tonight...
Competition / About time to see where I fare with the locals again.
Last year a local group called Indiana precision put on a shooting competition here about a hour away from me. So me and 4 or 5 of my shooting buddies entered it. Not knowing what to expect or how we would do we figured it would be a fun learning experience  and was. And we fared pretty well. One of my buddies won it and I finished 2nd.  Another was 9th and 2 others were 13th and 15th. Out of 50+ guys. Well in a month their putting it on again.. last year I shot my 6mm creedmoor.. this year I'm not sure what stick to take. My options are the 6 creed. My 6.5 stealth with a new pipe. A 6.5x284 or a 300 win mag. All are capable of doing well.  My win may will go for sure cause at the end of the match a have a mile target set up for bonus points. Which is what beat me last year. I couldn't connect at a mile with my stealth. So I will use the 300 for that shot. But for the rest of the match I'm unsure. Leaning hard toward the 6.5x284. It shot well today. Here's a 3 shot group at 430 yards.
Electronics / Software / Gadgets / kestrel 5700 elite with link
Im wondering any any of you guys use one of these... I've got the app on my phone and 3 rifles set up in the app and also sent to the kestrel from the app... everything seems to be working but I must not have something set right or imputed right... in the app I have my zero set at a 100 yards... and on the kestrel if I scroll back to a hundred yard range its giving me .26 moa up on one gun... another gun is giving me .30 moa up... why is this not reading zero since my zero is at a hundred...
Gunsmithing / new pipe on its way
time for a new pipe for my stealth... the factory barrel has been a good one but looking forward to screwing a new one on it.. a call to james this morning at nss and a 26 inch varmint contour crierton barrel is on its way... was wanting a shilen but the only ones he keeps in stock is a 28 inch bull barrel and didn't want to wait the 10 to 12 weeks for a 26 inch varmint 300 win mag sports a crierton barrel and couldn't be happier with it so I think this one for my 6.5 creedmoor will suit me just as well... the bad thing is I probably have 3 or 400 rounds loaded for the old barrel and chamber... not sure whether to keep them and shoot them in my savage 10 predator max 1 or pull them all down and start over with them... I have a ton of once fired 6.5 brass so I may just start over with the new pipe... also considered getting a 100 alpha brass to use in the new pipe...
General Discussion / Taking the girls for a drive. 😎
Well I go back to work next week and after today it's supposed to rain till then so me and my buddy is going to go long one more time while we can. May go for 1500 today. 🙄. Should be a fun day.
General Discussion / out of curiosity...
just curious how many rounds the members send down range a week.. whether its testing or practicing... banging steel or punching holes in paper... be cool to have a idea of how much our fellow shooters shoot I think... lets keep it center fire rounds ..

for me I shoot between a 100 and 150 rounds a week... curious as to what my brothers in arms shoot..
General Discussion / spotting scopes
curious if any of you guys have used a vortex viper 15x45x65 hd spotting scope and would like to know your thoughts on them if ya have... im wanting to get a good spotting scope to see hits on steel out to 12 to 1500 yards without breaking the bank.. I can get this spotter for under 600 dollars and wondering if its worth it.. thanks in advance
General Discussion / fun day of shooting
me my boy and a buddy of mine went down in the bottoms shooting today... awesome day... kind of a switchy wind at 4 to 6 mph mostley from our 5 oclock… we set up targets at 500, 750 , 1000 and 1325 yards... I took my 6.5x284 and 300 win mag... my boy took his 6.5 creedmoor with the manners t4a stock and bat action that he got off of Gregg and my buddy took his 6.5 creedmoor savage stealth evolution... my 6.5x284 shined today... I shot one 3 inch 3 shot group with it at a 1000...  :D  :D  :D  hit great at all targets took a few to get on at 1325 with it but once I did I was 5 for 5..  my 300 did well also... first round hits at 500 and 750 missed my first at a 1000 with it but connected every time after that... the 1000 yard and 1325 yard target was a 20 x 20 plate.. only down side was I couldn't get on at 1325 with the 300 win mag... little more work to do on it with load development.. was solid moa at a grand with it though... my boys rifle done well also... multiple hits at all targets including a 5 shot 5 inch group at buddies evolution done great also with factory 140 match ammo... he had good hits on all targets as well... he had his 9 year old boy with him so I took my little rpr22 for him to shoot and set up a 6 inch plate for him at 50 yards and the little guy wore it grinning from ear to ear... just a great day for all of us... thought I would share..