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Reloading / Primers
Anyone got a source in the states for Tulammo LR and LRM primers? TIA!
Reloading / Powder Funnel Bling
I've grown bored of the 30 yr old powder funnels. Been considering the Saterns cause I like the aluminum construction and it's anti static properties, along with their brass fittings to sit on necks, until I fortuitously came across these couch surfing. Intrigued enough by the Xtreme Hardcore Gear's design and appearance that I have a 6mm and 6.5mm inbound. Short review
General Discussion / ? Am I losing my mind?
So suddenly I don't have access to any "function buttons" when replying. I can't post pix, or link. Only option I get is a "message icon" with a drop down menu and "Attach:" with a "choose files" that does nothing after selecting a photo. Anyone else experiencing this condition? Only thing I've done is latest software update to iPhone but i believe I lost the functions prior to that.
In general the latest 10.0.2 and is a total piece of shit,   My phone absolutely sucks now! Wishing I didn't do it.
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Need reccomendation on spotter scope
Ok guys here's the deal. I'm wanting to purchase a "good" not necessarily "awesome" spotting scope. I have done some research and @ over the $1k bracket there are some very nice offerings. But I'm not sure I want to drop that much coin on a spotter that will only be used on occasion. So do you guys have any recommendations/experience with less expensive models that could still be considered decent quality? I'm thinking I want a 45 degree eyepiece, respectable glass, 20-60x that will allow me to glass out to 1000 yds. Ideally I'd like to stay sub $600 but not at the price of sacrificing quality, but at the same token I don't feel I'll need to identify a mosquito at 3000ft. either. You get the jist, respectable performance, but I'll cry once if sub $600 is a pipe dream. tia
Reloading / Dumb powder ?
So I wanted your guys feedback on this...
I've been acquiring H4350 for awhile now. All of it though local jaunts (I refuse on sheer principle to pay the ludicrous Hazmat fee! Please don't get me started 😤!!!!) Unfortunately I've never been able to score 8lbrs. So I grab 1lb jugs because some is better than none right? Ok, I've been fortunate that when I do snag 3 or 4 bottles at a clip that they are same matching lot# as I check. So I have a few  "clusters" of matching lots, e.g., 4 here, 3 there, which leads to my dumb question...
 I have 3 lbs that are odd lot #, what do you guys think about combining all 3 so I can get a run on for 500+ rounds? I've been ruminating over this for awhile now. Has anyone done it? My trepidation stems from "what if one lot is way off, would I be contaminating 3 lbs?" Either way I compensate as I do for all my different lot #'s. Just don't know for certain if this practice is ill advised.
TIA for Experiences and opinions.
Reloading / H414
I want to try pushing some 140gr. pills w H414, any of you guys have any velocity figures? Hodgdon claims 40.2gr. max @ 2672 out of a 24" with fed210m.
I'm looking for 2760. T.I.A.
Bolt Action Rifles / Huber Trigger
Does anyone have any experience with the Huber concepts trigger systems? Specifically the two-stage variant? I've been looking hard at this offering as of late and would welcome any feedback. Thanks
General Discussion / E.D.C.
What are your guys choices for Every Day
Carry knives? I've been loyal to an Emerson CQC-11 for about the last 9 yrs. Hell of a blade 154 CM steel, G10 epoxy handles, titanium liner and thumb lock, and my favorite feature, the wave. Gets it open for business as fast as I can draw it.
[media id=1255 type=preview align=center caption="image"]
Reloading / 175smk Tipped?
Has anyone tried these yet? Likes/ dislikes?  I'm putting and order together for .30cal bullets and see they are available at a few places. Thanks
Reloading / Harrell's Powder Measure
Considering buying one of these. Premium model looks like it will fit my bill.
I'm most interested in the actual accuracy of the "throws", weighed on a quality digital scale to verify the measured spread? Do they like the  current popular extruded powders, or do they cut too much to hold consistent weighed charge? Will I be trickling to hold my spec. as to negate its usefulness?
Anyone care to share their experience on subject, e.g. pros/cons, recommendations, rating, etc..., thanks in advance.
Reloading / Who's Press?
So for over 2 decades I ran an old Lyman Orange crusher. Served me well but tolerances were getting a wee sloppy from so many cycles. Deciding it was time to retire old Betsey I researched subject fairly extensively and landed on Forster Co-Ax. I've had it about 6 mos. and couldn't be more pleased. It, without a doubt, has me loading the most concentric, lowest run-out rounds ever. True float in both the die itself (forward and backward) and the shell holder (left and right) hence the Co-Ax name. With the combination of it's self centering characteristics and neck turning brass, I feel like I'm sending off bullets into bore as best they can fly.

The only negative feedback I've heard about and can attest to (but not agree with) is the die lock rings wear ever ever so slightly over time. It's because they are aluminum. The bitch I've read about is guys cry "how cheap" blah blah blah. Ur-um.. It's designed that way on purpose. Since the press body is cast iron if Steel rings were used, eventually the motion of die in cradle would wear into itself and press is useless. The press comes with a couple spares to outfit your dies w/ or buy a 12pk.. I've found the Whidden die lock rings work perfectly also.

So what do are your current favorite stamping machines?