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Gunsmithing / Re: Prefit Barrel Question
I'm getting ready to rebarel my stealth. Calling James at NSS in the morning to order a 26 inch shilen select match barrel.  It will be the 6th one I have screwed onto actions and they have all shot great. I say screw it on yourself if you have the tools to do it. The satisfaction of doing it yourself is rewarding enough.
General Discussion / Re: USPS REALLY SUCKS!
they wouldn't drop stuff off here that wouldn't fit in the mailbox because I had a friendliest dog ever... try my best not to use them...
Reloading / Re: Base to ogive checking.
I've seen the variances their talking about in different brands and lots. Including Berger and hornady as well as sierra bullets. Just so happened this box of 150's were perfect as I could tell with the ten I measured. Every time I open a new box I will check 8 or 10 of them just to see how they compare to the box before and make adjustments from there if need be. It's just with all the little variances in every aspect of rolling your own I'm not convinced a thousandth or 2 here and there makes much difference. Just makes being centered up in that optimal barrel time that much more important. To where them little variances doesn't mean much. Just my opinion.      Course I'm not trying to shoot inch groups at a 1000 either. Just half moa...  🤔🙂
Reloading / Re: Base to ogive checking.
I have a box of 150 smk's. Just for the heck of it I measured 10 of them with a #26 hornady comparator and all 10 measured .770. Then I put in a #24 insert and all 10 measured .879. Then I put in a #22 insert and all 10 measured .972. As far as I can tell it shouldn't matter where your seater hits them at you should get consistent seating depth. Don't over think it boys... just my .02 cents worth. 
Reloading / Re: Hornady Match Grade Dies
I got a set of the match grade dies from Hornady for my 6.5 x 284 when I bought the gun... it was the only dies the gun store had for it so I bought them and have been using them for awhile now... but just tonight I ordered a different set of dies for it because I wasn't happy with the 4 or 5 thousandths run out I am getting with the Hornady fl die... so my approach for this stick is going to be a redding body die and a redding neck sizer only die along with a forster micro seating die … im like dave I believe that my be the best seating die out there... will see if this new approach will straighten things up a little better for me...
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Savage 10 Predator????
yep the savage 10 predator hunter is a bottom bolt release... I've had one for about 3 years now.. fine rifle and the accuracy wont disappoint ya...
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
Leadhammer I think that thing inside yours is like a check valve and it takes back pressure to keep it open to where I don't see that in mnbogboys. Pretty sure a regulator in the line before it gets to the tee will fix your issue.
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Re: Scope Selection
glass clarity.... turret functions... the way the zero stop is built into the scope... its just a better scope... course you have to pay a little more for it but like a lot of guys has said get the best glass you can afford... even if it takes saving a little more for a few weeks if that's what it takes... with that said do you need the pst for a hunting rifle.. not really in my opinion the hst will do great... but if your also wanting to shoot targets out past 500 yards then I would save for the pst… just my .02 cents worth...
Reloading / Re: Prepping new Alpha Brass
try that h4350 with them 143 eldx's… you may not mess with the superformance powder with them any more.. :)  h4350 is the gold standard with the 140 class pills... not saying other powders wont work... just that the 4350 is hard to beat...
Reloading / Re: neck tension and run out....
marine that's good that its working for ya like that... I just know it works best for me just pulling the handle one time … getting less than half a thousandth run out on mine and one hole groups at a hundred.. and 1/2 to 3/4 inch groups at 250 when im on my game... :)  I know you like to use the recommended 25 pounds of force with the die too but that's way to much force in my opinion... I just use enough force to size the necks without leaving 4 little vertical marks on the necks from where the die closes in on the neck... long as its working for ya I wouldn't change any thing though.. good shooting to ya man...
Reloading / Re: Double torch hook-up
mnbogboy you should take a pic of the end that goes on the tank and let leadhammer see if his end looks the same or if his end is different... maybe something about the way the end that screws into the tank is built..