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Reloading / Re: Please 'splain this to me.
 As often as this subject comes up. I truly appreciate everyone's knowledgeable replies.
 I've almost got it.
 By the time I get moved, build a house and garage, buy another long barreled 6.5 Creedmoor rifle. I should have it figured out.
Reloading / Re: Please 'splain this to me.
 Z ;
 Sounds like you have 2, GREAT shooting rifles !!
 If everything held true out to 1k , you would be shooting 2 1/2" -  maybe 5 1/2" groups.
  That's pretty good imho.
 I'm not familiar with the Savage Predator. But I am a bit with the RAP.
Reloading / Re: Nosler RDF
I weighed out about 30 130gn RDF's this morning and the weights varied from 130.2 to 129.8. I don't think that's a huge variation though with most of the weighing either 130 or 129.9. I could sort the whole 400 I suppose and keep anything out side 130 or 129.9 aside as barrel warmers. Or I could just have a life.

 Definitely recommend the latter 👍
 That 42.9 gr load looks tike a keeper. Did you chronograph it ?
 You were getting heat mirage at 100 y/m ... Wow, that's some kinda heat! What did the thermometer say it was ?
General Discussion / Re: The real Gunsmith
By now the 6.5 Creedmoor has Far surpassed the 260 rem on all fronts. Now that the military is using it , it is pretty well cemented as the greatest thing since sliced bread 😉
Ammunition / Re: Troubles with my 20" Faxon Big Gunner
 What action is your rifle.
 It's absolutely NOT a function of shorter than 24" barrels to be inaccurate !
  I agree with Steamer. Some barrels take some breaking in. More info requested!
General Discussion / Re: The real Gunsmith
I thot this was an old thread as we had a thread on this dufus about a year ago.
  I bet he is a member of LRH forum under a different handle.
 Just a typical 6.5 Creedmoor hatein dodo.
  It's actually kind of mind bending how some guys HATE the Creed.
 I can understand people hatein something like the 30/06 , I mean , that just makes sense !
  But to hate on a cart as great as the Creed
 That's just STUUUPID .
AR Variants / Re: New Rifle Issues
Klw 11 ;
 Welcome to the Creedmoor forum !
 Seems like your getting great help !
 This thread is an education for me that's for sure !
 I just made my first foray into ARs this winter.
 But I got a pre assembled PSA M4 style upper and complete lower parts kit and a stripped lower.  556x45.
 It's been 100% since I assembled it so I'm very thankful !
 But I can now at least intelligently follow the discussion 😦
  Did you try the bcg from your 308 ? When you compare the 2 bolts, do you see any difference in the extractor and ejector between the 2 ?
 Have you tried shooting the 6.5 with the 308 bcg in the 6.5 upper ?
Hunting / Re: Creedmoor coyote fodder.
The reason I prefer the 144 is several.
  #1, they are slower so less chance of hydrostatic blowout on the far side of a fox or lynx.
 #2, they fly pretty much identical to the 140 gr expanding and target bullets I use.
 #3, they have a high enough SD so any angle on a huge wolf is a kill shot as long as the ticker is inline.
  The 110s would probably do the same also . But then I would be spinning turrets to go from 1 load to another.
Hunting / Re: Creedmoor coyote fodder.
My 110 gr bullets are the Banded Solid . Sptz boat tail. I got them before they quit selling smaller caliber sptz bt solids.
  That was before Obummer got put into the White House.
Hunting / Re: Two Yotes Down Nosler Accubond
Good shooting Zen!
  Yup , I agree with Marine . there ain't anything a tree/wolf hugger can say that I would pay a lik of attention to !
 I was hunting caribou with a guy that I'de known for years. Thot he was real straight forward.
  I dumped a bou out a long ways away that was walking straight away from me. Used a Texas heart shot. He was all put out about that , EVEN THO HE HAD CONFIDED IN ME A FEW WEEKS EARLIER THAT SEASON HE HAD WOUNDED AND LOST A BOU AND THAT WAS THE 2ND HE HAD LOST !
  Said in his family it was head and neck shots only. That they'd rather loose a wounded animal than take an unsporting shot.
  Thing is , unless they are close, they aren't good enough game shots to take game with neck and head shots reliably.
 Some sportsmen.
  The proof is in animals on the ground ! Not a bunch of pinky finger dumbasses !