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Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
I had removed the pin on the torch so I could fully seat it in the adapter, it seated without freezing my fingers with propane. ( had gloves on ) It almost seems as if the pin on the torch, as it presses against the valve, plugs the hole at the end of the pin where the gas flows in. So it releases the gas, but the gas can't get through the pin.  No idea if that valve van be smashed out of there.  I would rather take them back ( if possible ) as they were expensive little buggers.
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
Well I opened the valve on a torch head, then proceeded to screw it onto a one lb bottle. When the gas started to flow I was able to spin the bottle 2.5 turns still.
I then took the torch head off, unscrewed the pin, and tried to purge the adapter on my setup. With the 20 lb tank valve on, I could insert the pin completely without releasing any propane. The funny thing is I can feel the spring working or punching back out. If I use the screwdriver, and push in the pin. I can get gas out in the middle position. If I push it too hard, the flow will stop.
Monday I will take everything in the truck and go store to store until I find something else and test it right there. Lol

I was just thinking that the adapter does not need a valve in it at all.
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
By the way, I have everything together again and still have no gas.
It seems as the torch heads “pin” might not depress enough to activate the adapter. With the gas on, I can unscrew the torch head and take a screwdriver and manually push the valve and gas will come out. When I put it together, nothing. Soo next week I think I will load my contraption up and go store to store and try different adapters in the parking lots. Enough is enough lol.
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
New tank, no change. Adjustable regulator and new lower hose ordered, might have it this afternoon but for sure in the morning. I have no idea why some people can run right off the tank and I can’t.
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
I will keep an eye for leaks with the white Teflon tape. I also won’t leave the unit unattended with gas pressure or leave it connected to the bottle when stored. I have some Permatex liquid type sealant, will have to see if it is propane friendly or buy the yellow tape next time at the store.
I have had my one pound tanks differ from each other when they get low on pressure and it changes my heat time. Going with the twenty pound tank eliminates tha variable and makes my annealing method more consistent, like every process in reloading we strive for.
I had been using just one, one pound bottle when I first started and had the brass closer to the flame, however the speed the drill was turning would become a variable in my opinion with the flame that close. I figured using two torch heads simultaneously would enable me to distance the hottest part of the flame from the brass a bit while providing lots of quick heat to it to ensure I don’t overheat the car body too far down. I don’t think my heat time changed a whole bunch, maybe a second faster. Also my heat mark on the brass looks more even down the sides of the brass now.  I know it will be worth it once I’m up and running. I plan to make a proper, manual annealer like I saw online. The guy made a slider to capture the brass and moved it onto a little turning electric motor to spin the brass, then after his heat is done, he slid the slider away from the flame and the brass dropped into a container. Looked super simple and should be easy to make from aluminum. I will need to make some aluminum pinch blocks for the torch heads as well. Sorry for the long post lol.
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
Everything I've read says a regulator is required with a 20 lb propane tank. The pressure inside the tank may be 100 to 200 psi or more depending on ambient temperature. The basic regulator you see on barbeque grills and the like may drop that to around 0.5 psi.

That said, looking at something like a weed burner torch, you don't see a regulator like you see on grill.

I have a feeling there is something in the fitting which allows gas to flow from the tank, if you turn on the gas with nothing connected no gas will flow.

I'm pretty sure the big weed/tiger torches use lots of fuel, the regulators must be high flow capable.
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
Here's an unregulated one :)

I thought we done had this figured out... lol again im pretty sure you gotta have a regulator on the line somewhere..
The torch heads are flow restricted already, the regulator apparently is for making the safety valve on the tank not get tripped.
However I have two others that showed me how they have it hooked up, and working just fine with no regulators.. Go figure.
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
Got the hoses today, hooked it all up and I cant get the tank to release any propane.  Going to borrow a friends tiger torch and see it the tank will work.  It has a regulator on it. 
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
Hopefully tomorrow I will get the parts, they were getting them made up. ( different hose lengths than what was in stock )
I will post my primitive yet effective set up when its ready.