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Reloading / Re: Load testing without chronograph
lj if these are the first rounds fired in your new lrp I wouldn't worry about load testing just yet... load about 50 or 75 rounds at 41.3 gr. of h4350 and a .020 jump with your 140 eldm and go shoot it.. cleaning frequently … let your barrel settle down a little before you get serious about load development... once it settles down then read up on doing a ocw test.. (optimal charge weight).. this test will show you where your nodes are...without the need for a chrono... it will also give you a chance to get comfortable behind the gun....

  This ^

  I would even go so far as to suggest 150 rounds. And keep the barrel temperature down. Let the rifle break in.
  My rifle didn't completely settle down until around 300 rounds. But by that time I was starting to become good buddies with my rifle.
 And in point of fact, going from sub moa to sub 1/2 moa occupied from 150 rounds to 300 rounds. Which honestly could have been the guy squeezing the trigger. Me.
Reloading / Re: Hooked on velocity, no , data, no , chronograph.
Bottomline is, buy a Labradar...
Grant has stock in it.

No really, I'll just keep my MS and use it for FPS readings only.
It's what I bought it for in the first place.

 That's kinda what I use a chronograph for.
 I'm afraid if I get a mag spd I will want to have it on while hunting.
 It's kinda always bugged me that I didn't know exactly the bullet speed at time of impact with some of the spectacular dumps I've had. O:)
 But, I've learned to live with it.
 Granted, y'all are vastly more precise than I.
 It snowed overnight and this morning then the sun came out. That put the ki bosh to using the Shooters Chrony today to check my loads. If I had a mag spd I would be all over making a racket and building intelligent ammo.
 Did more hand annealing and brass trimming.
 Loaded some blasting ammo. Watched u tube vids. Watched the snow melt.
 Real exciting Saturday.  ;D

 Mn BB. That is pretty awesome !
 What was the recorded velocity ?
Reloading / Re: Hooked on velocity, no , data, no , chronograph.
U guys are off to the races.  :))
 One thot I did have, much easier than drifting out the front sight . I can unscrew the muzzle brake.  It adds exactly 1.5 " to the barrel length. Tho that wouldn't account for 100% of the sight's ramp, I magin perhaps a little wedge type thingy could be fashioned to put between the Mag Spd clamping band and the ramp so there wouldn't be the tendency for it to pull the bayonet back a bit in recoil.
 As there is plenty of free recoil. Especially without the muzzle brake attached.
Reloading / Re: Hooked on velocity, no , data, no , chronograph.
  I probably should have stated in the OP that the rifle I'm developing loads for is a 416 Remington mag. Built on an Interarms Whitworth action that was originally a 375 H+H.
  The load is a 350 gr TSX, moly tumbled.
 IMR 8208 XBR. CCI250 primers . Lightly crimped in the cannalure. Feeds and functions 100% so far.
 With Accurate 2230 or Varget . I can push that bullet to around 2650 fps mv.
  If I was out in the brush on the coast I would prolly run them that hot. But I've proven to myself how well this bullet works even at 2450 fps mv.  So, that's kind of where I settled with this 8208 load. Plus I wanted to have some blasting /practice ammo with a powder I already had that would work. But wasn't the powder I wanted to end up with.
  Now that Accurate 2230 is made temp stable as is Varget and H4895. I'm in good shape velocity wise. When I want to run the velocity up to max safe working pressure.
 I'm still debating on what my primary load will be . I really like the 300 gr TSX at over 2900 fps. It absolutely crushes big bears up close. I mean it just flattens them!!
  But then most loads in the 416 does.
 The fast 300 gr load is a good bit easier to shoot than the 400 gr load @ 2400 fps.
  The 300 gr fast load is a red mister tho.
 Pretty much only head shots on ruminates.
  Once I'm up in the velocity I want I'll play around with the finer points of accuracy tuning. Currently the rifle has a Williams ghost ring rear aperture sight with a fire dot bead front sight. 5 plus pound trigger . I gotta deal with the trigger big time. Its pretty ridiculous as is. But it is adjustable. So there is hope.
 The Magneto Speed Sporter, will it attach to a barrel that has a muzzle brake and a front sight ramp ?
Reloading / Hooked on velocity, no , data, no , chronograph.
 So, I spent almost all day disassembling ammo I loaded in 06 +07 . It was great in the rifle I developed them in but that rifle is long gone.
 Now I have a new to me rifle in the same cartridge . But just didn't think it wise to start torching off ammo that tho was loaded to book powder charges. Those charges were max book.
 First thing I needed was a good reliable bear load as spring has come a month or more early. And the punks in fur coats are probably getting ready to be out and about.
 So, I pound about 100 bullets out of their homes. No small task considering I used a Lee Factory Crimp die to keep them from moving. Dump the powder, decap , anneal , trim and champfer . Then I primed a dozen as I was running short on time.
 Settle on a mid book load as my temporary stopping point having already done a bit of loading starting at starting charge weights last week.
 Load the dozen , go out on the back deck and torch a couple off to check for any problems.
 Everything looks very good.  So, I should be set.
 But there is this nagging bug in my head that wants to know how fast my bullets are going. Well, the book says X is the starting velocity . And Y is the velocity at max charge weight/pressure. I'm right in the middle so Z should be the velocity of these loads.
 Yup, that's what it should be. The bullets are going fast enough to do the job at hand if needed.
 But it bugs me to no end not knowing pretty much exactly how fast my bullets are going.
 If I had the time I could set up the chronograph and find out. But no time. Or daylight. So now I have to wait 18 hours or so to stop this from bugging me.  :-[
  Anyone else suffer from chronograph data itis ?
Reloading / Re: Please 'splain this to me.
 As often as this subject comes up. I truly appreciate everyone's knowledgeable replies.
 I've almost got it.
 By the time I get moved, build a house and garage, buy another long barreled 6.5 Creedmoor rifle. I should have it figured out.
Reloading / Re: Please 'splain this to me.
 Z ;
 Sounds like you have 2, GREAT shooting rifles !!
 If everything held true out to 1k , you would be shooting 2 1/2" -  maybe 5 1/2" groups.
  That's pretty good imho.
 I'm not familiar with the Savage Predator. But I am a bit with the RAP.
Reloading / Re: Nosler RDF
I weighed out about 30 130gn RDF's this morning and the weights varied from 130.2 to 129.8. I don't think that's a huge variation though with most of the weighing either 130 or 129.9. I could sort the whole 400 I suppose and keep anything out side 130 or 129.9 aside as barrel warmers. Or I could just have a life.

 Definitely recommend the latter 👍
 That 42.9 gr load looks tike a keeper. Did you chronograph it ?
 You were getting heat mirage at 100 y/m ... Wow, that's some kinda heat! What did the thermometer say it was ?
General Discussion / Re: The real Gunsmith
By now the 6.5 Creedmoor has Far surpassed the 260 rem on all fronts. Now that the military is using it , it is pretty well cemented as the greatest thing since sliced bread 😉