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Reloading / Re: Auto trickler

Those things have tickled my fancy for a couple years. The green lights are mystic!

Tell ya what Fuj. Follow my protocol: convince your wife that spending the money on that piece of equipment is more important than the vacation she wants us to take to go see her family in PA, buy it, test it, and then make that recommendation. I’ll nibble on that hook!
😂 - teasing aside. I don’t have a Prometheus and have never run one, but accuracy and speed wise I think it would rival the Fx-120/auto throw + Autotrickler combo. It’s prettier too.

what is that thing ? does it weigh the charge or dispence by volume ?
Reloading / Re: New BRA
websters definition of anal ^^^^^  :) im looking forward to seeing what you can do with this stick dave… I kid ya because I like ya man... you have surpassed my pay
Reloading / Re: Seeing Depth Test
I didn't take it like that. No worries. I knew you were saying you never shoot bergers. I used 130 gr. Bergers one time and killed a little do about 130 yards and drt.. I think the OP is talking about tuning target rounds more so than hunting rounds but I could be wrong.
Reloading / Re: Seeing Depth Test
 im curious as well hotshotr2.. I've never had any problems with bergers coming apart... even though me and dave go about this a little different were both able to get where we want to be with our methods... and that's finding our optimal barrel time...( the time the bullet engraves the lands till it exits the muzzle )  you can change this barrel time with either small changes in powder or small changes in seating depth... or a combination of both... theirs multiple optimal barrel times in a barrel... hence the reason sometimes making a huge change in seating depth works... its putting the bullet in a different obt.. you can slow the bullet up or speed it up with seating depth same as you can with powder charge... dave uses seating depth to do this where I use powder charge more than seating... just my opinion on how you can get your gun to shoot its best...
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Wheelin and dealin..
its going to shoot good I believe... I shot a inch 3 shot group with it at 300 yards with a 52gr. eldm that I had loaded for a old 22-250 that my uncle had gave me a year or so ago... wish it had a faster twist rate where I could shoot heavier pills ..its a 1 and 12 twist so that keeps it around a 60 gr. pill or less... been looking at them ornx chassis by mdt… may put it in one of them or a thumbhole boyds stock... but for now just gonna shoot it as is...
Reloading / Re: Seeing Depth Test
dave will probably cringe when he reads this but for me it depends on the bullet im using.. with Hornady pills I start them off at .020 off the lands and leave them there...get my charge right with them and their good to go for me... played with seating depth with them but always end up back where I started at... pretty much the same with sierra bullets... hardly ever change them... to me when your tuning your powder charge your tunning it to the jump you have.... change that jump much and it gets you out of tune with your powder charge in my opinion... im sure everyone will disagree with me on this and that's ok... just how I go about it and see it... with berger bullets I will start them off at .015.. and do my powder testing... once I find my node with powder and if their still not grouping good I will load 3 at .030 off 3 at .045 off and 3 at .060 off... one of them will be a clear winner... if im still not getting 5 shot groups with all them touching I will go both sides of what was the best by .003 and see which way tightens it up... if still not satisfied i'll go .003 more.. usually by then I've got the bergers where I want them.. just how I do it ….
Bolt Action Rifles / Wheelin and dealin..
Had a little local gun show here this weekend ..I had a marlin xl7 308 that I hardly ever shot . So I pulled the scope off it and took it too the gun show. To see if I could sell it or trade it. Ended up trading it straight up to a guy for a new savage model 12.  22-250 with a bull barrel. We both thought we got the better deal. Lol. I know I can build of the model 12 and couldn't off the marlin.. so I brought it home and cleaned it good and sent a handful of rounds down it with cleaning between them. Did a quick 10 shot ladder wit 69gr smk's and looks like it wants to run at 3360 fps. Its early in the game and I'm sure that will change. Will tinker with it for now and turn it into something cool down the road. I did give the black stock a paint job.